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Draft social security code: Will it help informal workers? -Sharmila Kantha

-Ideas for India Labour law reform is considered as a key requirement for creation of new jobs as well as greater formalisation of existing jobs in India. In March this year, the Ministry of Labour and Employment brought out the draft social security code to amalgamate several Central Labour laws and extend employment security to all workers. In this article

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The return of India's super rich -Rishabh Kumar

income accounts by Lucas Chancel and Thomas Piketty, evidence seems to state that India has high economic disparities. But inequality is to be expected in a developing economy with a largely informal Labour force, turbulent capital markets and unequal access to education. In order to fully understand the direction of wealth and income concentration, we need to assess long-run trends and contextualize them with social structures and economic growth.

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MGNREGA, once world's largest source of rural livelihood, now a tale of decay and digital delay -Rashme Sehgal

m Beti is extremely upset by the new technological initiatives in which their payments have been linked to bank accounts and Aadhar cards. "Many of us are illiterate and we do daily mazdoori (Labour). Hamare haath ghiste rahte hain(We work with our bare hands). So we believe our fingerprints can and do change. Using them to provide proof of our identity is a mistake because if there is the slightest change in our thumb or fingerprint, these do

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Has demonetisation harmed non-farm employment generation in the medium term? -Roshan Kishore

od. These figures are based on the principal status method, which takes into account the economic activity status for the major part of the past year. Given its huge absorption capacity for manual Labour, dynamism in the construction sector is crucial from the perspective of employment generation. Things started deteriorating at the beginning of this decade itself. According to the old GDP series, construction grew at 9.3% in the last decade. After

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Govt is working on simplifying Labour laws: Santosh Gangwar

-PTI NEW DELHI: The government is committed to Labour reforms and simplification in the related laws to safeguard workers' interest, Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar said on Sunday. Listing a slew of steps to protect workers' interest, the minister said provisions have been made in the Employees' Compensation (Amendment) Act, 2017 to increase the penalty for its contravention fro

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Country of a chosen few -TSR Subramanian

Perhaps these were not seen to be applicable to Indian conditions. The fact is that most of our economists learnt their trade in the foreign conditions of developed countries, where the land/capital/Labour inter-relationships are quite different to those in India. Economics was always considered an esoteric, abstruse “science” in India — our politicians had left our economy in the hands of our economists, with, as can now be seen, d

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Trade Unions Reject the Wage Code Bill 2017 The Labour Ministry introduced the Code on Wages Bill 2017 in the Lok Sabha on August 10, with the ostensible aim of ensuring a statutory national minimum wage and other protections to all wage workers in the country. The Code seeks to replace the four existing laws relating to wages – the Payment of Wages Act, 1936; the Minimum Wages Act, 1948; the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965; and the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976. But th

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Too good to be true: How MNREGA 'improvements' are actually costing workers their wages -Ankita Aggarwal

he affected workers cannot be employed under the scheme. However, as work often starts before the Muster Roll reaches the worksite, the workers whose cards have been deleted do not get paid for their Labour. The Survey claims that because of these “improvements”, 48 lakh MNREGA schemes were completed in 2016-17 as against the annual average of 25-30 lakh schemes in the preceding 10 years. The source of these figures is NREGASoft. It is

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Government pays little heed to NREGA workers' demands

Roy, Sudha Bharadwaj and Ananya Bhattacharjee from the New Trade Union Initiative endorsed the NREGA Sangharsh Morcha’s demand of increase in NREGA wages as per the norms set by the 15th Indian Labour Conference and Supreme Court orders in the Raptakos Brett case to Rs 600 a day and the work entitlement to 240 days in a year. Jean Drèze, one of the architects of the employment guarantee cautioned against the threat of workers themselves l

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Rising input prices keeping down net crop incomes in many states, observes new report

; Income, which has been prepared for the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, also shows that for most years since 1981-82, the growth rate in Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers (CPIAL) exceeded that of the growth rate in Gross Value Added (GVA) originating from agriculture. Please check chart-1. Chart-1: Annual Growth in Agricultural GVA and CPIAL (in %)       Source: Chapter 5

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