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Smallholder farming systems in the Indian Himalayas: Key trends and innovations for resilience -Prakriti Mukerjee, Reetu Sogani, Nawraj Gurung, Ajay Rastogi & Krystyna Swiderska

cultural productivity. They have responded by innovating to increase resilience and yields, using traditional knowledge, biodiversity and external knowledge. This report explores key trends in Livelihoods, food security, crop diversity and biocultural heritage across ten communities; the biocultural innovations developed in response to climatic and socioeconomic changes; and the social factors that have supported biocultural innovation. Ple

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Government's inaction leading to continuation of starvation deaths in Jharkhand

child who died a week before her.  She did not have a ration card. Jharkhand government has conveniently absolved itself of any responsibility as she may have come from Gaya, Bihar in search of Livelihoods. The Food Minister even said that his department was not responsible for the starvation death of persons who did not have ration cards. Contrary to government’s claims, the immediate causes of the 12 recent starvation deaths include d

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The seeds of sustainability -Sujatha Byravan

erage by 2024. Towards this end, substantial resource mobilisation for about ?16,500 crore is in progress. Tenant farmers and day labourers are also being trained, to ensure that through the ZBNF, Livelihoods for the rural poor will be enhanced. T. Vijay Kumar, a retired civil servant in charge of implementing the programme, views farmer-to-farmer connections as vital to its success. According to him, the role of the Agriculture Department is to ju

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Thoothukudi Isn't Alone - Tamil Nadu Has Been Rising in Protest for Decades -Poonkuzhali

e founded on environmental protection above all else. Having lost trust in lawmakers – both bureaucracy and politicians – the people have found their own ways to securing their rights and Livelihood. They don’t ask for the support of popular leaders or the backing of political parties. They have often been met with physical, legal and mental oppression by the state. A few have succeeded; many others fight on. Thanks to the martyrs of

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These people-managed forests are setting new examples in conservation and economy -Debarati Choudhury

e production and preservation of locally important species. The forest area of Kandhamal (Odisha) under CFR is almost entirely managed by tribal women and they view the rights as a means to a secured Livelihood and food consumption. In north Bengal, traditional intercropping techniques are being used to raise plantations and also increase the biodiversity of the forests. Trade of forest produce In the process of utilising forest resources for More »

Bureaucrats to visit villages to highlight schemes -Prashant K Nand and Elizabeth Roche Govt will send 700 bureaucrats to over 45,000 villages to ensure the masses have access to welfare schemes and showcase Livelihood models to women and farmers New Delhi: At a time when rural distress and protests by farmers are making headlines, the central government will send 700 bureaucrats to more than 45,000 villages to not only ensure that the masses have access to social welfare schemes but also showcase alternative More »

Is loan waiver a panacea for rural distress? -Nilanjan Banik

d even threatened to resign if he cannot fulfill his promise. As has been seen time and time again, “farmers first” provides political mileage. With more than 55% of Indians earning their Livelihood from the agricultural sector, it comes as no surprise that political parties like to place their bets on the farmers’ cause. However, the real benefit to the farmers won’t come from loan waivers. We studied responses to farmer di

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One year and counting: anti-ONGC stir continues at Kadiramangalam -L Renganathan

district, where a sit-in protest entered its 365th day on Saturday, have renewed their resolve to oust the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) from the village to protect the environment and their Livelihood. A section of the villagers has been holding a relay sit-in protest at the Ayyanar temple complex for the past one year, asking the District Collector to visit them and give an assurance to fulfil their demands. A special meet organised o

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Solar-powered cold room boosts farm incomes -Juhi Chaudhary

th his produce on time, due to poor infrastructure. The lack of cold storage facility in the vicinity added to his woes and much of his harvest was spoiled, making it difficult for him to sustain his Livelihood. Alse lives in Lohara village of Parbhani district in the western state, which gets only eight hours of electricity supply in a day. This meant there was no way he could store fruits and vegetables in a cooler. He used to incur losses after

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