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Social activists and political leaders demand for transparency in voting process

tem. Mr Gauhar Raza (Scientist) also made an impassioned argument for the ballot system, “The constitution gave us the right to vote and it gave that right to every single citizen. That is commeNDAble because other countries had to fight to achieve it, our country adopted the universal suffrage right at the start. The tampering of EVM machines is an attack on our right to choose and our right to vote. The EC has stated 6 technical ways which pre

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Data Set for Modi's '7 Million Jobs' Claim Badly Maintained, '30-40% Unclean' -Somesh Jha Business StaNDArd The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation data analysed by researchers showed that in some cases, members have received contributions even before their joining date. New Delhi: A presentation made by State Bank of India chief economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh and Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore professor Pulak Ghosh to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in January captured how subscriber data is s

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Lessons from Thailand: For universal health coverage, invest in public systems and human resources -T SuNDAraraman

al hardship”. Not only does Thailand have better health outcomes, it also offers almost complete financial protection to its citizens, and is responsive to the entire range of healthcare needs &NDAsh; from common cold to organ transplantation. There are few expressly stated exclusions such as cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, Thailand’s public health expenditure is only about 3% of its Gross Domestic Product. Brazil and Cuba have also achieve

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Job Creation in Organised Sector Dipped by 65% in April-June 2017 -Somesh Jha

ployment. Job creation during April-June was even lower than the 77,000 reported in the same three months a year ago. The Labour Bureau conducts an establishment-based job survey in eight sectors &NDAsh; manufacturing, construction, trade, transport, education, health, accommodation and restaurants and information technology. These constitute 81% of the total number of factories in the country employing at least ten workers. Finance minister Aru

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Rajasthan withdraws Bill to gag media and shield judges, government servants -Mohammad Hamza Khan

ill to the Select Committee, we let the ordinance lapse and today it is not law, what should we withdraw? But we are still withdrawing it.” Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje MoNDAy announced the withdrawal of a controversial Bill that sought to gag the media and shield judges and government servants from being investigated. The Bill was earlier referred to a Select Committee in the Assembly after protests by the Opposition, jou

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Job Growth Plummets, Says New Govt. Report -Subodh Varma

crease of 99,000 jobs and health where 31,000 jobs were added. Employment data put out by the govt. comes with a very big time lag and hence loses its significance. However, the latest QES report &NDAsh; the 6th in the series of revamped surveys started in 2016 &NDAsh; confirms the extreme volatility and low rate of growth indicated by other estimates. It also rebuffs the govt.’s dodgy claims of a

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Note ban effect? Contract, casual workers worst hit in Q1FY18, says study

-PTI The self-employed experienced a positive change of 3,000 and employees experienced a positive change of 61,000 New Delhi: Contractual workers and casual labourers are among the worst hit during the April-June quarter of the current financial year with manufacturing reporting 87,000 job loss, said Labour Ministry survey. However, the overall employment in the eight selected sectors as per the quarterly survey of Labour Bureau, a wing of the labour ministry, increased by 64,000 during

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Pesticides aid rural suicides in Warangal? -V Nilesh

were due to consumption of herbicides and fungicides. The study titled “Trends and determinants of suicide in Warangal District, Telangana, India: six years retrospective study based on secoNDAry data”, was conducted by researchers from Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi and AIIMS, New Delhi and was published last month in the Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences. While the study does not mention directly that the suicide

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Manufacturing sector reported loss of 87,000 jobs from April to June 2017: Labour Bureau data

vey shows. Of those who lost their jobs, 65,000 were men and 22,000 women. There was a loss of 12,000 jobs in the corresponding period in 2016. The survey, which looked at data from eight sectors &NDAsh; education, health, construction, trade, accommodation and restaurant, Information Technology, manufacturing and transport &NDAsh; said 64,000 jobs had been added since the previous quarter. It was the sl

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Doctors for rural India -Soham D Bhaduri

ality services in the rural sector until the Bhore Committee (1946) recommended abolishing them in the idea that India would produce enough MBBS doctors. The committee made certain laudable recommeNDAtions in connection with the public health system. Back then, however, nobody could have anticipated the country’s miserable failure in achieving most of the targets prescribed by the committee, even years after Independence. While a profit-drive

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