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Campaign to move focus away from nationalism to 'real issues'

;Desh Mera, Vote Mera, Mudda Mera” campaign will aim to move the focus away from nationalism to “real issues” such as farm distress, unemployment, education, hate crimes and growing Inequality, said leaders of the coalition. They blamed Opposition parties for being passive and unable to reverse the “hijacking of the election agenda”. ‘BJP playing politics’ “The BJP is playing politics with martyrs

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The problem is jobs, not wages -Praveen Chakravarty

acknowledge this issue, let alone address it. India’s jobs crisis is an economic issue, not a political one. India is not unique in experiencing rising joblessness and, consequently, income Inequality. Many developed and developing nations are grappling with this problem, too. Such a crisis requires acknowledgement of the issue first, then a vibrant public debate on solutions to tackle the crisis, and finally, a coordinated implementation of

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A strange paradox for Indian women -Sonalde Desai

ic transformation brings with it a stark realisation that it has not paid particular care and attention to women? The most promising sign of the improving conditions of Indian women lies in declining Inequality in education. In all villages and towns, mornings and afternoons are brightened by the smiling faces of girls and young women, dressed in their uniforms, walking to school. Almost all girls go to primary school and, according to the India Human

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Urban Poor Have Set Agenda for 2019 Elections -Tikender Singh Panwar

projected as a panacea of the development challenges that we face as a nation. Cities are evolving at a rapid pace, especially Tier 2, 3 and Tier 4 cities. However, there has been less action at the Inequality perpetuated, unjustness in design and unsustainable growth of the urban in India. Cities and their fast-changing characteristics, while beneficial for a minority privileged groups, are becoming increasingly detrimental to the majority marginali

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Upper caste Hindus richest in India, own 41% of total assets; STs own 3.7%, says study on wealth distribution -Anjali Marar

the Union government has announced 10 per cent reservation for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) in both education and jobs beyond caste lines, was stated in a study titled, Wealth Ownership and Inequality in India: A socio-religious analysis. It was conducted from 2015 to 2017, and the study’s findings were revealed recently. “Caste still continues to determine the level of education, nature of profession and resultant income and

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Two sides of the coin: Tax incentives and revenue forgone -Suraj Jaiswal and Neeti Biyani

e domestic resources to finance the delivery of essential services and social protection at the scale and quality necessary to ensure that their citizens are able to fulfil unrealized rights, address Inequality and meet sustainable development goals for all. Widespread use of tax incentives is also linked to problems of corruption and poor governance. Tax incentives essentially constitute a set of fiscal policy tools that governments use to achieve

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Thomas Piketty explains why he is helping Rahul Gandhi with minimum income guarantee -DK Singh

etty said. “My view is that a minimum income scheme would be highly welcome.” Piketty is the author of the much-acclaimed book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which dealt with how Inequality grew since the industrial revolution and wealth got concentrated in a few rich families. The Economist called the French economist “the modern Marx”. Congress president Rahul Gandhi had earlier declared that if voted to power, hi

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Missing the gender-infrastructure link -Simrit Kaur, Sanchita Joshi & Vaibhav Puri

t; 49) based on their performance on 13 indices, each representative of an SDG. The country’s performance has been exemplary with respect to “life on land” (Goal 15), “reduced Inequality” (Goal 10) and “peace, justice and strong institutions” (Goal 16) with scores of 90, 71 and 71 respectively. However, the performance has been abysmal on goals pertaining to industry, innovation and infrastructure (Goal 9, hen

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Inequality is the moral challenge of our times, Stop evading it -Amitabh Behar

d, and on the other hand the luxury of independent swimming pools in each flat on every floor of a multi-storied building being advertised in Mumbai during the same summer. Oxfam released its 2019 Inequality report titled ‘Public Good or Private Wealth’ on the eve of the World Economic Forum at Davos. The report has been setting the newsroom agenda across the globe for the last one week. The fulcrum of the Oxfam report is the trend o

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Can We Build a Home for the Homeless? - Tikender Singh Panwar

es of liberty, equality and fraternity in the Indian Constitution. Much has been stated about all these three important elements, but the recent Oxfam report has shed a light on the glaring wealth Inequality prevalent in the country. According to the report, just nine billionaires own as much wealth as 50 per cent of the lower half of the population in the country. The top 10 per cent hold 77.4 per cent of the total national wealth. The 119 billion

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