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Modi Government's Maternity Benefits Scheme Will Likely Exclude Women Who Need It the Most -Dipa Sinha

re and immunisation are met. The scheme is also restricted to the first live birth. In fact, the new MBP is a watered down and much delayed implementation of the commitment made under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) passed unanimously by parliament in 2013. Section 4 of the NFSA states:     “subject to such schemes as may be framed by the central government, every pregnant woman and lactating mother shall be entitle

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Climate change impact on agriculture leads to 1.5 per cent loss in India's GDP -Subhojit Goswami

from May 9-10, B. Venkateshwarlu, former director at International Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad, said, “Climate change affects all the three aspects of Food Security: availability, access and absorption. When production decreases, availability of food decreases. Climate change hits poor the most. They don’t have income to buy the food, so their access to it is affected. This, in turn, has an impact

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Rural job scheme will eat into Food Security, claims study -Padmini Sivarajah

ent Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), rolled out a decade ago, has impacted households and individuals in a positive as well as negative way, but the adverse impacts of the scheme could impact the nation's Food Security, according to an authoritative study. What may set the alarm bells ringing is the projected decline in acreage under rice cultivation in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by three to eight per cent in the next five years. This cou

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The journey of Baiga tribe from malnourishment to Food Security -Madhura Chakrobarty Video Volunteers One man’s efforts to bring back traditional crops and methods of cultivation has ensured land rights and Food Security for an indigenous tribe. “The forest officials would come and beat us up when we tried to cultivate in our lands. My father died in 1986. They had beaten him and locked him up. He died because of that,” says Bhagwati, who belongs to the Baiga community from Dindori of Madhya

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A new economics for a better world -Simon Sweeney

Human Development Index which considers health, literacy and income per capita. Other human security measures should also form part of a wider assessment of development, including gender equality, Food Security, wealth distribution and environmental quality. Focusing merely on GDP is like choosing a home on the basis of its shiny new front door while ignoring the faulty wiring, poor room layout, lack of sanitation and the location between a ten-

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Transforming agriculture in Telangana -Dr. Ramesh Chennamaneni

Why is this approach so crucial for small and marginal farmers, consumers as well as the community at large? Natural Focus Firstly, as people depend crucially on natural resources, effective Food Security policies must be associated with sustainable management of land, soil, water, air, pollution, landscapes, biodiversity, forests. The focus also needs to be on adaptation and mitigation measures regarding climate change strategies, genetic an

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SC to hear Swaraj Abhiyan's PIL on drought-hit states

Court deleted Uttar Pradesh and Odisha. In May last year, the apex court had directed the drought-hit states to provide highly subsidised food grains to the affected people under the National Food Security (NFS) Act. Please click here to read more.

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After LPG success, Narendra Modi government wants public to give up food subsidies -Sandip Das

aid it would be much more difficult to implement the Give-it-Up scheme for TPDS. As many as 82 crore people — two-thirds of the country’s population — are covered under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) while the LPG subsidy is limited to some 19 crore households. Food ministry sources NFSA beneficiary list appears to be “on the higher side”. While NFSA beneficiaries get monthly entitlement of 5 kg of rice, wheat o

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Giving short shrift to children's rights -Jean Dreze

hree years. A few examples, not exhaustive, are as follows. No maternity entitlements First, the Central government has violated women’s right to maternity entitlements under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013 for more than three years. Under the Act, every pregnant woman is entitled to maternity benefits of ?6,000, unless she is already covered by maternity schemes in the formal sector. The Economic Survey 2015-16, in a welcome c

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