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For India's Farmers, Budget 2018 Is Nothing but a Hoax -Kirankumar Vissa

rtment of Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries went up marginally from Rs 2,921 crore (BE) to Rs 3,580 crore. Considering that these sectors contribute 25% to the entire agricultural GDP and provide Livelihood to a large section of small and marginal farmers, there is need for much stronger support systems, but this allocation hardly gives that a boost. What is also completely missing is any step towards providing debt relief for farmers, given th

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CSDS Mood of the Nation Survey, 2018: Crop prices biggest concern for farmers -Sanjay Kumar and others

stion. However, the big difference from the 2013 survey was that as many as 60% of farmer respondents in the current survey said they would not like their children to take up farming as the source of Livelihood — this was only 36% in 2013. The survey contains findings on deprivation that indicate that despite relatively high levels of economic growth in the last two decades, India continues to suffer from hunger, undernutrition and lack of ac

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Union Budget 2018: Govt ensures payment of full MSP even if farmers sell below price

being doubled to Rs 1,400 crore from Rs 715 crore. For the development of the rural economy, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his Budget speech said Rs 14.34 lakh crore will be spent for providing Livelihood to rural India through infrastructure building. Jaitley said, "Loans to self help groups will increase to Rs 75,000 crore by March 2019." Please click here to read more.

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Green Paper on Farmers, Farming & Rural Economy 2018: 4 Years - 4 Budgets: What Has This Central Government Delivered?

t shifted goalpost and covered its failure with propaganda. The only time this government showed political will and determination on the farm sector, it was about snatching away the meagre assets and Livelihood opportunities of the farmers. The following acts of omission and commission of this government since 2014 make this undoubtedly the most anti-farmer central government in the history of independent India: 1. The government reneged on its

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Will the Budget stimulate farmers' income? -Devinder Sharma

to a record high of 4,837 in 2016. The slump in prices had certainly aggravated the farmers' anger. But it is not only low prices that plague agriculture pushing farmers deeper and deeper into a Livelihood crisis, it is a whole plethora of structural changes that farming is crying for. In a country where 52 per cent of the population is directly or indirectly engaged in farming, the path to ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ passes through agr

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Potato portents -Ajay Vir Jakhar

o the farm crises aren’t limited to budget allocations but rooted in a system where interventions to control food inflation are not harmonised with crop-price compensation. As far as the farmer Livelihoods are concerned, state governments and the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare are becoming less relevant, as decisions of the Ministry of Food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs are demolishing the prime minister’s grand

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Will 'climate smart agriculture' serve the public interest - or the drive for growing profits for private corporations? -Peter Newell, Jennifer Clapp & Zoe W Brent

ssociated with the food and agriculture sector, while some have it as high as 50 percent. Industrial model And as drought and extreme weather events associated with climate change increase, the Livelihoods of a huge proportion of the world’s population – over 2.5 billion people – who make their living from the sector are on the line.   Against this background the idea of ‘climate smart agriculture’ increasin

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Warm winter spells doom for farm, tourism sectors in Himalayan states - Saurabh Chauhan, Anupam Trivedi and Malavika Vyawahare

Moisture is a must for cultivation of fruits,” said horticulturist SP Bhardwaj. Apple economics Apple constitutes 90% of the fruit crop in Himachal and Kashmir, and is the main source of Livelihood for people from seven out of 12 districts in Himachal and nine out of 14 districts in Kashmir. Himachal witnessed a record production of 892 metric tonnes of apples in 2010-11, but plummeted to 275 metric tonnes the very next year. Ever sinc

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Can Budget 2018 address slowdown in rural economy? -Tadit Kundu

ndrasekhar, and Karthikeya Naraparaju pointed out. Small and marginal farmers who form the bulk of rural Indian households depend more on wage incomes and animal farming than on cultivation for their Livelihoods, their analysis of National Sample Survey Office data shows. Please click here to read more.

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Ignore Rural Anger at Your Own Peril -V Rajagopal

The years 2018 and 2019 are going to be hectic with elections scheduled for some state assemblies and to  parliament. The issues that confront the citizens are many, ranging from financial to Livelihood, farm operations to health and education to rural development. The performance of the governments, central and state, on overall governance will be put to rigorous test. The recently concluded assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

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