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UN Experts Criticise 'Excessive' Use of Force by Police at Anti-Sterlite Protest

The government should uphold the rights to freedom of expression and assembly, as they are the cornerstone of democratic societies and a critical tool to identify and protect against business-related Human Rights Abuses,” the experts said. The Wire had earlier reported how many believed that the police firing was pre-planned. The reverberations of the incident have been felt strongly both in India and abroad. After a wave of protests, Tamil N

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186 cases of abuse in AFSPA enforced states in 4 yrs -Rumu Banerjee

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Between 2012 and 2016, a total of 186 complaints of Human Rights Abuses by defence personnel were recorded in states where the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 is in force, with the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir accounting for almost half the complaints. Of the 186 complaints received between, the ministry of home affairs (MHA), while answering an RTI query, said that 127 cases of rights violations h

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A State Of Mind -Vikram Patel

ny incur heavy costs as they seek cures from a variety of sources, including religious, traditional and private medical practitioners. Stigma and discrimination lead many to endure the worst forms of Human Rights Abuses, including torture, in their homes, communities and even in the hospitals set up to care for them. While India has the distinction of being one of the first countries in the developing world to establish a national mental health pro

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The inexplicable silence-Arun Mohan Sukumar

ied on a strategy of obfuscation to pre-empt any debate on the AFSPA. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on various occasions has said his government follows a policy of "zero tolerance" against Human Rights Abuses and custodial deaths. Yet, New Delhi has been unwilling to set the terms for a debate as to tweaking the AFSPA to prevent its abuse. P. Chidambaram, as Union Home Minister, has suggested that the government is for evolving a "huma

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Construction of massive steel plant in India must be halted immediately –UN experts

se. The experts brought their concerns to the attention of the Indian Government, as well as the POSCO corporation and the Republic of Korea (ROK), where POSCO is based, following allegations of Human Rights Abuses and potential negative human rights impacts linked to the project. "We call on the Government of India to live up to its ‘duty to protect' and suspend the POSCO project while the alleged human rights concerns are being

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Landmark UN labour treaty extends rights for domestic workers worldwide

soon see more and more countries committing to protect the rights of domestic workers." Domestic workers often face deplorable working conditions and are subject to labour exploitation and Human Rights Abuses. Lack of legal protection increases their vulnerability and makes it difficult for them to seek remedies. As a result, they are often paid less than workers in comparable occupations and work longer hours. The treaty gives employe

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Development and Adivasi rights - Ramesh Gopalakrishnan

rated that in several contexts where mining projects have been proposed or implemented on Adivasi lands, their voices are rarely heeded. The absence of a consent requirement has contributed to severe Human Rights Abuses, as well as negative social, economic, cultural and ecological consequences for Adivasi communities. FPIC is now an internationally accepted standard, which has been affirmed by a number of international human rights treaty bodies

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Land-grabbing firms beware: cost of ignoring people's rights is rising-Jonathan Glennie

ughout Latin America and elsewhere in danger of losing their land to mining, and, throughout the past decade, Oxfam Australia had a mining ombudsman travelling the globe auditing mining companies for Human Rights Abuses and trying to develop solutions. For some reason, that brilliant initiative has now ended; it is something the present-day land-grab campaigners should consider reinventing. There is nothing new about land grabs, although the age-ol

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'Human Rights Abuse, false cases filed against anti-posco protesters-Mohammad Ali

-The Hindu Withdraw cases against villagers, Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti: Civil society groups Several civil society groups have alleged abuse of human rights and registration of false cases by State government agencies in order to curb resistance against the land acquisition for the proposed Posco steel plant in Odisha. Highlighting instances of “biased and arbitrary” police action in the eight villages of Jagatsinghpur district affected by the plant, illustrated in th

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The Coming Famine In India-Binayak Sen

ill. The needs of the Army were deliberately privileged over the lives of three million of the Bengal peasantry. The point I am trying to make here is that famines, and, by extension, the other major Human Rights Abuses that go on and on happening in our country and around the world, do not just happen on their own account. They are perpetrated as the result of policies that privilege the rich and powerful, and, by implication, harm the poor and disen

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