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Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India, interviewed by Richa Mishra (The Hindu Business Line)

roduction, which is a clear indicator of a slowing demand for goods and essential commodities. The overall slowdown has taken a toll on the service sector as well, which has experienced a slowdown in Job Creation since earlier this year. The real estate sector has not been doing well for some time now, in turn affecting allied industries such as bricks, steel and electricals. The core sector has slowed down following a drop in the production of coa

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Curious case of Mudra loan failure and disconnect of BJP's election winning machine -Prabhash K Dutta

employment generated from this amount stood at 1.12 crore. This means every single employment cost the government around Rs 5 lakh under Mudra Yojana. * PM Modi launched Mudra Yojana as a flagship Job Creation programme in 2015 * Recent reports say only 20 per cent Mudra loans led to fresh employment * Mudra Yojana Survey by Labour Ministry puts cost of each job under this scheme at Rs 5 lakh Mudra loan is back in news. Intelligentsia, social

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What happened to poverty during the first term of Modi? -Himanshu

our Force Survey (PLFS) has only confirmed what was known through other measures such as the Labour Bureau reports. The slowdown has certainly raised questions on the claims of economic growth and Job Creation put out by the government. But a more important question is what happened to household consumption and poverty? Surely, the nature of distress driven by declining purchasing power for a majority of households would give rise to poverty. Like

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Green shoots of economic growth -Naveen P Singh & Ranjith PC

ent package (both public and private) is critical. First, the wave of investment should touch segments such as agro-processing, and exports, agri-startups and agri-tourism, where the potential for Job Creation and capacity utilisation is far less. Integrating the existing tourism circuit with a relatively new area of agri-tourism (as a hub-and-spoke model), where glimpses of farm staff and farm operations are displayed to attract tourists, would he

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Why young, not ageing, firms can spur Job Creation -Dhirendra Tripathi

belief, the Economic Survey 2019 says “dwarfs”—over 10-year-old firms with less than 100 employees—which account for a majority of firms in organized manufacturing, hold back Job Creation and productivity * Mint explains why it is so and the way out How do small and young firms fare in terms of Job Creation? The Economic Survey says the contribution of small firms to output

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Modi govt didn't address jobs crisis in the first term. India's progress depends on it now -Sabina Dewan

debate on the nation’s employment crisis. In the last five years, all efforts to generate a debate on how best to address the crisis have ended up in controversy — be it over the scale of Job Creation, the data on unemployment, or about the sources and indicators that accurately reflect the state of the job market (is it unemployment or productivity and wages?). The Modi government’s second term has an opportunity to acknowledge what

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The problem with cherry-picking data -Arun Kumar

farmers’ crisis and economic growth. Clashing with reality The NSSO data (which have not been released officially) undermine the National Democratic Alliance government’s claims on Job Creation. In fact, they showed massive unemployment. Demonetisation and the implementation of the goods and services tax, both of which undermined the unorganised sector which employs 94% of the workforce, have impacted employment. Data from the Centr

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Job Creation down 1.7% in Feb to 15.03 lakh: ESIC payroll data

-PTI According to the data, the gross new subscribers addition remained the highest at 19.81 lakh in July 2018. New Delhi: Job Creation dropped by 1.73 per cent in February to 15.03 lakh compared to 15.30 lakh in the same month last year, according to the latest payroll data of the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). The data showed that during September 2017 to February 2019, nearly 3 crore new subscribers joined the ESIC scheme.

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Rural Bihar prefer healthcare, infrastructure over cash transfer: World Bank -Asit Ranjan Mishra

thors wrote in a blog post published on Brookings website. To place the trade-offs with cash in context, responses to two additional choices were presented to respondents: (1) public health versus Job Creation programmes targeted at the poor; and (2) public health versus roads. Public health was preferred by 73% when traded off against workfare programmes that provide jobs to the poor, and by 79% when traded off against roads. “Some of the po

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