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A moment for civilisational introspection -Harsh Mander

-The Hindu There is a collective culpability in the social crime during the lockdown — of the dispossession of India’s working poor The traumatic months of the national lockdown lay bare many troubling truths about the profound estrangement of people of privilege from the working poor. They reveal a society in which the privileged are extraordinarily comfortable with inEquality, and wanting in elementary empathy and solidarity. They confirm that the veneer of...

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The lockdown has highlighted stark inequalities -Zoya Hasan

-The Hindu Instead of embracing the welfare state path, the BJP government is encouraging greater privatisation The novel coronavirus is a global threat, but the pandemic has had an uneven impact across countries and within countries. Historically, social inEquality has always been extreme in India. However, the lockdown has sharpened the edges of inEquality even further, especially because of the way it has been implemented. Many countries have imposed lockdowns but not...

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Thomas Piketty, Professor of Economics at Paris-based School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and expert on inEquality, interviewed by Narayan Lakshman (The Hindu)

-The Hindu Nationalism is not going to solve the big problems, says the economist. If the catastrophic human toll of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was the first wave to strike the world this year, its severe economic consequences – including loss of livelihoods of the poor across countries, leading to massive internal displacement and starvation in many cases – have been the second wave. It is in this context that the seminal work...

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Suggested resources to understand the COVID-19 crisis better

These days a lot many articles, reports, documents, etc. are appearing in the public domain on Coronavirus infection and related issues. An attempt has been made in the present news alert to put together in one place some of the best articles, reports, blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc., which can be useful for our readers. We have divided the resources under various themes for the convenience of our readers and social media...

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Will COVID-19 Intensify the Fault Lines of India's Already Unequal Society? -Sandeep Kumar The pandemic and the response to it threaten to exacerbate entrenched economic and social disparities. Like most healthcare workers, my profession puts me at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Statistically, however, my risk of acquiring a serious infection is reasonably modest and the probability of dying from it quite low. After all, I practice medicine at a premier hospital in the wealthiest nation on this planet and have access to...

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