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India must detoxify its poisoned farmlands

the Maharashtra government registered a police complaint against three pesticide companies and Krishi Seva Kendras (agro-input centres) for selling pesticides not recommended for the region after 32 Farmers from Vidarbha died of poisoning. The agriculture department, which is responsible for educating Farmers about pesticides, found highly toxic and expensive ones were being sold to unsuspecting More »

Shyam Khadka, India's representative at the FAO of the United Nations, interviewed by Sayantan Bera (

use the manufacturing sector is inviting them. In an interview, Khadka calls for converting food security into nutritional security. Edited excerpts: * Despite consecutive years of normal monsoon, Farmers are protesting. How do you see the distress situation in Indian agriculture? On the price front, there are certain crops where Indian Farmers have a reason to say that they are not fully compensated

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Gujarat is offering 0%-interest loans to Farmers but its record on long-term support is patchy -Nitin Sethi

gation has fallen since 2013-’14. In the run-up to the Gujarat assembly elections, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on October 16 announced that his government would offer interest free-loans to Farmers who borrow up to Rs 3 lakh and pay the amount back on time. Many Opposition politics criticised this as a populist measure, aimed at garnering votes for Rupani’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Reducing the interest burden of More »

Food for reform -Ramesh Chand & Jaspal Singh

-The Indian Express Price fluctuation and low and unremunerative prices for farm produce can be addressed through competitive markets, and much-needed reforms. EXTREME volatility in the prices of some food commodities has, in recent years, been hurting producers as well as consumers, while also disrupting certain economic activities. The reason for this appears to be the waning influence of non-price factors (technology, irrigation, extension) in driving growth, and the role of prices ha

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Flood-resistant rice fights for survival -Nidhi Jamwal

Just about a decade ago, several hamlets around our village used to grow desariya dhan. But, after the extension of Kamla Balan’s embankment and installation of the sluice gate, the majority of Farmers have stopped growing it as flooding has increased manifold,” Narayan Bharti of Sahorwa told “Desariya dhan cannot withstand water level beyond six-seven feet. And, if the tip of the plant remains in water for

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Why pesticide deaths will continue Misleading marketing of farm poisons and tardy regulation are costing lives of Farmers and farm hands AS MANY as 50 persons died and around 1,000 were hospitalised with 25 losing their vision after exposure to chemical fumes from spraying of pesticides in Yevatmal district of Maharashtra. Most of those affected were farm labourers who neither had any safety apparatus nor were guided on the ideal way to use the pesticides. Th

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MNCs Syngenta, Bayer, Monsanto blamed for Farmers deaths in Maharashtra

s Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavlamban Mission (VNSSM) chairman Kishor Tiwari on Monday blamed the Swiss agrochemicals company Syngenta, Germany’s Bayer and Bayer-owned Monsanto for recent deaths of Farmers due to pesticide exposure to the cotton belt of Yavatmal. In a statement issued here, he said that they have been accused of distributing dangerous pesticides without sufficient safety information and violating guidelines and conditions by the Cen

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New farm policy to double marginal Farmers' income and curb migration -Deep Joshi

-Hindustan Times The Uttarakhand government has finalised a policy to double income of small and marginal Farmers in the next five years by encouraging them to adopt the best farm practices, with the overall plan of keeping a check on forced migration from hills Dehradun: The Uttarakhand government has finalised a policy to double income of small and marginal Farmers in the next five years

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Farmers Shouldn't Have to Die Before the Government Addresses Rampant Pesticide Misuse -Joe Hill A recent study in Jharkhand showed that Farmers are unaware of how to correctly use different chemicals and do not use any protective gear during the process. The deaths and hospitalisation of Farmers in Maharashtra raises to the forefront the question of state government culpability for its negligence in regulating the pesticide sector. The National Human Rights Commission has observed

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A drought on UP's doorstep -Omar Rashid

mps activated and mobilise water tankers to supply water to households. There must also be sufficient feed for cattle and medicine in veterinary clinics, the order said. Wells must be deepened and Farmers employed under the rural employment guarantee programme to meet the risk of famine. Mr. Kumar has instructed senior state and divisional officials to hold meetings at the district level with officials of all related departments and as per the para

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