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Missing the tree for the woods: Deaths due to cold

ber of homeless households at the national-level comprise single member households (total: 1,10,831) to be followed by 7+ member households (total: 74,132). The top 5 states in terms of number of Homeless Population are: Uttar Pradesh (3.3 lakh), Maharashtra (2.1 lakh), Rajasthan (1.8 lakh), Madhya Pradesh (1.46 lakh) and Andhra Pradesh (1.45 lakh). Gujarat (1.4 lakh) comes 6th. However, if one considers the ratio of More »

SHOCKING: 33, 000 homeless people died on Delhi streets since 2004, 8 deaths every day

ne as 3,695 destitutes died in this particular month during these years. "There are nearly 150,000 homeless people in Delhi, of which only 4,890 get shelter. This is a mere 3.2 percent of the Homeless Population in the capital city. The rest are left to fend for themselves squeezed into limited spaces available otherwise, running the risk of contracting diseases. They often sleep on the roadside that increases the chances of accidents," A

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‘Housing for all’ Shelter scheme to exclude rental plan -Shalini Nair

,000 crore, will now be missing from the NDA government’s flagship shelter mission. According to officials, the mission originally had provisions for creation of urban rental housing for the Homeless Population and migrant workers. Affordable and social rental housing were to be included as a preventive measure against proliferation of slums that have so long provided informal housing to those who cannot afford to buy or rent homes. &ldquo

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Decline in Homeless Population: Census Data

o be followed by 7+ member households (total: 74132). The population of homeless in urban areas (9.4 lakhs) is more than that in rural areas (8.3 lakhs). The top 5 states in terms of number of Homeless Population are: Uttar Pradesh (3.3 lakh), Maharashtra (2.1 lakh), Rajasthan (1.8 lakh), Madhya Pradesh (1.46 lakh) and Andhra Pradesh (1.45 lakh). Gujarat (1.4 lakh) comes 6th. However, if one considers the ratio of More »

India Exclusion Report: Fresh perspective on poverty

ban India— slum dwellers, residents of illegal settlements and unplanned colonies, or those living in congested or poor quality housing. The lack of regular and accurate data on the substantial Homeless Population in India is a serious gap.  The chapter on 'Decent Work in Labour Markets' explains that India has failed to create enough jobs for its growing workforce during the last one decade. Informalization of labour markets led

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Homeless survey on cards in capital -Ambika Pandit

-The Times of India   NEW DELHI: The state government is all set to launch a first-of-its-kind citywide survey of the capital's Homeless Population. The month-long exercise is set to culminate in an action plan to provide need-based access to shelters to this marginalized category of people. As of now, the estimates of Homeless Population in Delhi range from anywhere between 60,000 an

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Salaam Mumbai! -Anupama Katakam

mother. Some of our money goes into using public toilets." Recommendations As per the directions of the Supreme Court in 2001, State governments have to construct 24-hour shelters for Homeless Populations in all cities with a population of more than five lakh at the rate of one shelter with a capacity of 100 per one lakh population. Mumbai, with 140 lakh people, has just two, analysts said. The report recommends increasing the num

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Fewer homeless people

urban homelessness has increased As part of the 2011 census operations the government took a count of homeless people across the country on the night of February 28, 2011. The numbers of India's Homeless Population emerging from that survey were made public a few days ago. Although a single-day exercise has many advantages, some people have also contested it - at least one non-governmental organisation working in the field claimed Delhi has at le

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Nearly 2 in 1000 is homeless in India -B Sivakumar

platforms, hume pipes, under flyovers and even in the open at places of worship are treated as homeless. The homeless were counted on the night of February 28, 2011 during the census. TN with a Homeless Population of 0.1% is better than many bigger states and even smaller ones like Delhi or Chandigarh. Nearly 0.39% of the population in Chandigarh and 0.28% in Delhi are homeless. Among the big states, Rajasthan has the maximum percentage of homel

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Food scheme to widen net -Ambika Pandit

around 55,955 homeless were identified. However, the cabinet is learnt to have reservations over how the homeless will be registered and what will be the common platform to engage with the dispersed Homeless Population with no fixed address. "We want the civil supplies department to lay down standards to create room for extending benefits under the scheme to homeless persons," chief secretary D M Spolia said. The rural poor also finds

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