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Women farmers focus of Rajasthan govt's new subsidy scheme -Rakesh Goswami

-Hindustan Times The scheme launched to give more subsidies to farmers will prefer women for benefits for Gender mainstreaming in agriculture, said officials Jaipur: The Rajasthan government will focus on women farmers in a new subsidy scheme for livelihood improvement, said officials. The scheme launched to give more subsidies to farmers will prefer women for benefits for Gender mainstreaming in

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'Care' economy uncharitable to women -Francis Kuriakose & Deepa Iyer

ved that care work involves a range of skills that are often not formally recognised or remunerated, and involving working conditions that are not regulated. Further, care work has an undisputable Gender burden with two-thirds of all care workers being women who dedicate themselves to unpaid care work 3.2 times more often than men. The 2019 ILO report ‘A Quantum Leap for Gender Equality’ iden

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A Gendered view of India's nutrition strategy -Phalasha Nagpal

ced for girls than boys. And if that stands, what then explains this anomaly? The root cause of such male-female differentials is the socio-cultural mindset of the people and widespread prevalence of Gender discrimination. Prevalent bias Understandably, reducing the prevalence of malnutrition among girls holds the key to reducing the burden of female under-five deaths. Research shows that the girl child experiences mistreatment and neglect from

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Women sarpanchs tell UN how rural India's power structure is changing

ting as proxies for their male relative. UNITED NATIONS: Two women sarpanchs have brought to the UN the story of India changing the rural power structure by empowering women through a programme of Gender equality that has 1.37 million of them serving as elected members of the panchayats. At an event on women's leadership here on Monday, sarpanch of a Himachal Pradesh panchayat, Kala Devi, spoke of how she worked to change the ingrained patriarch

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Delhi: DDC, Harvard tie up to study free bus rides, women's safety

questions on observed and experienced incidents related to women’s safety in public transport. Additionally, the research team will also collect data on bus ridership separately on the basis of Gender, through direct observation at selected bus stops throughout Delhi, both before and after the policy. Please click here to read more.

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Policing in India Report: Prevalence of Gender bias and inequality -Ditsa Bhattacharya

emales, we found a significant difference. Men in police were found to harbour much stronger stereotypes compared to their female counterparts. Male police personnel are more likely to agree with the Gender-stereotypical statements, while police women are much more likely to disagree with such statements.” The report points out that integration of women in police, aside from ensuring fair representation and diversity, is known to have positiv

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PM Modi is Worried About Population Explosion, a Problem Set to Go Away in 2021 -Saurabh Rai and M Sivakami

India’s population growth has shown a declining trend for quite some time now, why do we need to worry about population explosion? Population control and women’s reproductive rights Gender norms in our patriarchal society dictate economic responsibilities to men and reproductive responsibilities to women. While these norms have been questioned and there have been examples of change, it hasn’t yet percolated through to the vast

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What can help in controlling population in India--society or law? -Neetu Chandra Sharma * The population explosion has major impacts on the country ranging from health, social, environmental and economic * Gender preferences are also contributing to the population explosion in India New Delhi: Pointing out population growth as a major concern in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech called for a deeper thought towards the issue. Apparently, the mention was an indication that the gover

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Data on AES related deaths in Bihar during May-June this year is fraught with confusion

here to read more  Spare Dying Kids from Insensitive Reporting - Saurabh Sharma,, 20 June, 2019, please click here to access Stopping Muzaffarpur Child Deaths Will Require a Gender-Sensitive Social Analysis -Purnima Menon,, 20 June, 2019, please click here to access    NHRC questions frailty of health infrastructure, The Hindu, 20 June, 2019, please click here to access  No Muzaffarpur m

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Our notions of motherhood -Gargi Mishra

ntly discriminatory and arbitrary. India’s jurisprudence recognises the reproductive autonomy of single persons, the rights of persons in live-in relationships and fundamental rights of transGenders. In Navtej Singh Johar vs Union of India, Supreme Court, having decriminalised consensual same-sex between consenting adults, held that the law cannot discriminate against same-sex partnerships and that it must “take positive steps to achiev

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