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The PM-KISAN challenge -Aparna Roy

-The Hindu The top-down, rushed approach of the government in reaching out to farmers is likely to end in failure This year’s Interim Budget is being regarded as a big spread for farmers. The government announced its decision to transfer Rs.6,000 every year directly to 12 crore farmers holding cultivable land up to 2 hectares through the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme. While this is a progressive step, is it enough t

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144% More Funds For Agriculture, But Not Enough To Quell Farm Unrest - Nilachala Acharya

-IndiaSpend/ CBGA Agriculture has got an unprecedented 144% rise in allocation in the Interim Budget announced by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government--from Rs 57,600 crore in the 2018-19 budget estimates to Rs 1,40,764 crore in the Interim Budget. This took the share of the agriculture ministry in the total union budget to 5.2%, a benchmark succeeding governments will be compelled to match f

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Numbers That Count: An Assessment of the Union Budgets of NDA II -CBGA

-Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) The Interim Union Budget 2019-20, the last budget presented by the incumbent government, comes at a time when the economy is beset with myriad problems. Among the various challenges facing the economy, perhaps the most critical are those related to the acute agrarian distress, burgeoning unemployment and slowing down of the economy. While it is true that many of these problems began prior to 2014 (i.e. even before this government came

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RBI raises limit for collateral-free agri loans to Rs.1.6 lakh from Rs.1 lakh

-The Hindu Business Line In the wake of the government announcing direct income support of ?6,000 per year for small and marginal farmers in the Interim Budget on February 1, the Reserve Bank of India, on Thursday, raised the limit for collateral-free agriculture loans to Rs.1.6 lakh from Rs.1 lakh. The central bank said the increased limit will enhance coverage of small and marginal farmers in the formal credit system. The circular to this ef

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Education and Employment Drew Blanks in the Interim Budget -Kiran Bhatty The new vision wants youth to figure out education and skills on their own but still expects them to be the drivers of economic progress. Piyush Goyal, presenting the Interim Budget, called it a road map for peoples’ development – a fitting description for an election year budget. Accordingly, it contained the expected sops to farmers (income support), to the middle class and home owners (increase in income tax and rent

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The budget has exposed the NDA government's nervousness -Yamini Aiyar

ellip;. the general elections of 2014 have proved that you don’t need populism to win elections.” Five years later, as finance minister, Piyush Goyal, broke convention and converted an Interim Budget into a full budget, the turnaround is complete. Mindless populism is all that the NDA will go to the polls with. Fiscal prudence has been compromised in favour of pleasing every conceivable vote bank the NDA can appeal to. As Goyal state

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Will the budget actually benefit farmers? -Jayati Ghosh

erns that have now also become a political talking point. But perhaps no one expected that the government would dare to make massive budgetary commitments for the coming year in a vote-on-account (or Interim Budget), which is constitutionally outside the mandate of an outgoing government. A vote-on-account is only supposed to include spending measures for the immediate future. It remains to be seen whether the brazen declarations in Budget 2019-20

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With an ocean of salt -Rajeev Gowda

-The Indian Express Interim Budget does little to tackle unemployment, poverty. And it is clear that the government’s figures cannot be trusted. Last month, I was part of an all-party delegation of MPs from Karnataka, led by a Union cabinet minister, who met the Union rural development minister. We requested him to release the MGNREGA funds overdue to Karnataka. We pleaded that the poorest of the poor, who turn to MGNREGA as a lifeline,

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An appeasement Budget -Puja Mehra

-The Hindu The Interim Budget makes clear the class hierarchy in the Modi government’s scheme of populism Interim Budget 2019 has sought to make amends for all the wrongs of almost five years of the Narendra Modi government. For example, the debilitating impact of demonetisation on the informal sector that employs nearly 90% of the workforce had long been suspected on the basis of anecdotal ev

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There is so much confusion about the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

al year for which Rs. 20,000 crore has already been allocated. Even if we assume that the PMKSN programme would be implemented within a span of 2 months, the money which has been allocated in the Interim Budget is quite less. If Rs. 2,000/- is allocated to each 12.56 crore small and marginal operational holding household (assuming that one farm household operates 1 holding) as part of 1st instalment, then the total spending (viz. cost) under the P

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