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India's declining sex ratio: Numbers are not the only deceptive thing

oung graduate mothers gave birth to 899 girls per 1,000 boys, against the national average of 943 girls in 2011. But when education is supplemented by a change in social customs influenced by changed Gender perceptions — leading to women travelling alone, making independent decisions and getting an opportunity to use their education just like men — the sex ratio is known to improve as it did in Gove, Rajasthan. What also needs to be re-

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Sociologist Dipankar Gupta interviewed by Poornima Joshi (The Hindu Business Line)

things for his own people while exploiting Congo... In Germany, Otto von Bismarck, another autocrat, created the world’s first welfare state. Progressive, modern state policies are thus often enGendered from above and not exactly as a result of democratic /spontaneous movements. That is why one should have some respect for the elite who have enforced universally progressive policies such as maternity rights, abolition of child labour — whi

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Missing the Gender-infrastructure link -Simrit Kaur, Sanchita Joshi & Vaibhav Puri

1 respectively. However, the performance has been abysmal on goals pertaining to industry, innovation and infrastructure (Goal 9, henceforth Infra-9), sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11) and Gender equality (Goal 5), with scores of 44, 39 and 36 respectively. The performance of Gender equality is particularly lamentable, given the intrinsic and instrumental importance of this SDG. The sub-indica

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How to boost women's workforce participation -Surbhi Ghai

If the ILO projections are any indication, the FLPR is slated to fall to 24 per cent by 2030 which will certainly detract India from achieving SDG (sustainable development goal) 5 — eliminating Gender inequalities by 2030. In recent years, government policies aimed at addressing the falling FLPR have mainly focussed on launching employment programmes with special provisions to incentivise female employment such as MGNREGA, PMEGP, MUDRA; dilut

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Equality beyond GDP -Arpan Tulsyan

onomic resource. Last month, Niti Aayog released a report on state-level progress across various indicators under the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The comprehensive index score on Gender equality (Goal 5) revealed that all Indian states, except Kerala and Sikkim, fall in the red zone, signifying low performance. Despite such worrisome findings in its own report, Niti Aayog’s almost simultaneously released ‘Strategy f

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The missing women -Pratap C Mohanty & Anjali Bansal

n secondary and higher education. Those not in education, employment and training in the age groups 15-19, 20-24, and 25-29 comprise 13.48%, 31.80% and 35.33%, respectively. If we look at the figures Gender-wise, the age group 15-19 consists of 5.37% men and 23.04% women, the age group 20-24 consists of 8.32% men and 56.13% women, and the age group 25-29 consists of 7.13% men and 64% women in this category. The percentage of men not in education, empl

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Policy must tackle not just dissatisfaction of large farmers, but distress of most vulnerable -Bina Agarwal

tress — loan waivers and minimum support prices (MSP) — treat all farmers (large/small, male/female) alike. But farmers are heterogeneous. They differ especially by income, land owned and Gender. And farmer dissatisfaction is not the same as farmer distress. Better-off farmers are dissatisfied but politically vocal; poor farmers are distressed and many kill themselves in silence. It is the truly distressed we need to reach, but our policie

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ASER 2018: In Math, education survey finds a growing Gender divide -Sukrita Baruah

-The Indian Express Wilima Wadhwa, director, ASER Centre, said it is possible that the Gender gap in Mathematics is reinforced by existing perceptions on mathematical ability of girls. While the Annual Status of Education Report (Rural), 2018 – or ASER – shows that the percentage of girls out of school is shrinking, it reports a Gender divide in basic Math learning levels across age cat

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Indian women and the aspiration for equality: a Niti Aayog report -Manashi Sengupta

-The Telegraph Report on sustainable development goals showed that no state fared well on Gender equality All states and Union Territories, except for four, have fared poorly on Gender equality indicators, a Niti Aayog report on India’s performance on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has shown. The UN defines Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint to achieve a better and more

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