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Navi Mumbai to have Maharashtra's first detention centre for Illegal Immigrants: Report

to all state governments to set up detention centres in all major cities. The Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra government has identified land to build the state’s first detention centre for Illegal Immigrants, Mumbai Mirror reported on Saturday. The home department last week reportedly wrote to the City and Industrial Development Corporation, which is the planning authority for Navi Mumbai, and sought a three-acre plot in Nerul for the de

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The very idea of the NRC is wrong -Prabhat Patnaik

ht leader of UKIP, he can be safely placed within the right-wing of the Conservative Party. Yet on becoming prime minister, one of his first pronouncements was that there should be an amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants into Britain who have lived there for 10 years or more. Contrast this to our situation. A National Register of Citizens is being prepared for Assam, where any person who has entered the state after 1971, or who cannot provide requisi

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National Population Register to include Aadhaar details -Rahul Tripathi

ugust 31. With several cases reported from many parts of the country of foreign nationals staying back illegally, the government is actively considering implementing a nationwide NRC and deporting Illegal Immigrants. The home ministry recently issued a manual on model detention centres. Please click here to read more.

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'Hindus have been disproportionately targeted': Why the Assam government is not happy with the NRC -Arunabh Saikia

r, released the data in the assembly to make a case for another round of scrutiny of those already included in the draft NRC. The Bharatiya Janata Party -led government’s stated concern: “Illegal Immigrants” had made it to the list while “indigenous” residents of Assam had been left out. Low rejection rates in border districts While putting out the district-wise exclusion numbers in the assembly, Assam’s parl

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Asked if NRC will be extended, Centre refrains from direct answer, presents Assam details -Krishn Kaushik

oj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan had asked the Home Ministry about states where people are “being enlisted in” NRC, whether it will be extended across the country”, and steps taken to stop Illegal Immigrants from coming to India. In response, Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said the NRC is being updated at present in Assam “as per provisions of Citizenship Act, 1955, and the provisions contained in the Schedule fra

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Centre's stand and BJP word differ on countrywide NRC -Vijaita Singh

g to a petition calling for implementing the NRC in Tripura, the Centre had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court in January that it was not required as adequate laws existed to identify and deport Illegal Immigrants, The Hindu has learnt. On October 8 last year, a petition was filed by the Tripura People’s Front and others in the Supreme Court to update the NRC in Tripura as is being done in Assam, to detect and deport “ More »

Why citizenship amendment bill has created a row -Shaswati Das

he entire country, with the centre willing to help to implement it. * Is it at cross-purposes with the National Register of Citizens (NRC)? NRC was updated under the Citizenship Act to wean out Illegal Immigrants from Bangladesh and other countries. The legacy data—the collective list of the NRC data of 1951 and the electoral rolls till 24 March 1971—is being analysed to update NRC. The amendment paves the way for non-Muslim minoriti

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What the NRC reveals about the challenges of being Bengali in Assam -Paramita Ghosh

-Hindustan Times The NRC exercise is about identifying Illegal Immigrants within Assam. So why are the Bengalis saying they are being targeted? In the subcontinent, people have lugged suitcases. Said goodbye to old neighbours and acquired new ones. They have changed cities, hammered nameplates on different doors, sometimes in one generation or in each of them. Moving in has never meant that you won’t move out. You may even get an answ

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What a petition on citizenship law could mean to Assam NRC update -Faizan Mustafa

right to vote for 10 years from the date of their detection as foreigners, but will have all other rights available to citizens. All others who entered Assam after March 25, 1971 would be considered Illegal Immigrants and deported after due process under the Illegal Migrant Determination Tribunal (IMDT) Act. This Act was later scrapped by the Supreme Court. Please click here to read more.

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