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How Farmers in 3 Marathwada villages created an oasis in the suicide-prone region

-IANS Dubbed the Kadwanchi model, the watershed project has given Farmers year-round access to water. Jalna: When massive crop failure and Farmers’ suicide afflicted the Marathwada region in Maharashtra during the 2012-16 drought, Farmers in three villages of Jalna district were not much concerned about the lack of rainfall. A watershed project h

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Mandsaur, the Farmers' story -Shiv Visvanathan

peasantry when it was out of fashion, I am in it now when it is fashionable, and I will be there long after it has become out of fashion again.” I recollected his passion as I read sadly about Farmers’ protests across India, particularly in Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. It was not the nature of the reports that was distressing. It was more the way the regime was reacting to it. It was a kind of repeat of its response to the More »

Kharif planting: Farmers reduce area under pulses -Sayantan Bera Farmers across the country choose cotton and sugarcane over rain-fed pulses like arhar and moong which saw a collapse in their wholesale prices in 2016-17, shows data New Delhi: Following a collapse in wholesale prices of rain-fed pulses like arhar and moong over the past six months, Farmers across India have reduced planting of these varieties, data on Kharif sowing released by the ag

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Price-sensitive Farmers replacing pulses with cotton -Indivjal Dhasmana

on June Early onset of the monsoon and its progress has led to an increase in the area sown till Friday of this kharif season, year-on-year. Alongside, the depressed price of pulses have led more Farmers to replace it with cotton in some parts. Farmers have brought almost 10% more area under cultivation over the corresponding period of the previous kharif season, despite the current unrest in the com

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Maharashtra's farm loan waivers to aid Vidarbha, Marathwada Farmers more -Abhiram Ghadyalpatil Maharashtra’s capping of farm loan waiver will benefit Farmers of drought-prone regions more than those in prosperous western, northern areas Mumbai: By capping the farm loan waiver at Rs1.5 lakh per farmer regardless of land holding, the Maharashtra government has ensured that Farmers in the critically affected Marathwada and Vidarbha stand to gain more than those in the prosper

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Farmer suicides: 70% of India's farm families spend more than they earn -Devanik Saha

0% of India’s 90 million agricultural households spend more than they earn on average each month, pushing them towards debt, which is now the primary reason in more than half of all suicides by Farmers nationwide, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of various government data. The failing economics of such farms–agricultural households in the south are most indebted–are exacerbated by additional loans that families take to meet he

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Farmer protests: Over-reliance on a single crop has cost them dear -Mihir Shah

-Hindustan Times India needs a paradigm shift in agriculture for economic and ecological sustainability Whenever flashpoints are reached, such as the current Farmers’ agitation, there is a clamour for immediate palliatives. This is understandable, as those in acute distress need relief. But what we must not overlook are the profound possibilities of reform that such crises open up. Take Madhya Pradesh (MP), the epicentre of the agita

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Notebandi to bazarbandi - India's cattle Farmers stare at ruin -Dhrubo Jyoti

ders troop in from faraway Delhi and Bihar. Today, the facility is on its last legs, he says, and struggles to even attract people from nearby Shamli. First, demonetisation wiped out cash from the Farmers and traders hands. Then, as banknotes slowly returned to circulation, a crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses in the state wrecked the local market for cattle. Now, a central government notification on cattle markets – bazarbandi in local par

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Along Cauvery, burned down by drought and debt -Vidya Venkat

-The Hindu Six months after Tamil Nadu was declared drought-hit, Farmers across the Delta districts are no longer blaming Karnataka On June 12, the customary date on which the Mettur dam in Salem district is opened to provide water to the lower reaches of the Cauvery, the riverbed stretched as far as the eyes can see, barren as a desert. P. Ayyakannu, the farmer-leader who recently led a series of protests against the Centre and the State dema

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Middle Earth Moguls -Pragya Singh

We could be in a raging hyper-inflation, with a kilo of onions going for Rs 150, and consumers getting teary-eyed enough to vote out governments. Or we could be in a crisis such as we see now, where Farmers across half of India are so desperate that many consider death by pesticide (and some, by police bullet). But between consumer and producer, there’s a vast middle ground that’s relatively insulated from these cyclical shocks. This is t

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