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What the new Coastal Regulation Zone draft says, how it differs from the earlier version -Sowmiya Ashok

s-à-vis the previous one released in 2011 remains more or less the same. The new draft aims to “conserve and protect the unique environment of coastal stretches and marine areas, besides Livelihood security to the fisher communities and other local communities in the coastal areas and to promote sustainable development based on scientific principles taking into account the dangers of natural hazards, sea level rise due to global warming&h

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NREGA v minimum farm wages: How jobs Act is losing out to funds crunch -Shalini Nair

jasthan and Mizoram. Five states including Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh saw a Rs 2 increase in daily wages. Act versus Act The NREGA was enacted in 2005 “for the enhancement of Livelihood security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work….”

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Can goats secure Livelihood for small and marginal farmers?

armers’ incomes may be futile if fodder and grazing lands, both diminishing, are not ensured Since goats were domesticated 10,000 years ago, they have been poor people’s most reliable Livelihood insurance. In India, goats are the most reliable source of earning a living in ecologically degraded areas. The reason: a goat has everything a poor or a person in emergency needs: low investment, high and consistent returns and near liquid mon

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Celebrating Mahua and Livelihoods: How to reap benefits from Indian forests -Swasti Pachauri

-The Indian Express The Mahua economy: This survival tree has economic, cultural and geographical importance and dominates farm economy, as it is an important source of Livelihoods to forest dwellers. A carpet of sweet yellow floral delights fill the grasslands. Village courtyards are packed with small and big cane baskets. An intoxicating aroma swells the air. And a camouflage of rusted brown leaves laced with sporadic Mahua beauties sprawl o

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Confusion over MSP -CP Chandrasekhar

le of production at the declared MSPs eluded many farmers? And third, why have market prices tended to rule below MSPs in certain years and for certain crops, inflicting much damage on farmers’ Livelihoods? Since C2 costs are being calculated for crops notified as eligible for MSP, it must be the case that the government has so far consciously chosen not to set MSPs at 1.5 times those costs or even higher. In fact, while this was true even un

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CIC de-links Aadhaar and pension

nking with Aadhaar is necessary, it should not result in delaying payment of pension or denial of information regarding pension. "The pensioners might mainly depend upon the pension for their Livelihood and delaying it will be inhumane and also amounts to denial of their fundamental right to life," he said. Acharyulu's observation came on a petition filed by an Ahmednagar resident, Nirmala Nishikant Dhumane, who had asked the postal de

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Food for thought: do Attappady community kitchens serve the needy? -KA Shaji

Though initially operated through anganwadis, the kitchens were handed over to the tribal women’s Kudumbasree collectives in 2014 and are supported by Central government’s National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). “Community kitchens across Attappady have been successful in reducing the number of infant mortality cases. Without them, the situation may have been much worse,” said Veeeramma. Though the State government has

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Smoke in the woods -Sharachchandra Lele

18, however, ignores the lessons from this period and returns to the state-managed forestry of the 1950s, but with a neoliberal twist. Policy conundrum India’s diverse forests support the Livelihoods of 250 million people, providing them firewood, fodder, bamboo, beedi leaves and many other products. The timber currently benefits the state treasury. Forests also regulate stream flows and sediment, benefitting downstream communities. Finall

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'Skill India' urgently needs reforms -Santosh Mehrotra & Ashutosh Pratap

tional education/training (VET) system. The two goals in ‘Skill India’ are, first, to meet employers’ needs of skills and, second, to prepare workers (young and old) for a decent Livelihood. The recurring theme in the report is its focus on youth. Each recommendation underlines that the VET is not just for underprivileged communities; it is not a stopgap arrangement for those who cannot make it through formal education. It is for

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Anti-forest, anti-forest dweller -Chitrangada Choudhury

inalised citizens, namely Adivasis and other communities, living in and around forests. The CAF Act is a deeply flawed piece of legislation because it reduces their displacement, hardship and loss of Livelihood and food sources to a monetary value — to be paid to the state. The law, and now its draft rules, spells further capture of Adivasi lands in the name of compensatory afforestation. The Forest Rights Act (FRA) was enacted in 2006 to provid

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