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India Development Update: Unlocking Women's Potential (2017) -World Bank

en, the pool of such talent becomes shallower and growth suffers. If the overall lack of jobs, especially regular salaried jobs, plays a large role in India’s female LFPR, only a combination of Gender-targeted and broader policies towards formal job creation can sustainably raise female LFPR and accelerate India’s GDP growth and broader social development. Policies that promote job creation in women-friendly sectors such as apparel, or tha

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The invisible women farmers -Mrinal Pande

n India. However, unlike male farmers and cultivators, their female counterparts remained doubly burdened during their peak productive period with their reproductive role seen as fundamental to their Gender while the duties it entailed were socially created. So even as women laboured in fields, they continued to have and rear children almost single-handedly, the report showed. Nearly two decades later, working with a group of women on Shram Shakti

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The seeds of discontent -Bina Agarwal

t when farmers face indebtedness. (Ironically, loan waivers will not help the most vulnerable farmers — many çan’t access bank credit anyway and depend on moneylenders). Age and Gender also affect farmer satisfaction — younger farmers tended to be more dissatisfied, and women farmers more than men, understandably since few women own land and most face difficulties accessing irrigation, credit, inputs and markets. This has i

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India fails to protect property rights of indigenous and rural women, says report

ritability of Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers' land, women's inheritance is not explicitly acknowledged, making women's rights to forests particularly vulnerable.” The Gender disparity in FRA, 2006 in the implementation has been highlighted previously by Down To Earth. The FRA, 2006 in India is one of only two legal frameworks (out of 80) where women's community-level voting and leadership rights are guaranteed throu

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Why are millions of Indian women dropping out of work? -Soutik Biswas

n's participation in the workforce - at a time when India's economy has grown at a steady pace? Predictable social norms are attributed to women quitting work in India: marriage, motherhood, vexed Gender relations and biases, and patriarchy. But they may not be the only reasons. Marriage, for example, does affect the rate of participation of women in the workforce. But in villages, the workforce participation rate of married women has been found

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Haryana govt bows to girl power -Ashok Kumar

e May 10. Mr. Garg then offered juice to the girls formally breaking their hunger strike. Besides senior district officials, Haryana BJP vice-president Arvind Yadav and district BJP president YoGender Paliwal were present on the occasion. Mass support Raj Kumar, a villager, said that the girls had managed to achieve what they had not been able to all these years. “We had always felt the need for a senior secondary school in the villa

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Women need respect and rights, not just protection -Mrinal Pande

-Hindustan Times In a semi feudal and Genderised society like ours, sexuality remains central everywhere; and rape looks like an indigenous, not an exceptional phenomena. Just days after Jyoti Singh’s killers were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court, on May 11, a similar case of gang rape and murder was reported from Rohtak in Haryana. Within the same week, another 10-year-old from the same area was found repeatedly raped by h

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Haryana districts inflating girl child stats, finds audit -Chetna Choudhry

In Haryana, the number stood at 834. There is now suspicion that the remarkable surge in sex ratio could be due to dubious numbers. The state's claim of having made rapid strides in correcting its Gender imbalance (India's worst, till recently) faces probing questions after an audit of figures reported by eight of 10 districts in the first quarter of this year found girl child numbers were misreported. In some cases, they were inflated. In other

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Government plans lower I-T slab, free health check-ups for women -Mahendra K Singh

exemption on all menstrual hygiene products has also been proposed to ensure easy and affordable accessibility of these products. Building public toilets for women have been mooted. The survivors of Gender-based violence will be provided free medical and legal support, counselling and shelter. Noting the Gender bias that often results in less attention being paid to the welfare of women, the policy prop

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A new economics for a better world -Simon Sweeney

ention to the UN Human Development Index which considers health, literacy and income per capita. Other human security measures should also form part of a wider assessment of development, including Gender equality, food security, wealth distribution and environmental quality. Focusing merely on GDP is like choosing a home on the basis of its shiny new front door while ignoring the faulty wiring, poor room layout, lack of sanitation and the locati

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