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Survey Reveals Pathetic Health Conditions Around Raigarh Coal Mines, Plants -Lakshmi Supriya Doctors and activists found a higher than normal incidence of tuberculosis, mental illnesses and arthritis-like joint pains, even among people below the age of 30. Tired, ghoulish bodies moving around in a field of ash casting a blanket of sameness against vast, black mines, broken now and then by the bright yellow of scorching fires – this is what a coal mine looks like. Lighting up the nation comes at a steep price for communities living near these mines and the coal-

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Niti Aayog is in denial about hunger in India - but the problem is worse than the statistics show -Sylvia Karpagam & Veena Shatrugna

ise with the Global Hunger Index, the authors are desperately trying to pick holes by tweaking numbers in an attempt to show nutritional standards of Indians in better light. They claim that if child Health indicators are not included in the Global Hunger Index, India will move to the 77th spot as though, that number is something for the country to feel proud about. The reality of hunger is much worse than what any number can capture. Fallacy: Grow

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Malnutrition burden in India remains high, nutrition profiles of 640 districts reveal -Neetu Chandra Sharma

ing percentage from 38.4% to 25% by 2022, and reducing stunting, under-nutrition, and low birth weight by 2%, and anaemia by 3% per annum. The nutrition profile generated using the National Family Health Survey 2015-16 (NFHS-4) explained that India achieved improvements in stunting between 2006 and 2016, with a decline from 48% to 38.4% among children below 5 years. A majority of districts across India, however, have a high stunting burden, with mo

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Health tips -K Sujatha Rao

ld embarrass Adam Smith or Kenneth Arrow, the hospitals have been permitted to put profit above life. When chasing a return on investment without regard to impact on life — be it in the area of Health or environment — is considered legitimate, then it implies unleashing animal spirits that later become difficult to contain. That is the situation today and what we are witnessing is the tension between “compromised governments” a

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Surat Municipal Corporation starts converting organic waste to compost

ble to use most of the organic waste generated in our city from the coming few months. This would reduce pressure on collection system and generate some revenue for people," deputy commissioner, Health, SMC, Dr Hemant Desai said. Meanwhile, SMC has 175 public pay and use toilets and 43 new ones are being set up. It has started renovating these blocks with a ramp for disabled people and also making them child-friendly for Swacchta Sarvekshan-20

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One in three pregnancies in India ends in abortion: Lancet -Sanchita Sharma

-Hindustan Times Close to half, or 48%, of pregnancies were unintended and 0.8 million women used unsafe methods for an abortion, putting their Health and lives at risk. New Delhi: One in three of 48.1 million pregnancies in India ended in an abortion, according to the country’s first large-scale study on abortions and unintended pregnancies that accounted for 2015 data. The country recorded around 15.6 million abortions in 2015, repo

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Banning condom ads like throwing baby out with bathwater -Poonam Muttreja

ment industry itself is no stranger to innuendo and double entendre – and it is a blatant hypocrisy to make advertisements for condoms the scapegoat in this issue. India’s reproductive Health is the unsuspecting casualty in the recent tussle on the appropriateness of condom advertisements. The advisory issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Monday, December 11, directs television channels to restrict the broadcast of

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India's Millets Makeover: Set To Reach Poor, School Meals -Charu Bahri

s women and children, and one in five men are anaemic. Their loss of productivity shaved $22.64 billion (Rs 1.5 lakh crore) off India’s gross domestic product in 2016, more than three times the Health budget for 2017-18, IndiaSpend reported in November 2017. Malnutrition is also implicated in India’s growing tide of diabetes, we reported in December 2015. Diabetes is now affecting the urban poor as well as the affluent. This renewed

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India on the verge of a looming soil crisis, say experts -M Somasekhar

ts agriculture in the near future, says a report. A third of the total 350 million hectares has already turned problematic. Soil is turning either acidic, saline, sodic or alkaline. Tthe declining Health of soil can have a big impact on agriculture productivity, sustainability and also human Health, says a report brought out by a consortium of agriculture institutes. World Soil Day Soil is key to t

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86% of senior citizens unaware of human rights

the occasion of International Human Rights Day. The report also mentions that almost 86% of senior citizens are unaware of their human rights and only 68.8% have access to necessary medicines and Healthcare. The situation is worse in urban areas. Over 23% of such people were found to be living in inhuman conditions while nearly 13% revealed that they don't get proper food necessary in their age. Nearly half of those surveyed (47.4%) said they

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