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A self-inflicted economic slowdown -Puja Mehra

ended. The fiscal and current account deficits had been compressed, and GDP growth was slowly picking up momentum year after year, a recovery that continued till 2016-17, the year of demonetisation. Inflation remained out of control, also, in part, due to the sharp uptrend in global crude prices. In May 2014, after Mr. Modi’s Cabinet was sworn in, it was made clear to the new government that purposeful steps would strengthen this recovery. With

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How rural Inflation is playing out -Keerthi Sanagasetti

-The Hindu Business Line Low food Inflation and high services Inflation in rural India is doing more bad than good for the rural population CPI Inflation in August came in at benign 3.21 per cent, although it recorded a marginal uptick from July. A deeper look at the numbers brings out the widening disparity between the urban and rural More »

Government to peg MGNREGA wages to Inflation in bid to hike incomes -Priscilla Jebaraj

rural economy, the Centre plans to inject more money into the UPA’s flagship Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme by linking wages under the Act to an updated Inflation index, which will be revised annually. It hopes this will increase wages, thus increasing purchasing power and reviving rural demand. However, some economists question whether linking wage rates to a better More »

Prabhat Patnaik, an economist and former economics professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, interviewed by Kaushal Shroff (The Caravan)

an increase in government borrowing from the financial markets. The government borrowing often raises the cost of borrowing, which has a prohibitive effect on these players.] It does not give rise to Inflation because you have unutilised capacity. Those kinds of arguments are invalid. KS: The BJP government has set up really ambitious goals for itself in this budget. It wants to become a $5 trillion economy by- PP: (Laughs) That is just hype

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IIP growth rebounds, retail Inflation surges

-The Hindu Electricity sector growth, however, slows to 4.75% in July from 8.19% in June; food Inflation at a 14-month high Industrial activity rebounded in July to 4.3% on a broad-based recovery across key sectors such as mining, manufacturing and construction, official data released on Thursday showed. In a separate release, data showed retail Inflation rose in August to hit a 10-month high of

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Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India, interviewed by Richa Mishra (The Hindu Business Line)

The enduring legacies of the first term of the BJP government are demonetisation and GST, which have left the economy reeling even in the second term. The other major focus of the Modi government was Inflation control. This has come at the cost of our farm sector. Agricultural incomes have fallen to a 14-year low, agri exports have contracted and imports have risen sharply. This also contributed to stagnant wages and the eventual fall in consumption,

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A wider deficit is unavoidable to strengthen demand -Ajit Ranade

The libertarians among them oppose deficits also because they don’t trust the government. Conventional theory says that uncontrolled deficit-spending will lead to high debt and interest rates, Inflation and ultimately a crisis that will call for debt repudiation. That will lead to a loss of investor confidence and growth. This is the doomsday scenario. But India’s experience of the past three decades has been that despite a relatively hig

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Solution to economy's woes: Boost incomes of those who will spend it best -Harish Damodaran

s where farm GVA growth has actually been lower in nominal than in real terms. Those quarters (April-June 2017, July-September 2018 and October-December 2018) had, in other words, registered negative Inflation or deflation. The last quarter’s data suggests that farm prices are showing signs of recovery. Many commodities — from maize, bajra (pearl-millet), jowar (sorghum) and cotton, to onion and milk — are fetching good or better

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Cyclical or Structural -- What is the nature of India's economic slowdown? -Nikita Vashisht

nalysts believe that a slowdown in the GDP growth for the fourth consecutive year, from 8.2% in FY17 to around 6.5%  in FY20 (E), makes it a case of structural slowdown. India’s real or Inflation-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) grew at 5% in the June 2019 quarter of financial year 2019-20 (Q1FY20), the slowest growth in six years (25 quarters). In nominal terms, the growth stood at 7.99%, the lowest since December 2002. With th

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