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Four years after Uttarakhand tragedy: Eight psychiatrists for over 1 crore people, many fighting mental trauma -Kavita Upadhyay

st 15 disaster-hit villages and towns near Kedarnath, where a majority of the population lives under severe psychological trauma. What makes it worse is the near breakdown of the state’s mental Health infrastructure. Kalimath Valley (Gaurikund): On June 12, the search for 23-year-old Prahlad Singh ended. Villagers found him tightening a rope around his neck. “He was about to kill himself,” says Prahlad’s mother Rajeshwari De

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Farmer suicides: 70% of India's farm families spend more than they earn -Devanik Saha   The failing economics of such farms–agricultural households in the south are most indebted–are exacerbated by additional loans that families take to meet Health issues, leaving them with diminished ability to invest in farming. Nearly 70% of India’s 90 million agricultural households spend more than they earn on average each month, pushing them towards debt, which is now the primary reason in mor

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Niti Aayog vindicates UPA's claims on poverty alleviation -Pranav Mukul

access to basic services universal, with drinking water and sanitation being priority areas apart from programmes that are already underway including housing for all, increasing access to education, Health and nutritional security, with a special focus on “vulnerable groups such as women and children”. In the opening statement of the report, Niti Aayog vice-chairman Arvind Panagariya has noted that while India remains committed to prot

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Stent prices: Firms, doctors got away with looting -Rema Nagarajan

have been fined and jailed for their role in such improper treatment. According to the US DoJ website, the department has recovered more than $16.4 billion in cases involving fraud against federal Health care programmes since January 2009. The US attorney stated that physicians should be making decisions on medical devices based on what is in the best interest of patients without being induced by payments from manufacturers competing for their busi

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GST: Ayurvedic medicines likely to become expensive -Prabhat Nair

said, “Now the ayurvedic medicines and products have a tax incidence of 7 per cent, including VAT. Under the GST regime, the 12 per cent slab will increase the medicine price and eventually the Health care expenditure of the people”. Some of the medicines likely to see a higher price are post delivery, allergic and arthritis medicines and drugs used against epidemics. For example, a person using ‘dasamoolarishtam’ regularly

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Food safety authority's draft amendments include fatty acids composition in edible oil -Meenakshi Verma Ambwani

dible oils. The amendments in the regulation have been introduced at a time when edible oil companies have been increasingly looking at launching blended oil products to woo consumers with various Health benefit claims. The food regulator said the draft FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulation 2017 will pave the way for determination of the authenticity of edible oils by incorporating fatty acid composition in the sta

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India Owes a Debt to Its Farmers -Yogendra Yadav

pulism’ and compulsions of electoral politics. Bankers have talked about the ‘moral hazard’ that such a decision might invite. Economists worry about its implications for the fiscal Health of the governments. Many agricultural experts have described it as a gimmick that would not address the plight of the farmers. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor has sounded a warning bell. The Union finance minister has washed his hands off

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In This Year's IIT Class, Kids Of Farmers And Labourers: Telangana's Super 100, Almost -Uma Sudhir

nstitutions of higher education so they can compete with their more privileged peers. Bhanu Sunil Kumar from Warangal has similar ambitions. "My father could not study and because of ill-Health, he could not get a job. So he dreamed that I should study. He wanted me to go into civil services. So I will go to IIT and also prepare for civil service entrance exams at the same time." Ketavat Bhupya Naik said his passion is physics and

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Yogendra Yadav, convenor of Swaraj Party, interviewed by Archana Mishra (

. Existential crisis is looking at farmers’ life in a larger context. Unfortunately, when we look at farmer we look at his cost but we should look at his domestic expenditure like education and Health which have shot up to the roof. What existential crisis does is that it threatens the self-respect of farmer as a person, challenges their dignified existence and in cases leads to suicide. Unless we connect the current crisis in Mandsaur and Mahar

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Anganwadis: A report card -Shradha Chettri

-The Indian Express The Indian Express visited 14 anganwadis, and found similar problems almost everywhere. New Delhi: A Healthy meal and a stepping stone for school — anganwadis in the city have two key responsibilities. The Indian Express explores the problems at each front Five-year-old Naseem does not go to school, but that doesn’t mean he can stay at home after breakfast. As soon as the clock strikes 9 am, Naseem leaves hom

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