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Multiple, inter cropping can trap insects before they become pests, says expert -Snehlata Shrivastav

f pesticides. Ignoring this well known fact, agriculture department as well as farmers have resorted to extreme and unscientific use of pesticides, raising costs for farmers, and even leading to farm Labour deaths recently due to pesticide inhalation. Experts claim that monocropping (single crop) like cotton, soyabean, orange etc over huge stretches of land has disturbed the ecological balance, which has resulted in pest attacks on crops. Manoha

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Demonetisation has hit employment hard -Ajit Karnik The recent decline in the Labour force participation rate should be a matter of deep concern for the Indian economy It has been a year since Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised the country with the demonetisation announcement. Numerous commentators had criticized the move at the time for a variety of reasons, the most prominent among these being: (a) demonetisation was the wrong instrument for the intended objective of elimina

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Delhi air pollution: What kind of a challenge is stubble-burning? The crisis decoded -Shilpanjali Deshpande Sarma

ng of paddy stubble and straw given the short window available for them to harvest paddy and prepare the field for sowing the successive wheat crop. Since the advent of mechanised farming and growing Labour shortage in the region, combined harvestors are used to harvest paddy which leave large quantities of stubble and straw as residue on the fields. Given time constraints, problems with storing, in-field use and off- field disposal of the residue, fa

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Modifying MGNREGA can alleviate India's farming crisis -Shreoshee Mukherjee

ign of large injections of public funds for India’s agriculture economy needs to be informed with rigorous evaluations on what is effective for higher farm productivity. A wage subsidy for farm-Labour is one modification that needs an evaluation, to generate evidence to inform how the MGNREGA policy generates employment when there is need, but without stress to farm production Indian agriculture is witnessing a period of complex socio-economi

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Crop-burning could have been avoided this year, but finding money was a problem -Amitabh Sinha

a carbon-rich residue which has commercial value as soil nutrient. It was realised that farmers needed to be provided money not just to build the brick-and-clay structures but also to pay for the Labour needed to cut the waste and take it to the burning facility. The proposal for the financial package was discussed with officials of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh at a video-conference organised by NITI Aayog, in which senior offic

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Stubble burning blamed for Delhi pollution: Why farmers carry out the exercise -Manraj Grewal Sharma

ng to mechanical harvesters, introduced in the early 1980s, could be the genesis of the problem. The machine cuts, threshes and cleans rice from ripe paddy in a matter of hours, saving days of menial Labour. Over the years, more farmers bought these machines and those who didn’t have one could get a harvester on rent for a nominal Rs 1,300, or hereabouts, for an acre. The downside is that harvesters skim from the top and leave 80% of the p

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A Response to NITI Aayog's Rajiv Kumar on Seasonality and Job Losses After Demonetisation -Mahesh Vyas

emonetisation. I believe I was careful in not being alarmist and in not jumping to conclusion. The header did not scream that demonetisation had caused job losses. Most of the article focusses rather Labouriously on statistics and even concepts. I then wonder and conjecture in the article on what could have caused this fall in jobs. I quote:     “Note that the 9.6 million fall in the unemployed count is close to the addition to

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Denial of MGNREGA entitlements continues in blatant violation of Supreme Court orders

get for 2017-18. This exposes the recent claim of the Ministry that there is no paucity of funds for the programme. Contrary to the claim made by the Ministry in the Court that informal capping of Labour budget does not take place, the Ministry had approved only 77 per cent of the total Labour budget of 287 crore person-days demanded by the states for 2017-18. To meet the total demand of the state, the u

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Only innovative solutions that don't burden farmers can end stubble burning -Sucha Singh Gill

thermal plants. The paddy residue can also be used for the production of manure after collecting it at one place. This can be extremely useful in terms of generation of employment for agricultural Labourers, who have been made redundant by combine harvesters. At village level, agricultural workers can be employed by village panchayats to collect paddy straw and paid wages under MNREGA. The collected straw can be dumped at a common place identified

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80% of people against demonetisation: Survey -Ashlin Mathew

aders, such as vegetable vendors, hawkers and rickshaw pullers, depend on the daily cycle of commerce to conduct their business. They couldn’t conduct it anymore and most have become daily-wage Labourers,” stressed Dayal, a political activist. Corroborating the images that went viral of snaking queues in front of ATMs and banks during demonetisation, about 30 per cent of those interviewed stated that they had to stand in queues between

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