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P Sainath, acclaimed journalist and Founder-Editor of the People's Archive of Rural India, interviewed by Anuradha SenGupta (

ch it is done in 5 words: Predatory commercialisation of the country side. When your cultivation cost have risen 500 percent over a decade, the result of that crisis, that process in 5 words: Biggest Displacement in our history. * Anuradha SenGupta: Let us say that this is the reason and people are either dying of farming or they are getting displaced and leaving farming, who does the government and country expect will do farming? P Sainath: Man

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Health policy must recognise the unique challenges that tribals face

nd personhood are rendered invisible. The implications of this invisibility are troubling, for they point to the lack of a holistic approach in addressing the problems. For one, the fallout of the Displacement and marginalisation of tribal people is usually mapped through their physiological health. This leaves no room for the investigation of mental illnesses that remain undocumented. Yet another key failing in the existing health policy on tribal

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Raghav Chandra, secretary of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, interviewed by Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava (

ck, that say people displaced by the Narmada dam have ultimately benefited. But I think such studies are neither comprehensive nor do they reflect the length and breadth of all the projects involving Displacement. If you look at Displacement, it is like forced migration – 20 years later, some people will get good jobs or get rehabilitated. That is because of innate human resilience and grit. But the p

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World's hungry population on the rise again, says UN report

the rise again. Conflict, drought and disasters linked to climate change are among the key factors causing this reversal in progress,” said the report. Violent conflicts also led to the forced Displacement of a record high 68.5 million in 2017. Economic losses Noting the increasing impact of extreme events related to a changing climate, the report said economic losses attributed to disasters were estimated at over $300 billion in 2017. Th

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PM's Rural Development Fellows Come Out in Support of Mahesh Raut

ip under the PM’s Rural Development plan in Gadchiroli district, In addition to being one of the convenors of the Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vilas Andolan, a national organisation that fights the Displacement of marginalised communities, and Raut is a member of the Bharat Jan Andolan, a human rights NGO. “For whatever it is worth, I associate myself fully and wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed in the attached statement, ”

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Anti-forest, anti-forest dweller -Chitrangada Choudhury

rom some of India’s most marginalised citizens, namely Adivasis and other communities, living in and around forests. The CAF Act is a deeply flawed piece of legislation because it reduces their Displacement, hardship and loss of livelihood and food sources to a monetary value — to be paid to the state. The law, and now its draft rules, spells further capture of Adivasi lands in the name of compensatory afforestation. The Forest Rights Act

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Defeminisation of Indian agriculture -Swasti Pachauri

gricultural reforms in India. The year 2016 marked 25 years of India’s neo-liberal economic reforms and the opening of Indian economy to the vagaries of capitalist approaches of development (or Displacement, as many may want to call it). Since economic liberalisation, disturbing trends of farm suicides have emerged. Media reports say that nearly 0.2 million farmers have committed suicide due to socio-economic pressures and poverty since 1997.

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Righting wrongs in land acquisition -Jairam Ramesh & Muhammad Khan

ct. Several previous governments had made attempts to amend the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, but none had met with much success and the Act continued as an instrument of state oppression and forced Displacement. It was a milestone achievement of the UPA government when the historic Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act was passed in September 2013 with the full support of all politica

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Jean Dreze, development economist, interviewed by Down to Earth

beg to differ, at least to some extent. For one thing, I have written from time to time on environmental issues or at least environment-related issues, for instance green taxes, forest rights, forced Displacement and nuclear weapons. For another, many of the broad ideas I have been concerned with have a bearing on the environment. To illustrate, environmental protection is a prime example of the critical role of public action in development, one of th

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Cash Crunch: Measuring the impact of notebandi on domestic agricultural markets -Harish Damodaran

nt Research (IGIDR) working paper. The study, which crunches data on arrivals and prices from 2,953 mandis or regulated markets for 35 major agricultural commodities, estimates the extent of trade Displacement to be even higher for perishable produce, at 20-22 per cent, during the first two months. The daily loss of value of trade in their case — in relation to what it might have been in the absence of demonetisation — remained at ov

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