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Food for reform -Ramesh Chand & Jaspal Singh

-The Indian Express Price fluctuation and low and unremunerative prices for farm produce can be addressed through competitive markets, and much-needed reforms. EXTREME volatility in the prices of some food commodities has, in recent years, been hurting producers as well as consumers, while also disrupting certain economic activities. The reason for this appears to be the waning influence of non-price factors (technology, irrigation, extension) in driving growth, and the role of prices ha

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Avoid the adventurous path -M Govinda Rao and C Rangarajan

tures. The implication is revenue deficit will be nil. We are far from this. History of fiscal laxity Indian economic history is replete with instances of adverse effects of fiscal expansion on Inflation as well as the balance of payments. The huge fiscal expansion in the late 1980s, with the fiscal deficit at more than 10% of GDP leading to the macroeconomic and balance of payments crisis requiring the adoption of structural adjustment programm

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Jan Dhan accounts keep villagers sober, slow rural Inflation: Study -Surojit Gupta

(PMJDY) may be saving more and cutting back on their consumption of alcohol and tobacco, a study by the economic research wing of the State Bank of India (SBI) suggests. This may have also slowed Inflation in rural areas. When the PMJDY programme was launched there were fears that higher circulation of money would stoke Inflation. The study using retail Inflation More »

Yogendra Yadav, national president of the Swaraj India party, interviewed by Manas Roshan (

no use. So these are twin demands, not two different demands. * You’ve called the Modi administration the most anti-farmer government in India’s history. But wasn’t retail price Inflation – which was cited as the reason for not raising Minimum Support Prices of food crops – the stick used to beat the previous UPA regime as well? What is an economic solution for balancing farmers’ incomes with the need for afford

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RBI surveys show general economy in 'pessimistic zone', jobs big worry -George Mathew

wo rounds. Mumbai: A SERIES of surveys undertaken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have indicated that more people see consumer confidence declining, business sentiment in manufacturing dipping, Inflation on the rise and growth sliding. The findings are in sync with the RBI’s position in its monetary policy review on October 4, which slashed growth forecast from 7.3 per cent to 6.7 per cent for fiscal 2017-18. The current perceptions of

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Shaktikanta Das, former economic affairs secretary, interviewed by Sidhartha & Surojit Gupta

is your assessment on the state of the economy? The macroeconomic parameters, except the growth figures which are down in the last quarter at 5.7%, all the other numbers are within the range. Yes Inflation has gone up from 2% to 3.6% and now RBI says it could go to 4.2% or perhaps 4.6% in the last quarter. Your Inflation target is 4% plus minus 2%, 4.6% is very much within the range. The economy is stro

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Yashwant Sinha, former finance minister, interviewed by Shaji Vikraman (The Indian Express)

d under the chairmanship of Venugopal Reddy — which said that there should be a dynamic interest rate, keeping in mind a real rate of 2 per cent above the rate of interest. Look at the level of Inflation over a period of time — the time period could be three months or six months — and adjust your interest rates accordingly. * What, in your view, are the tangible reforms that this government has carried out in the last 40 months?

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Making the most of the new industrial policy -Janak Nabar

illion) is about the same or more than that of Indian industry, while Microsoft spends (around $12 billion) about the same as the Indian government. Regarding the second point, the consequence of the Inflation-targeting framework and its impact on Indian industry via the exchange rate (resulting in cheaper imports from China) would need to be studied in greater detail. Industrial R&D—India an outlier If India has to realize its ambitio

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Forget fast growth, India is barely holding on. Just look at the data -Chaitanya Kalbag

al Production rose just 1.2% in July compared with a 5.2% rise in July 2016. IIP for the manufacturing sector inched up only 0.1% in July, compared with a rise of 6.3% in July 2016. Consumer price Inflation rose by 3.36% in August, up sharply from 2.36% in July and a cheering low of 1.54% in June, driven mainly by higher food and fuel prices. Since ‘dynamic’ daily pricing for petrol and diesel was introduced in June, prices have shot up

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What can be done to revive India's sluggish economic growth? Here's what five economists prescribe -Mayank Jain

s budgeted expenditure, he argued, it needs to spend more to spur investment and demand in the economy to push up the growth numbers. “The argument against fiscal spending is that it will be Inflationary, ratings downgrade will happen, interest rates will go up, or debts could become unsustainable,” Ranade said, “but right now, the situation is very dire.” Please click here to read more.

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