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Police's Continued Victimisation of 'Denotified' Tribal Communities Can No Longer Go Unchallenged -Sujata Gothoskar

here is no crime. The question is whether all these deaths should be considered suicides or institutional murders. Highlighting this state of affairs, from December 5 to December 10 (International Human Rights Day), members of the Pardhi community set up base in Roshanpura, the central square in Bhopal, to protest against the victimisation of their community. They were joined by other Adivasis living in Bhopal’s bastis. Indramal Bai’

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Contradictory positions can hurt India's prospects at the next WTO ministerial -Roshan Kishore

TO disputes pertain to grey areas like these. It must also be kept in mind that developed countries have a natural advantage over Third World countries in WTO disputes given their bigger endowment of Human/material resources uses in such processes. It is not surprising that developed countries are pushing for even more conditionalities for a permanent solution on this issue. Along with these technical matters, there is also a larger issue at han

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India on the verge of a looming soil crisis, say experts -M Somasekhar

s has already turned problematic. Soil is turning either acidic, saline, sodic or alkaline. Tthe declining health of soil can have a big impact on agriculture productivity, sustainability and also Human health, says a report brought out by a consortium of agriculture institutes. World Soil Day Soil is key to the ecosystem as it plays a vital role in carbon cycle and in storing and filtering water. The organic matter content, on an average, ha

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India to seek permanent solution to food stock issue at WTO

strument that has been available to a select few for over two decades is reasonable and pragmatic," Prabhu said, stressing that the grouping represents the collective voice of over two-thirds of Humanity -- overwhelming majority of poor and subsistence farmers. Under the global trade norms, a WTO member country's food subsidy bill should not breach the limit of 10 per cent of the value of production based on the reference price of 1986-88. App

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86% of senior citizens unaware of Human rights

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Human rights of the elderly people are increasingly being violated because of the "popularity of nuclear and small families, lack of intergenerational interaction, and non-existence of an inclusive social security system". This has been the finding of a study conducted by Agewell Foundation on 5,000 senior citizens across India. The study report was released on Sunday on the occasion of International More »

For India, the fight at WTO will be about food security -Sachin Kumar Jain

permanent solution on food security and public stock holding to arrive at the WTO. It is a matter of setting fundamental values of pro-people governance in a civilised society and giving supremacy to Human rights values.   The global corporations believe that trade is the key to control resources and the capital of resources is the key to control politics. Thus, the need for such a forum of trade was felt where the governments of all the count

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In Odisha's Single Window Clearance System, a Compromise for the Ease of Doing Business -Arpitha Kodiveri

ete disclosure on aspects related to on the existing quality of air and water in the area surrounding the industry which is normally required by other states. Further it requires identification of Human habitation only to the extent of 500 meters around the establishment. The impact of the pollution from the industry may go further that the designated 500 meters which is not taken into account while granting the consent to operate or establish. Sch

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Universal health coverage is the best prescription -K Srinath Reddy

e must be an emphasis on the benefit and safety of tests and treatment, and ensuring that satisfaction levels of patients, families, care providers in the nature of institutional processes as well as Human interactions are met. This requires ensuring conformity to accepted scientific and ethical standards. Here, the Clinical Establishments Act is a good beginning, in moving health-care facilities towards registration, ensuring compliance with essentia

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Maharashtra most corrupt, Delhi tops in crimes: NCRB -Farhan Shaikh and Pratik Salunke

mpared to 2015 when 42,940 cases were registered. Maharashtra was third among the states where most crime cases were registered in 2016. “Maximum number of cases under offences affecting the Human body was reported in Uttar Pradesh followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra,” the NCRB report said. Maharashtra was second in crimes against foreigners, after Delhi. The state registered 38 cases in 2016. But, again the number had decline

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Whose development is it anyway? -TK Rajalakshmi and Akshay Deshmane

lication throughout the country, a desirable one to emulate considering the skewed impact it has had on indicators that constitute holistic and comprehensive development, which include the quality of Human life? Whether the development the model propounds is “development” at all is in doubt. Surveys conducted before the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 had claimed that 75 per cent of the top corporate honchos wanted Narendra Modi, who was th

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