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Beyond the lament -K Srinath Reddy

— this is the tale that plays out as the backdrop for sick children in hospitals in Gorakhpur and neighbouring districts. As mosquitos breed in paddy fields and pigs gorge on garbage piles near Human dwellings, conditions are ripe for animal to Human transmission of viruses through insect vectors. Bacteria, too, abound in unhygienic surroundings and easily invade the ill-nourished bodies of poor child

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The classroom and the field -Ajay Vir Jakhar

in and public extension collapsed. The abdication by the state public extension system has allowed the private shopkeepers to usurp the role of farm advisories to disastrous consequences for farmers, Human health and the ecology. ICAR and the states exercise authority and jointly fund SAU activities. Around 700 Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) funded by the ICAR are designated for capacity building and technology refinement and transfer but are neither

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Now the cows are home -Milind Ghatwai

ides Section 429 of the IPC (causing mischief by killing or maiming a cattle). Villagers say Tiwari went twice for a dip in the Ganga and held a puja, to “wash away his sins”. His father BHumani Maharaj pleads to be left alone. Shankar Ahirwar, a Dalit whose cow was killed by Tiwari, says he had let it loose “because everyone does so during the day”. He also wonders, “I don’t know what would have happened had I kill

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Midday meals scheme: Are corruption claims exaggerated? -Monika Yadav

nt claimed that the move had helped expose several instances of schools siphoning off funds under the scheme by reporting inflated student enrolment. Comparing official data with that from the Indian Human Development Survey, this column shows that corruption in the scheme is less than what is being alleged - and not of the nature that Aadhaar can check. In Februrary 2017, Government of India issued a notification that effectively makes the unique

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Panel to draft data protection Bill, Supreme Court told -Krishnadas Rajagopal

har hearing the question whether privacy is a fundamental right, UIDAI, the nodal agency for implementation of Aadhaar, said privacy is not a fundamental right; privacy is subjective and dependent on Human behaviour. Any attempt by the court to robe it in the status of a fundamental right would damage the nation and stymie the government's efforts for good governance. Overarching principles Instead, Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta poin

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States are failing to spend their education budgets - because the budgets are too low -Shreya Roy Chowdhury

quo;16”. In absolute terms, the amount that remained unspent with states each year ranged between Rs 12,259 crores and Rs 17,282 crores. In its reply to the national auditor, the Ministry of Human Resource Development was “silent about the reasons for heavy unutilised balances”. Kiran Bhatty of the Centre for Policy Research explained, “The reason for under-utilisation is that the whole governance structure is highly defi

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Diane Coffey, visiting researcher at Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi) and also assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, interviewed by Sagar (

d the Costs of Caste. They found that the primary reason for poor sanitation in rural areas is the persistence of caste prejudices or caste hierarchies, which relegate any work involving proximity to Human waste to those considered lower-caste, and perpetuate practices such as manual scavenging. (The Caravan published an extract from the book, in which the writers discuss this finding, on its web-exclusives section, Vantage.) Sagar, a web reporter

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No arrest in dowry cases till charges are verified, says Supreme Court -Amit Anand Choudhary

— including parents, minor children, siblings and grandparents — in criminal cases, a bench of Justices A K Goel and UU Lalit said it was high time such frivolous cases which violated the Human rights of innocent was checked. This is a shift from the dominant judicial conception of women as victims who would silently suffer injustice rather than bring disrepute to their family by taking domestic conflict outside the four walls of the ho

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Centre privacy U-turn

helter and health" and also the interests of millions of poor people, Justice Nariman observed: "If you are making this kind of an emotional plea, then the right to property is also a basic Human right. It is a classic case of the baby being thrown out of the bath tub. Don't forget the little man's right to privacy. Everything is not Aadhaar-centric."The Centre had earlier argued that there was no right to privacy and so it was entitled

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Tiger reserves: Economic and environmental win-win -D Balasubramanian

ased on trade-offs with other services. Such economic analysis also highlights why such “large” areas are reserved for preserving fierce animals like the tiger, when we need more land for Human use. What is the total amount of land set apart for the 18 ranges as tiger reserves? It is 68,000 square km, which is about 2% of the area of India – set apart for the nation’s pride animal. A tiger reserve is not just for the tiger.

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