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Tribals want govt to scrap 1979 order denying sterilisation access -Dipankar Ghose

lity rate of 2000 per one lakh, is a life risk in itself. It puts a toll on the body, there is loss of calcium and other factors. In areas where health indicators are low, such as rampant anaemia and Malnutrition, repeated pregnancies are a massive danger. Regulating someone’s own fertility is against basic human and reproductive rights.” Please click here to read more. 

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Delhi And Other Indian Cities Have Child Malnutrition Levels Akin To Sub-Saharan Africa -Rukmini S Bhopal, Patna and Lucknow are in particularly bad shape. Some of India's major cities have worse rates of child Malnutrition than rural India, an analysis of data from the National Family Health Survey shows. The data shows that over a quarter of children under the age of five are stunted (low height for age) in all of India's major state capitals, except in Kochi and Hyderabad. Bhopal has higher rates of child stunting t

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Long Way to Go

preliminary comparisons with NFHS-3. For instance, the percentage of stunted children under five years of age has reduced from 48% in 2005–06 to 38% in 2015–16, indicating a reduction in Malnutrition. Yet, undernutrition remains prevalent compared to global statistics. On the positive side, the percentage of children who are fully immunised has increased from 44% to 62%. Also, the total fertility rate (TFR) is now at replacement level wit

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Nine in every 10 children do not get adequate diet in Jharkhand, Bihar: NFHS data

ree years in these two states (65 per cent in Bihar and 67 per cent in Jharkhand) are not breastfed within the first hour of birth. Need for improving delivery mechanism for services pertaining to Malnutrition Elaborating the retrogressive impact caused by poor nutritional status of children, Mohua Chatterjee, Programme Head, CRY (East) said, “Child Malnutrition is an irreversible phenomenon in

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Nearly 25% of UP's adults are underweight, higher than the national average

height (measured in meters). If someone's BMI fall below 18.5 kg/ meter square, then that person can be categorised as underweight. There are various causes behind a low BMI, which includes disease, Malnutrition, eating disorders, medication, etc. Nutritional status among adults across various states & UTs The latest available data on the nutritional status of adults from the NFHS-4 indicates that a little over one-fifth of the country's ad

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India slips in human development index

ultidimensional poverty, 54% of them concentrated in South Asia. While poverty fell significantly from 1990 to 2015, inequalities sharpened in the region. South Asia also had the highest levels of Malnutrition in the world, at 38%, and the lowest public health expenditure as a percentage of the GDP (1.6%, 2014). India’s public health expenditure was even lower, at 1.4% of the GDP. However, it did make some gains between 1990 and 2015, improvi

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Why India Needs MNREGA: Evidence From Gujarat -Udayan Rathore

easons. Emerging evidence suggests that MNREGA has been instrumental in making a dent in rural poverty and has assisted in promoting women’s agency. It is also associated with reduced infant Malnutrition and has created assets that are valuable for the community. Despite positive evidence from various parts of the country, the programme continues to receive criticism from different quarters of the current central government. At a parliament B

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Regulator sets up scientific panel on food fortification and nutrition -Sounak Mitra FSSAI says it has set up a scientific panel on ‘food fortification and nutrition’ to help fight Malnutrition in the country New Delhi: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on Tuesday said it has set up a scientific panel on “food fortification and nutrition” to help fight Malnutrition in the country. On 2 February, the regulator notified a

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8 months on: Salt, rice mainstay of Nagada villagers

-Orissa Post Kaliapani: Even as eight months have passed since Malnutrition deaths in hilltop Nagada village under Sukinda block in Jajpur district were reported, tribals in this area depend on salt and rice for their survival as benefits of welfare schemes still elude them. The state government was embarrassed after news spread that 22 kids of primitive Juang tribe had died due to alleged Malnutrition More »

Budget bids adieu to welfare state, rue civil rights activists

it “fails to respond to the present situation of distress and unemployment especially aggravated by demonetisation.” “The Budget seems to be perpetuating unemployment, hunger and Malnutrition,” said a release by the Right to Food Campaign (RFC), an umbrella of over 100 civil rights organisations and individuals, citing the example of the mid-day meal budget, which has been increased from Rs. 9,700 crore to Rs. 10,000 crore,

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