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Why an industrial policy is crucial -Santosh Mehrotra

-The Hindu No major country has managed to reduce poverty or sustain Economic Growth without a robust manufacturing sector The contribution of manufacturing to GDP in 2017 was only about 16%, a stagnation since the economic reforms began in 1991. The contrast with the major Asian economies is significant. For example, Malaysia roughly tripled its share of manufacturing in GDP to 24%, while Thailand’s share increased from 13% to 33% (1960

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Growth in Agri GVA deflator saw a rising trend between 2005-06 & 2009-10, despite using different sources of back-series data

ugh the y-o-y growth rate in Agri GVA deflator surpassed y-o-y growth rate in overall GVA deflator during the period from 2012-13 to 2016-17, the latter exceeded the former in 2017-18 and 2018-19. Economic Growth experienced in the 2005-06 to 2011-12 period as per different data sources On comparing table-3 against table-4, it could be said that the Report of Committee on Real Sector Statistics (constituted by the NSC) estimated higher y-o-y gr

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For a malnutrition-free India -Shoba Suri

38.4% of children below five years were stunted and 35.8% were underweight. India ranks 158 out of 195 countries on the human capital index. Lack of investment in health and education leads to slower Economic Growth. The World Bank says, “A 1% loss in adult height due to childhood stunting is associated with a 1.4% loss in economic productivity”. Stunting also has lasting effects on future generations. Since 53.1% of women were anaemic in

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The problem with cherry-picking data -Arun Kumar

oyment were withheld. Data on farm suicides have not been available since 2016. Data are being withheld precisely where experts have flagged problems, such as on employment, farmers’ crisis and Economic Growth. Clashing with reality The NSSO data (which have not been released officially) undermine the National Democratic Alliance government’s claims on job creation. In fact, they showed massive unemployment. Demonetisation and the im

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How electrification empowers Indian women -Nikita Kwatra

iversal electrification, though the quality of power supply remains sub-standard. Addressing the supply challenge as demand for electricity rapidly increases will be key not only for India’s Economic Growth but also in empowering women in rural areas, according to a new World Bank study. In the study, Hussain Samad and Fan Zhang analyse data from the 2011-12 India Human Development Survey, covering more than 40,000 households and 200,000 i

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Squeeze on jobs -TK Rajalakshmi

n production compared with profit has been going down. Moreover, the report points to how workforce participation rates of women have been going down for economic and structural reasons, and how high Economic Growth has not translated into better lives for the masses. The 222-page report discusses the phenomenon of deep wage inequality and its reasons, the link between inequality and rural employment, the falling female workforce participation, unp

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NYAY: No bridge between two Indias -R Ramakumar

or the poorest 20 per cent of households. The context His offer has a specific background. Liberalisation of the Indian economy, particularly in the decade of the 2000s, produced high levels of Economic Growth. However, two associated outcomes were strikingly visible. First, the growth of incomes did not lead to an appreciable fall in absolute poverty or improvement in human development indicators. Secondly, the growth of incomes was deeply uneq

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Sustaining India: Is There Anything to Choose Between BJP and Congress? -Ashish Kothari

amme to incorporate land-based work, and substantial focus on forest-fish-agriculture based livelihoods. Unfortunately, its main economic plank for these and several other major programmes remains Economic Growth. For some reason, every major political party in India still relies on the outdated myth that high rates of GDP growth will magically translate into jobs, environmental security, and much else. This is not surprising coming from the Con

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Necessary steps to ending poverty -Pulapre Balakrishnan

e first left her aware of the centrality of income generation in poverty eradication. The role that income generation actually played in lowering poverty in India may be gauged from the facts that Economic Growth had surged in the 1980s, and the late 1960s was when agricultural production quickened as the Green Revolution progressed. Words matter So, if there had been a focus on poverty even 50 years ago, why have we not seen it end? This is

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Rural India buying less of consumer products due to falling income -Viveat Susan Pinto & Shally Seth Mohile

translate into lower demand for at least some months The new financial year is not much cheer to companies which generate a large chunk of sales in rural India. Their chief executives say slowing Economic Growth and falling rural wages are leading to a sharp fall in demand, one that will reflect in the next few quarters. A longer winter season has delayed offtake of summer season products. A liquidity crisis is also pinching the dealers and who

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