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A fresh perspective on farm suicides -A Srinivas

Business Line A recent book shows how a cocktail of indebtedness, masculinity and consumerism acts as a trigger. For those who have wondered whether indebtedness can be the sole factor driving Farmers to take their lives, here is a book that introduces much needed nuance and complexity to the debate. Nilotpal Kumar’s book, based on a study of 22 suicide cases in Ananthapur district (accompanied by a fascinating ethnographic study of a vil

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MS Swaminathan, father of India's Green Revolution, interviewed by Vidya Venkat (The Hindu)

riculture in India to the former United Progressive Alliance government, at the height of the Vidarbha farmer suicides crisis, but they are still to be implemented. To address the agrarian crisis and Farmers’ unrest across the country, he urged the government to take steps to secure Farmers’ income. As India marks 50 years of the Green Revolution this year, the architect of the movement says sus

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Economy will decelerate if States resort to farm loan waivers

t had announced them, the aggregate demand would come down by Rs. 1.1 lakh crore. So far, only Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have announced crop loan waivers for the Farmers. If other States were to follow suit, the total loan waivers could top Rs. 2.7 lakh crore, the Survey said. With the Centre categorically stating that it would not assume any responsibility for loan waivers, the States might have to finance the

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Economy red flags go up -Jayanta Roy Chowdhury and R Suryamurthy

cause of inflation arising out of this." Bhanumurthy added: "Shifting capital spending to revenue spending (on farm loan waiver) will dampen growth and result in inflationary pressure as Farmers with excess money will chase supplies which cannot increase in the short run to meet the sudden bump in demand." Demonetisation has been something of a puzzle, the survey said. While real growth had decelerated, the slowdown was much small

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Poor rate of Basmati reduces cultivating area to half -Anju Agnihotri Chaba

-The Indian Express Plunged from 8.61 L hectares in 2014 to 4.5 L hectares this year Jalandhar: THE POOR rate of Basmati (fine quality aromatic rice) which Punjab Farmers have been getting for the past few years has resulted in reduced acreage and, in the past four years, the area of cultivation has decreased to nearly half under the crop. Scientists say that due to decrease in Basmati cultivation, the area under paddy rice (Parimal varieties)

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Plough or lease land, Karnataka tells Farmers -ManuAiyappa Kanathanda

up cultivation for the past two years or so, either get a plough in or just lease it out to farming contractors. The Karnataka government has begun identifying fallow lands and issuing notices to Farmers and land owners asking them to either take up cultivation or give such lands on contract, in tune with a provision in the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. Karnataka has so far managed to identify about 2 lakh acres of fallow land and taken steps to iss

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Rural Distress: A farmer- and banker-friendly alternative to agricultural loan waivers -Sher Singh Sangwan

olitical instrument. The 1990 ALW slowed down agricultural credit flows. A study I undertook for NABARD in 1999 linked this to bankers’ fear that waivers would breed credit indiscipline amongst Farmers. It resulted in their cutting back on agricultural lending, to below even the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) mandated minimum 18 per cent of total outstanding advances level. To address the situation, a Rural Infrastructure Development Fun

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Weak govt finger on the pulse: Dal pinches for Farmers -Harish Damodaran

-The Indian Express The woes of pulses Farmers and traders like Kagi can be put down to all-time-high imports of 6.6 mt (valued at Rs 28,524.05 crore) on top of a record domestic production of 22.4 mt in 2016-17 — made worse by the weak, behind-the-curve policy response whether to do with trade or stockholding restrictions. Agriculture in India has always suffered from lethargic and uncoordinated policy response. And there can be no bett

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Crop diversification: When Farmers' incentives clash with policymakers goals -Anju Agnihotri Chaba

ught to bring 5 lh area in the state under maize, as part of the original plan of reducing paddy area by 12 lh between 2012-13 and 2017-18. Jalandhar: For policymakers wanting to wean away Punjab Farmers from water-guzzling paddy, 1.35 lakh hectares (lh) area sown under maize this kharif season may not seem bad, even if it is way below the 29.11 lh for the former. But this small consolation is offset by the bulk of maize acreage — some 1.

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APEDA to focus on fruits, vegetables -TV Jayan

ible because of stringent conditions imposed by importing countries on these products, Singh told a CII seminar on agricultural supply chain here. “At the same time, if we have to double our Farmers’ income by 2022, a good share of it has to come from exports. But doubling export earnings from the agricultural sector in such a short span is an ardent task,” he said. Clusters identified However, an attempt is being made to id

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