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Food Security of farmers essential to check suicides -S Harpal Singh

i mandal of Adilabad district or other farmers who cultivate foodgrains for self-consumption like him — of a solution to control farmer suicides, he is most likely to point out towards ensuring Food Security for the poor agriculture community. “The distress brought upon by the failure of commercial crops like cotton and the volatility of markets can be by and large taken care of if the farmer does not have to worry about his next meal,&rdq

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3-fold hike in margin money to Delhi's ration dealers

ey. The ration dealers will get the benefit of the enhanced margin money from the month of March, the statement said. It includes rice and wheat distributed by ration dealers under the National Food Security Act, 2013, apart from sugar. The Delhi Ration Dealers Association had been demanding for a long time that margin money for manual distribution of food grains may be increased in order to enable them run fair price shops (FPSs) in a sustai

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Rash U-turns, half-baked plans -Jean Dreze

ity of the central government to social policy in the last five years. Maternity entitlements, a legal right of all Indian women (except those already covered in the formal sector) under the National Food Security Act 2013, were ignored for years and are brazenly violated to this day. The rights of workers employed under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act have also been undermined by budget crunches, erratic wage payments and the vagaries of

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Casting the Net: India's Public Distribution System after the Food Security Act -Jean Dreze, Prankur Gupta, Reetika Khera and Isabel Pimenta

sment of the public distribution system is presented in six of India’s poorest states—Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal—soon after the National Food Security Act, 2013 came into force. Important gains have been made, including broader coverage, lower targeting errors, accelerated PDS reforms, and a greater political commitment to Food Security. In four

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How to make Direct Benefit Transfers work for the people -Karthik Muralidharan, Paul Niehaus and Sandip Sukhtankar

ribution System with Direct Benefit Transfers will improve efficiency, but shouldn't be implemented at the cost of individual choice. The Public Distribution System (PDS) is India’s flagship Food Security programme but also suffers from well-known inefficiencies. Even official government estimates suggest that a large share of public spending on the PDS does not reach intended beneficiaries. Thus, the idea of Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) in

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MGNREGA workers in Jharkhand demand increase in wages and number of days of guaranteed work

ortunes of a poor state like Jharkhand. But workers and farmers of the state are not able to claim their rights because of lack of political commitment. It is not just limited to NREGA but extends to Food Security, nutrition and health. Stressing on the importance of social security pensions and maternity entitlements, James demanded that the government increase the amount of pensions to at least Rs. 2,500 per month and ensure payment of maternity ent

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Chhattisgarh watershed project promises better income for small farmers

comprehensive account of the people, land, water and forest resources in that area and makes planned interventions. According to Pradan, the watershed project in the state will lead to year-round Food Security for about 76 per cent of the families and an increase in earning in the range of Rs 15,000-25,000 per annum. For the project, a consortium of 13 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) will facilitate land and water treatment measures in 26 bl

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

and pattern of governance, has been dismantled. It is not merely the market and its operation but its permeation into governance at every level. In actual terms, it has meant the loss of employment, Food Security, benefits of public health and education, and so on. Even the dismantling of platforms of public consultation has affected people adversely. Democratic and governance mechanisms have been weakened at all levels. The Planning Commission, a

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The pulse of Indian agriculture -Devesh Chaturvedi

engthen market mechanism and make pulses affordable for the economically and socially backward households. As a first step, action was initiated in collaboration with the States under the National Food Security Mission to increase the production of pulses. Adoption of quality seeds and model agricultural practices through extension programmes were given priority. The overall objective was to reduce the gap between domestic demand and production as

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