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Why India Needs MNREGA: Evidence From Gujarat -Udayan Rathore In Gujarat’s Chhota Udaipur, MNREGA has helped villagers increase their earnings, improved connectivity in the area and led to higher farm yields. In the ubiquitous Environment of the withdrawal of the welfare state across the globe, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) in India stands out as a critical and unique intervention. MNREGA is a social safety net that guarantees 100 days of employment

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Green tribunal to host meet on climate

-The Telegraph New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal will co-host a "world Environment conference" here next weekend to discuss climate change, global warming, dwindling forests, energy resources, loss of biodiversity and other related issues. Parliamentarians, judges, Environmentalists, scientists, lawyers and academicians will be among delegates from across the globe slated to attend th

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NGOs blame ambiguity over FRA 2006 implementation for non-utilisation of bamboo

oo on the hilly parts, there are indications of ambiguity over the status of implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006 under which bamboo is considered a minor forest produce. The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests had, during 2011, asked states to treat bamboo as a minor forest produce (MFP) and respect the rights of the communities living in forests as per the Forest Rights Act (FRA) of 2006 that recognises bamboo as an MFP and vests the ri

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SY Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner, interviewed by Vrinda Gopinath ( In this Environment of majoritarianism, we must seriously consider proportional representation, adds SY Quraishi. SY Quraishi, who was Chief Election Commissioner from July 2011 to June 2012, is known to be outspoken about several issues regarding electoral reform both when he was in the Election Commission and after he retired. He has asked for public funding of political parties, putting an expenditure cap on them, financial tran

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Direct action from the Budget mandates must reflect ground realities -Purvi Mehta

last year. An increase in production alone does not always translate into higher income for farmers. It is only when production is supported by organised market structures and opportunity that an Environment of growth is possible. This long overdue focus on income can equip the farmer with tools for a healthy integration in the present economic and sociopolitical context. Please click here to read more.

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Environmental degradation affects poor rural women -Nidhi Jamwal

useholds (FHHs) and greater engagement of rural women in agricultural labour. Three days from now, March 8, is the International Women's Day. An important lesson on the relation between women and Environment was first taught to us by rural women in the Himalayan region of Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarakhand) who, in the early 1970s, embraced trees to save them from state-backed logging. These women depended on forests for food, water and firewood, and

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Centre amends RTE rules: States must now map learning outcomes

search and Training (NCERT), which was released on January 17 for public feedback. The NCERT learning indicators have been finalised for seven subjects — English, Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, EVS (Environmental Science), Science and Social Sciences. In the NCERT document, learning indicators in writing for a Class I student assess not just the student’s ability to recognise letters A to Z, but also his/ her ability to carry out simple inst

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Even hill stations will be hotter this year, warns IMD -Jacob Koshy

-The Hindu Business Line 'Above normal' temperatures forecast across the country Prepare for a scorching summer as the India Meteorological Department has forecast “above normal” temperatures across most of the country. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir — or hill-station States popular among tourists wanting to escape the heat — are expected to be particularly hot with predicted temperatures, on average, likely to be well above 1 degree C above thei

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No action against green violations in Aravalis: RTI

-The Times of India Gurgaon: Only 565 Environmental norm violations were reported in Gurgaon and Mewat areas of Aravali Hills between April 1992 and March 2015, and no action has been taken against any officials so far, according to an RTI reply. Of the 565 violations, 524 were filed in the court, which hears complaints that allege violations of Environmental norms in Gurgaon and Faridabad areas, wh

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