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Egg row: Social activists demand to serve it 5 days/week in midday meals

maj have come out in support of inclusion of eggs in the meals for the students. Stressing on the nutrition value eggs contain, the organizations said that it's the most suitable option to combat Malnutrition among children in no time. "If eggs are not included in the state programs even now, then the children of Chhattisgarh will be pushed further into Malnutrition," they added. CM Baghel

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The malaise of Malnutrition -Thomas Abraham

arget A new report, ‘Food and Nutrition Security Analysis, India, 2019’, authored by the Government of India and the United Nations World Food Programme, paints a picture of hunger and Malnutrition amongst children in large pockets of India. This punctures the image of a nation marching towards prosperity. It raises moral and ethical questions about the nature of a state and society that, after 70 years of independence, still condemns h

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Don't blame the litchi -T Jacob John

-The Indian Express Deaths in Muzaffarpur are due to chronic Malnutrition Muzaffarpur in Bihar is famous for litchis and infamous for children dying due to annual seasonal brain disease outbreaks. The common brain diseases in children with high mortality are meningitis, encephalitis and encephalopathy. These three have clear-cut differences and very different treatments. Trained paediatricians know how to distinguish the three. If diagnostic

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Healthcare's primary problem -Soham D Bhaduri

ats in the country. There is also a one-fifth shortage of ASHA personnel, and nearly one-third of the sub-health centres have no health workers at all. While the State reels under the highest load of Malnutrition in India, a study found that around 71% and 38% of funds meant for hot, cooked meals and take home ration, respectively, under the supplementary nutrition programme, were pilfered. Meals were served for just more than half the number of presc

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Medical investigators say Muzaffarpur deaths probably due to Malnutrition and delayed care

-The Telegraph The team of doctors investigating the deaths found no trace of litchi in at least 40 per cent of children who died A team of doctors investigating the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) deaths in Muzaffarpur has claimed that the attribution to litchi is likely to be wrong and that it found no trace of litchi in at least 40 per cent of children who succumbed to AES-like symptoms in the city and nearby areas. It said that chronic malnourishment and a “deadly delay&rd

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31.4% of Indian children will be stunted by 2022: report

-The Hindu Country needs to double its efforts to control Malnutrition Almost one in three Indian children under five years will still be stunted by 2022 going by current trends, according to an analysis of the country’s food and nutrition security released on Tuesday. Over the last decade, child stunting — which is a measure of chronic Malnutrition — has reduced at a rate of about

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Dr. Arun Shah, a Muzaffarpur-based paediatrician, interviewed by Banjot Kaur (Down to Earth)

per has been grossly misinterpreted. Its main finding was that this fruit contains a toxin called methylenecyclopropylglycine (MCPG). But the authors never blamed litchi for AES. The causal factor is Malnutrition and not litchi. The luscious fruit is only a triggering factor for malnourished children as the toxin MCPG can lead to hypoglycaemia (fall in sugar levels). So, if a healthy child eats litchi, s/he will not suffer from AES. The governments

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Muzzaffarpur: Anganwadi and Asha workers, who should have conducted awareness drive and monitored food intake of children, were on poll duty - Aanchal Bansal

While litchi is mostly being blamed for the outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district that has claimed lives of more than 100 children, experts maintain that Malnutrition and the recently-held Lok Sabha elections are actual culprits. According to Muzaffarpur-based Dr Arun Shah of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), the Nitish Kumar government failed to implement the guidelines drafted in 2015 to prevent

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Stopping Muzaffarpur Child Deaths Will Require a Gender-Sensitive Social Analysis -Purnima Menon Due to its social determinants of Malnutrition, Muzaffarpur offers a case study of a “perfect storm” of risk factors. Muzaffarpur is emblematic of a hot spot for undernutrition in India. With one in two children stunted, Muzaffarpur lags India’s average by ten percentage points. One in two women is anaemic and one in three is underweight. Although most infants are breastfed and exclusive breastfeeding is high, oth

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Fix healthcare now, or future shock is certain -Patralekha Chatterjee

eated at various hospitals. There are several theories about what caused such a large number of deaths this year. A combination of various factors — litchi toxins, extreme heat and humidity and Malnutrition are seen to be responsible. It comes as no surprise that in the early days, the blame for the AES outbreak was sought to be pinned on the litchi or rather a toxin in the fruit. This toxin reduces blood sugar. But we now know that overempha

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