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Migrant Labour in Maharashtra's Sugar Industry -Kumar Shiralkar, Mukta Kulkarni, Vivek Ghotale and Sominath Gholwe

-Economic and Political Weekly This article summarises the scenario of Migration of sugar cane harvesting workers from Beed, a drought-prone district from Marathwada region, Maharashtra. Seasonal and distressed Migration of the sugar cane harvesting workers, which happens to be the most vulnerable section of the sugar industry in Maharashtra, remains a largely overlooked arena in scholarly discussions

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On the political fringes -Manish K Jha & Ajeet Kumar Pankaj

n people moving across the country as migrant workers find it difficult to cast their votes because their voting rights are mostly at the place from where they migrate. The scale of lost votes due to Migration is large. It may not be an exaggeration to say that there seems to be a general agreement to let the votes of domestic migrants go missing in the electoral process. Migrants remain a political issue despite their poverty, vulnerability and insec

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Danger of forced Migration looms large over drought-hit Marathwada region

-The New Indian Express LATUR (Maharashtra): The danger of forced Migration looms large over Marathwada as the drought has worsened and the water crisis has deepened. Consecutive droughts and the use of tankers for water supply has earned the region the moniker ‘Tankerwada’. But the crisis this year is the worst, elders in the region say. The state government declared drought in 17,985 villages on October 30 last year. After an ass

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Jitheesh PM & Jipson John (

grarian crisis. More than three lakh farmers have committed suicide in the past two decades. According to socio-economic surveys, the income of farmers is declining. There are other issues like rural Migration, displacement, etc. What is the cause of the Indian agrarian crisis? The agrarian crisis we’re witnessing has been dealt with in detail in the Farmers’ Commission report, of which I was the chairman. There are five reports. Those

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In Uttarakhand, Young Women Lead an Exodus from Mountain Villages -Kumar M Tiku As modern jobs evade the state, rural millennials continue a pattern of out-Migration that leaves hundreds of villages abandoned, or populated only by the elderly. For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a third ‘M’, beyond Muslims and minorities, exists that can no longer wait to receive his attention. This is the epic-scale Migration out of India’s mountain states, and I do

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Number crunching helps farmers manage water -Manu Moudgil

r and mounting farm debt. At 42 years, Bhagwat Ghagare seems young. But he is old enough to have seen his village prosper and decline many times. Farming had traditionally been small and distress Migration rampant at Kumbharwadi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Between 1998 and 2002, a non-profit organisation, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), initiated a work related to rainwater harvesting and soil conservation. Villagers dug trenche

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A model problem

-The Indian Express Fall in eMigration, and reverse Migration from the Gulf, challenge Kerala’s welfare model. The state must find a way Migration trends indicate that the Gulf, which had long funded the Kerala development story, may soon turn out to be a headache if not a nightmare. Economic slowdown in the Gulf countries, state policies favouring

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No shortcuts to income guarantee -Harsh Mander

tor and poverty-selections give far too much discretion to the field bureaucracy, leading to enormous rent-seeking, excluding those most socially vulnerable by age, gender, caste, religious identity, Migration, disability and geography. Initial reports suggest — alarmingly — that the funds required for such transfers will be re-appropriated from those spent on food subsidies and other programmes. If minimum income transfers are envisage

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