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Tears of joy: How onion farming is helping Madhya Pradesh's Korku Adivasis tide over drought -Rohit Jain

e Korku farmland, driving a population of over 40,000 spread across 100-odd villages to desperation. In Khari village, for example, more than half the farmers have been forced to migrate in search of Livelihood. Vishram Kajale, 33, has found work in a pulse-processing unit in Dhule, a town across the state border in Maharashtra. His three brothers have followed him out as well. “I have a well on my farm but it got filled up with mud,” h

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Rs 20,000 in bank accounts to be rural poverty barometer -Subodh Ghildiyal

linked bank accounts. Or, by the percentage of its households which have availed over Rs 20,000 as bank credit. Interestingly, higher the number of households with bank loans for "diversified Livelihood", the better the village would be assessed on the scale of progress. It will also be a positive if greater number of families are in nonfarm jobs with skilled work, or are selling their products in markets. Another key indicator of positiv

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What the Data Tells Us About 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' -Anamitra Roychowdhury

e reaped by those who own land and therefore bypasses the most vulnerable sections in the sector namely, agricultural labourers – who are the first to slip into poverty in the face of vanishing Livelihoods. On the other hand, surest way to provide relief to agricultural labourers (for inclusive growth) in drought years is to generate adequate non-farm employment in the rural sector by pumping in money to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Empl

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Deepak Pental, innovator of the transgenic mustard variety, interviewed by Sayantan Bera (

to improve farmers’ incomes. The prime minister has set a target to double incomes (by 2022). Now rural prosperity brings in a great amount of prosperity to the country. It’s a matter of Livelihoods. What is it that we are giving to our farmers? Are we giving them improved wheat or hybrid rice which yields more, are we giving them disease-free plants? Are we giving them potato which is not affected by late blight (disease)? People have do

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Mission 2022: The Challenges of Doubling Indian Farmer Incomes in Five Years -Vishavjeet Chaudhary and Gursharan Singh

rtant to highlight the current state of Indian agriculture, thus setting the context for our quest to double farmer income. It must be noted that agriculture and allied activities remains the main Livelihood for more than half of the Indian population. The Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) 2011, released in 2015, also indicates that out of 24.39 crore households in the country, 17.91 crore lived in villages and are more or less dependent on ag

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A mango plantation in Jharkhand shows how MGNREGA can really empower rural families -Inayat Sabhikhi

ribe, which has been designated a “Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group”. As a community still largely dependent on hunting and gathering for survival, they are the ideal beneficiaries of Livelihood support through the employment guarantee legislation. The remoteness of the village, rampant illiteracy, the near absence of basic public services, and dependence on an ever-shrinking forest for their Livel

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How MGNREGS Can Help The Rural Poor 'Step Out' Of Poverty And Climate Vulnerability -Koyel Kumar Mandal

EGS), whose main objective is to reduce rural poverty by providing a legal guarantee of 100 days' paid labour a year to every rural household in India and building community assets that support local Livelihoods. The dual focus of MGNREGS on wages and assets, and its emphasis on natural resources management makes it an effective mechanism for co-creating benefits of social protection and climate resilience for vulnerable rural communities. However, is

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Find ways to tax rich farmers with multiple sources of income: Swaminathan -Vishwa Mohan

h tax and said other methods could be explored to tax rich farmers with multiple sources of the income. "I do not agree with tax on agriculture income since agriculture is the major source of Livelihood for over 50% of our population. It is a Livelihood industry with multiple impact on human life. There could be other methods of taxing rich farmers with multiple sources of income", said Swamina

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Geo-tagging of MGNREGA assets reach the one crore landmark -Arindam De /Bijin Jose

ts created range from plantations, rural infrastructure, water harvesting structures, flood control measures such as check dams etc., infrastructure for the community and assets promoting sustainable Livelihood. All the assets created under the program will be geotagged. According to ministry sources assets relating to water works will receive primacy. Please click here to read more.

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