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Concerned citizens ask state governments to transport stranded migrants to their homes

-Press release by Stranded Workers Action Network, dated 20th May 2020   We, the undersigned organizations call upon the State governments concerned to bring out all idle transport vehicles out from garages to the State and National highways to carry the workers to their home. We also request that more interstate trains be run, and in a coordinated fashion, to ensure that workers do not remain struck in overcrowded dormitories and camps....

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Gurugram Police Asked Manipuri Victim of Racial Attack to 'Compromise': NHRC The woman was reportedly referred to as 'corona' and physically assaulted. New Delhi: Taking cognisance of reports which said a woman from the Northeast was called ‘corona’, subjected to racial abuse and brutally attacked in Faizapur, Gurugram while she was passing through a locality, the National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the chief secretary of Haryana and the police commissioner of Gurugram. The Commission said reports noted that a...

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Licensed to beat, abuse and kill -MP Nathanael

-The Hindu Police brutality, a colonial legacy, has tenaciously clung on to the mantle of law enforcement personnel On April 16, Mohammed Rizwan, 19, a resident of Chhajjapur village, Uttar Pradesh, ventured out of his home to buy biscuits. He was beaten with rifle butts and lathis by the police, while other residents purchased their groceries from the shop. In a battered condition, he managed to reach home. After some home remedies...

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Will the State recognise women workers’ right to bleed with dignity -Pradeep Narayanan

-Down to Earth The Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs has sought feedback from stakeholders on the draft National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights by March 20, 2020 The patriarchal society’s attempt to control a woman’s body from time immemorial has been documented across the world and in different ages. The fear of a woman’s sexuality and reproductive abilities has, throughout history, spurred religious texts and mythological epics. Man-made laws find ways...

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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights moves Supreme Court over CAA

-The Indian Express Reacting to the same, the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement said, "The Citizenship Amendment Act is an internal matter of India and concerns the sovereign right of the Indian Parliament to make laws. We strongly believe that no foreign party has any locus standi on issues pertaining to India’s sovereignty. The Office of the  United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has filed an Intervention Application...

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