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Centre, Assam move SC for sample re-verification of NRC -Krishnadas Rajagopal

10% sample re-verification in the remaining districts. The Assam government, represented by advocate Shuvodeep Roy, said the 20% sample re-verification should target border districts where illegal Migration from Bangladesh was higher and where population growth had been reported higher than the State’s average, as per census reports. Both the Centre and the State said the re-verification exercise should be conducted by Class 1 officers of

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NRC: A major storm is brewing -Sanjoy Hazarika

ld be clean, clear and correct. Knowing the complexities of Assam, a simple land with deep divisions, this was perhaps a naive hope. The ‘foreigners issue’, as the question of informal Migration (largely from Bangladesh) is defined in popular terms in Assam, is a challenge that goes back to the time of Independence. However, critical perceptions about in-Migration and demographic change prece

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Tamil Nadu's population set to decline during 2031-41

-The New Indian Express Tamil Nadu’s population is set to see a decline during 2031-41, unless offset by inward Migration, with its population peaking at 2031, according to the latest economic survey. CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu’s population is set to see a decline during 2031-41, unless offset by inward Migration, with its population peaking at 2031, according to the latest economic survey. The

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Economic Survey's Call for MGNREGA to Become 'Rural Distress Indicator' a Nod to Jobs Crisis?

ment under MGNREGA rose to an all-time high. An Indian Express report in 2017, quoting from the records of the Ministry of Rural Development, said the demand peaked by over 60%. “The reverse Migration triggered by mounting job losses for informal workers employed in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has translated into an increased demand for work provided in rural India under the employment guarantee scheme. According to officia

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Reviving traditional harvesting systems can unlock 6,000 crore litres of water -Mohit M Rao

o village governance. The rules have been finalised for the committee and they will be entrusted with maintaining these waterbodies and tanks,” Mr. Atheeq said. The village backbone Urban Migration, a loss of cultural roots, and over-emphasis on borewells as the panacea to drinking water problems has seen kalyanis and traditional water harvesting structures being sidelined to the point of disappearance, according to Suresh Moona, a histori

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Assam's communal exercise -Colin Gonsalves

enial of government health and education services. On the other hand, the indigenous and tribal people of Assam are fed-up with what they consider to be their growing marginalisation: Unchecked in-Migration has continued despite the Assam Accord of 1985, an enactment intended to curb in-Migration. They are furious at the central government-proposed CAB, which will regularise millions of migrants. Fortuna

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No sick leave, job rotation: India's gig workers are overworked, underpaid -Prachi Salve & Shreehari Paliath

longer hire directly and on permanent positions, but prefer to go via contracts, which enables them to hire and fire more easily, and cut back on perks and benefits. India faces rural distress-led Migration and a four-decade-high unemployment rate of 6.1%, the Periodic Labour Force Survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) between July 2017-June 2018, released May 31, 2019, said. The government had withheld this report, but it ha

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Technical glitches add to NREGA workers' despair -P Sujatha Varma

dhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). “Factors that stand between the workers and their wages range from failure of the biometric authentication, problems of Aadhar seeding, Migration of workers and inability and reluctance of the Branch Post Masters (BPMs) to shift between two systems of payment as it requires expertise and effort,” says Chakradhar Buddha, a governing body member of Delhi-based NREGA Sangharsh Morcha a

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Migrant Labour in Maharashtra's Sugar Industry -Kumar Shiralkar, Mukta Kulkarni, Vivek Ghotale and Sominath Gholwe

-Economic and Political Weekly This article summarises the scenario of Migration of sugar cane harvesting workers from Beed, a drought-prone district from Marathwada region, Maharashtra. Seasonal and distressed Migration of the sugar cane harvesting workers, which happens to be the most vulnerable section of the sugar industry in Maharashtra, remains a largely overlooked arena in scholarly discussions

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On the political fringes -Manish K Jha & Ajeet Kumar Pankaj

n people moving across the country as migrant workers find it difficult to cast their votes because their voting rights are mostly at the place from where they migrate. The scale of lost votes due to Migration is large. It may not be an exaggeration to say that there seems to be a general agreement to let the votes of domestic migrants go missing in the electoral process. Migrants remain a political issue despite their poverty, vulnerability and insec

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