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Per capita income, Human development rankings puncture holes in India's GDP rise story -Sakshi Arora GDP per capita of $1,940 shows the average Indian is less prosperous than those in some of our neighbouring countries. New Delhi: India is now the sixth largest economy in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $2.597 trillion, according to World Bank data for 2017, updated this week. It has surpassed, among other countries, France which has a GDP of $ 2.582 trillion. The data points to a rapidly growing economy, but a deeper look at the numbers tells a differen

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Institutes of Eminence status given without field visits, rankings -Anubhuti Vishnoi

hich were seen and discussed over eight separate days with the institutes between April 2 and May 8. EEC was announced in February and as per its report started work on April 2 with a briefing by the Human resource development secretary and the University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman. The committee submitted its report before the end of May. Gopalaswami told ET that field visits were not mandatory and the committee was of the view that comparat

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Love Commandos to fight for lovers' rights

torious for preventing young people from marrying persons of their choice on the grounds of religion, caste, wealth and social status,” he added. Mr. Jose was a founder of the Facebook group Human Wellness Study Centre, which used to give advice and guidelines to people in love as well as healthy and scientific sex education. It had held several camps for young people and had drafted a Human rights

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Beating back the food police -Swati Narayan

a mouth-watering menu designed by nutritionists with 5 unique masala and pepper egg recipes each week. But across India vegetarianism continues to be a code word for Brahminism. The 2011-12 India Human Development Survey (IHDS) documents that only 27 percent of Brahmin households consumed meat, as opposed to 94 percent of Muslims, 85 percent of adivasis, 77 percent of Dalits, 61 percent of other backward classes and 59 percent of forward castes. S

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New Save the Children report reveals insecurity of teenage girls from the outside world, but are our homes safe enough?

istan tops the list of 10 most dangerous countries for women, followed by Syria, India, Yemen, Pakistan, USA, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Mexico. • In terms of Human trafficking, which includes domestic servitude; forced labour; bonded labour; forced marriage and sexual slavery, India tops the list of 10 most dangerous countries for women, followed by Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Russia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Th

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WHO tells govt strict clinical trial rules will drive away drug firms -Teena Thacker

ensation would be over and above any expenses incurred in medical management of the subject. The ethics committee is a proposed government body that will ensure medical experiments and research on Humans are carried out in an ethical manner and provide feedback on the ethical appropriateness of the trial. It will consist of seven members, including experts from medical science, non-medical stream, scientific and non-scientific members, a layman and

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When perception is reality -Sameera Khan

India as the least safe country for women — ahead of Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Somalia — with regard to sexual violence, persecution from cultural and religious traditions and Human trafficking. The ruling government has been quick to dismiss this shameful ranking as “unscientific” based more on “subjective opinion” than any real “data”. But TRF maintains that theirs is a perception poll e

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Minimum Support Price for rice gave return of 50% over cost 13 times since 1996-97 -Roshan Kishore

t least 50% more than the projected A2+FL cost of production. Broadly speaking the A2+FL measure takes into account the following: value of agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertilisers; hired Human, animal and machine labour; land revenue and irrigation charges; depreciation of farm implements and buildings; interest on working capital; rent paid for leased in land; and imputed value of family labour. In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi d

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New MSP: Govt fails to meet Swaminathan standards, yet again -Banjot Kaur

led that the prices have not been fixed according to the formula recommended by Swaminathan Commission. There are two formulae to calculate cost of production. One is to include cost of seed, labour (Human, animal and machine), fertiliser, manure, insecticides and other miscellaneous costs which is denoted as A2 and add to it the family labour (FL). The other formula addition of cost on imputed rent and interest on owned land to A2+FL. So the final co

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Why we need a Constitution -Rajeev Bhargava

limited, nothing valuable can be attained without the collective effort of individuals. A boulder cannot move a centimetre if one individual pushes it, but when pushed by dozens it goes places. Most Human goods — health, education, infrastructure, peace and harmony, economic growth, leisure and enjoyment, art and literature, narratives of self-understanding and collective heritage — are realised by assembling power. However, once constitu

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