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The India that does not shine is bigger than the India that does -Anup Sinha

sults are reflections of very short-term fluctuations that might have been caused by transient factors. These data typically pertain to macroeconomic statistics like growth of gross domestic product, Inflation rates, foreign exchange rates, financial capital flows, current account balance and government’s tax-expenditure figures. The stock market movements are taken to be a reflection of the real condition of the Indian economy. While these kind

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Costlier food, fuel push Sep wholesale Inflation to 2-month high of 5.13%

-PTI Inflation in 'fuel and power' basket in September was 16.65 per cent Inflation based on wholesale prices rose to a two-month high of 5.13 per cent in September, mainly due to hardening of food prices and rise in cost of petrol and diesel. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based Inflation stood at 4.53 per cent in August and 3.14 per cent in Septembe

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The spirit of mahua -Diya Kohli

Maoist insurgencies. The price range can be quite wide; dried mahua, which would sell at ?15-20 a kilo in the flowering season, was selling at ?45-50 a kilo five months later. As a result of this Inflation there is increasing demand for the poor-quality raisins which are used as a substitute for the flower. Large bags of this raisin mix are bought along with smaller portions of mahua, as the two blended together will create some approximation of t

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Factory growth slows to 10-month low

-The Hindu Slowdown in consumer durables hits August manufacturing ; retail Inflation rises to 3.77% in Sept. New Delhi: Industrial production slowed to a 10-month low of 4.3% in August, due in large part to a drastic deceleration in the manufacturing, mining, and consumer durables sectors, according to official data released on Friday. The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) slowed in August from its growth rate of 6.61% in July. Within t

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Jharkhand lacks universal pension coverage, allege civil society activitists

“APL BPL Band Karo, Sabko Pension, Ration Do”, the main demands were - implementation of universal pensions, removal of mandatory imposition of Aadhaar, timely payment without delays, an Inflation-indexed increase in the pension amount to at least Rs 2000 per month and reducing the eligibility age. They encouraged all political parties to include these lucid demands in their election manifestos. The day also marks the first death anniv

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For The Farmer's Future -Ajay Vir Jakhar

risis for the government, but aggravated the problem on every farm. As a consequence, farmer suicides continue unabated. UPA II basically lost the support of the people as it was unable to control Inflation, while this regime faces a backlash for artificially deflating the economy. The MSP increase was a knee-jerk reaction to the deflation. The government excelled in politically attractive slogans like “doubling farmer incomes”. But

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Maitreesh Ghatak, Professor of Economics at London School of Economics, interviewed by Tathagata Bhattacharya (National Herald)

th, from which it went on a downward swing in 20162017. Investment rates are down, employment growth is stagnant, exports are down and the rupee is in a free fall. The only positive I can see is that Inflation has not been high, facilitated by drop in international oil prices. However, that too has started creeping up recently. Q. A look at some of the crucial indicators like current account deficit, fiscal deficit, foreign portfolio investment, et

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Why are rural wages crawling when farm GDP growth is galloping -Gaurav Choudhury

over rising cost of living in the countryside. During November 2014 to April this year (the latest for which data is available), the average daily wages for land tillers have outpaced rural retail Inflation rates by just 0.23 percent. In 22 of these 42 months, the 'real' or Inflation-adjusted daily wage growth for ploughing and tilling workers was negative, implying their income grew at a pace slower

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Consumption-driven GDP growth unhealthy for Indian economy -Manas Chakravarty A consumption-driven growth not only fuels Inflation, but also can arguably lead to a slackening of future growth Economic growth of 8.2% for the June quarter may have beaten all estimates, but the big question is: what kind of growth is it? Is the economy firing on all the engines of domestic consumption, investment demand and external demand? Let’s look at the numbers. The anecdotal evidence of a spurt in consumption g

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Pronab Sen, former Chief Statistician of India, interviewed by TCA Sharad Raghavan

data tie in with GDP and sectoral growth. * The rupee is hovering around 70 to a dollar. Is it moving towards a new normal? The value of the rupee in the long run really depends on how your own Inflation rate compares with the Inflation rate of other countries. If it is high, what will happen is that the rupee will sooner or later have to depreciate because your currency is losing value faster than ot

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