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Homelessness highlights the inequality behind GDP growth numbers -Debarati Bhattacharya

-The Hindu Business Line To tackle Homelessness, the government should provide better incentives to developers to provide affordable housing Food, clothing and shelter are three basic human needs. Out of the three, shelter remains beyond the reach of 1.77 million people in India, accounting for 0.15 per cent of the nation’s population (Census 2011). Rights groups, however, say that the actual figure is at least three times higher. Conseq

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Urban Poor Have Set Agenda for 2019 Elections -Tikender Singh Panwar It remains to be seen how many political parties pledge to protect the urban poor from eviction and Homelessness and work for inclusive ‘Smart Cities’. Over 30 civil society groups consisting of slum dwellers, civil society organisations, women groups, other groups working amongst the urban poor, disabled women groups, street vendors, housing rights activists and so on assembled in Delhi on February 28 to set a new di

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Calamities displace 23 lakh every year in India -Pradeep Thakur

on average, uprooted due to calamities such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes. A UN study, to be released on the International Day for Disaster Reduction on Friday, forecast a continued rise in Homelessness. China, with annual average displacement of 13 lakh, ranks second. The estimation of displaced people in India may be on the lower side considering that, in the recent Bihar floods alone, about 1.75 crore were affected and 8.55 lakh eva

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Delhi's homeless - remembered only in winter -Bharat Dogra

and they live pretty close to where the media is based.  Some of the highest concentrations of homeless people are within a 10 kms radius of the media hub in Delhi and yet most media coverage of Homelessness is confined to the winter months. During the rest of the year – silence. Last winter, there were quite a few reports in the media expressing serious concern about the inadequacy of existing shelters in Delhi. In a report in The Hindu

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Every 4th person categorised as ‘beggar’ in India is Muslim -Zeeshan Shaikh

ve lesser access to services and government programmes and are pushed to being destitutes,” Mohammed Tarique, coordinator of Koshish, a Tata Institute of Social Sciences Field Action Project on Homelessness and Destitution, said. Beggary is illegal in India, and is punishable by imprisonment of 3-10 years. The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959 has been followed by almost all states in the country. Activists say the Act provides no clear

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The return of paternalism -Neera Chandhoke

weight as her neighbour’s. That is, the transition from subject to agent can only be achieved if people are liberated from debilitating poverty and grinding illiteracy, malnutrition, hunger and Homelessness. This is the essential precondition of citizen participation in democratic life. Once upon a time the leaders of India’s freedom struggle had some vision of what democracy was supposed to achieve: freedom, equality, dignity and justice.

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An election less democratic -Kirti Singh

a dent in the court. Another discriminatory aspect was those who had taken huge amounts of agricultural loans from commercial banks were not disqualified from contesting. The fact that poverty and Homelessness were also reasons for not having a toilet was also disbelieved by the court, which squarely blamed the people for not fulfilling the criteria. The writer, a Delhi-based lawyer, represented the petitioners in ‘Rajbala’

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How Jamghat, an NGO, is helping street children -Geetanjali Krishna

Jamghat, an organisation in Delhi, is steering street children towards a better life The year was 2003. Prince Charles was to visit India and the NGO Action Aid planned to stage a street play on Homelessness for him. It roped in Amit Sinha, a theatre professional, and 14 street children from diverse backgrounds for the project. The play was a success and the ragtag band toured the country to perform it. The prince came and went. The funds drie

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Rajasthan could become the first state to draft a homeless policy. Here's how it could get it right -Ashwin Parulkar

broader definition of homeless people. But it falls short on other counts. Rajasthan could soon become the first Indian state to draft a policy for the homeless. This could be a historic moment as Homelessness is a public health crisis in India. It is caused by the negligence of the government since policies and funds for building shelters that ensure that homeless people get access to healthcare and social services do exist. Those policies came ab

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The More Hands Crafting, the More Lives Touched: the Story of JOYN

and self-reliance. In order to employ as many artisans as possible, JOYN fashions products that are completely handmade, working with marginalized people, including those who have survived addiction, Homelessness, abuse and deprivation. A TO THE MARKET visit to JOYN in September 2014 moved us to tears as we engaged with those whose lives had been transformed by the Murray's vision and more importantly, execution. "We practice 'Purposef

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