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Clean Ganga project hurts Livelihoods, divides communities -Deeptiman Tiwary

ymptomatic of how the Rs. 20,000-crore project has divided communities, something that is likely to be reflected in voting patterns on Sunday. Ahmed supports the project but not at the cost of his Livelihood. “I have seen much cleaner water and would love to have that back. But how is it being done. By killing the small leather businessmen,’’ he said. “I do not have the capital to set up an industrial effluent processing pla

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Drumsticks beat back poverty in arid zones -Hiren Kumar Bose

o has a 40-member team working for her. “Additionally, we have set up biogas plants that run on greenwood and built cold-storage units in village clusters, thereby helping farmers improve their Livelihood.” In the districts of Nashik, Wardha, Raigadh, Kolhapur, Sangli, Buldhana, Satara and Pune in Maharashtra, ask any farmer who has taken up sewaga (moringa in Marathi) farming which variety he prefers and the answer is most likely to be

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Exposing Union Budget 2017-18: Analysis from the perspectives of SC/ST, Fisherfolks, Handloom Weavers, OBC - Riddles and Knots

the ‘welfare’ of its citizens, one, either out of innocence or honest belief, tend to assume that the key areas of priority for the government will be social sector, health, education and Livelihood. One might also assume that a substantial proportion of the budget shall be allocated to the aforementioned sectors. However, on a close analysis of budget presented by the Finance Minister on 1st February 2017, despite rushing the budget prese

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Rural employment scheme gets highest-ever funding

will eventually allow citizens to report on the state of a project and be made available to village panchayats. ‘An eyewash’ MGNREGA, enacted in 2005, is a UPA initiative to enhance Livelihood security of the rural people by guaranteeing 100 days of wages in a financial year for adults willing to take up unskilled manual work. Around 30 lakh assets are created annually across the country under the rural job scheme, which includes wat

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Union Budget 2017-18: Urgent Need for an Improved Farm Debt Waiver Scheme -Ishan Anand

esenting the Union Budget 2017-18 at a time when the agrarian economy is in deep crisis. The farmers of the country have been suffering from a longstanding neglect of the sector, which is a source of Livelihood for a majority of the workforce. Making matters worse for the agricultural sector, 2014-15 and 2015-16 turned out to be drought years. The production of food grains fell from an all-time high of 265 million tonnes in 2013-14 to about 252 millio

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Case for targeted basic income -Puja Mehra

willing to engage in some work which the community recognises as useful.” Even on finishing education, no one should be compelled to work, and those who choose not to work should receive a bare Livelihood and be left completely free, he wrote. With anti-globalist populism on the rise, several advanced countries are considering whether they should start mailing cheques to the unemployed. Finland’s is the best known trial. Two thousand ra

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Away from the jallikattu row, a drought-hit villager in Tamil Nadu starts selling her cattle -Vinita Govindarajan

rn, and the situation was grim. Following poor summer rains for at least six years now, farmers in this region have been forced to forsake their kuruvai crops, which are grown around June-July. Their Livelihoods are now solely dependent on the samba or winter crop, which in turn relies on the October-December monsoon. But this year, the rains failed them twice. Like many farmers, Paneerselvam was forced to take loans, a large portion of it to finan

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Mihir Shah Committee report recommends a paradigm shift in water management

, not just construction of large scale reservoirs, as the main objective; • lead the national aquifer mapping and groundwater management programme; • insulate the agrarian economy and Livelihood system from pernicious impacts of drought, flood and climate change and move towards sustainable water security; • develop a nation-wide, location-specific programme for rejuvenation of India’s rivers to effectively implement the

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Towards less-cash agriculture: Well before demonetisation, low credit-driven model came up in Dewas -Vivian Fernandes

“We do not agree with a single uniform mode of science,” says the CEO, a young graduate from the Indian Institute of Rural Management, who is four months into the job. “We focus on Livelihoods and incomes and minimising environmental damage. We are not romanticising tradition.” The farming practices which SPS advocates are prompted by experience. Soon after dropping anchor in Neemkheda in Dewas district’s Bagli tehsil

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For a science-based transformation of water policy -Mihir Shah

-Current Science India is facing a major water crisis which threatens the basic right to drinking water of the citizens; it also puts the Livelihoods of millions at risk. The demands of a rapidly industrializing economy and urbanizing society come at a time when the potential for augmenting supply is limited, water tables are falling and water quality issues have increasingly come to the fore. If the current pattern of demand continues, about hal

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