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The SDG India Index -- Can bold global ambition be translated into effective ground reality? -Mitu Sengupta

development’ — into one that is pertinent not only to the global South, but to all countries, rich and poor. Despite its many revolutionary features, however, the SDGs suffer from a fuNDAmental weakness. They constitute a voluntary agreement rather than a binding treaty, which means that compliance will always be a problem. Unless individual states, especially the more powerful ones, move decisively towards achieving the goals, the SDG

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Neither Private Schools nor Technology Will Solve India's Learning Crisis -Rakesh Kumar Rajak and Martin Haus

seriously wrong. Yet, the media’s coverage of the ASER report conjures a binary that does not exist. The tables show absolute learning levels of children in governmental vs private schools &NDAsh; and they show a big gap. For instance, the ability of Class III children to read a Class II text is very different depending on the type of school: in government schools, the figure is as low as 12%, in private schools it is 62%. Many commentato

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Study reveals caste-based segregation in Bengaluru -Mohit M Rao

vide is equally stark in newer areas where unequal economic growth is driving segregation, shows the study by Indian Institute of Management-Bengaluru researchers Naveen Bharathi, Deepak Malghan and ANDAleeb Rahman. At the base of the study is Census 2011, which shows that 13.21% of the city’s inhabitants are from the SC/ST community. This population was enumerated for each of the 198 wards as well as for 16,019 census blocks of the city.

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E-buses to hit Kerala roads next month -S Anil Radhakrishnan

s at bus stations There will be no conductor on these buses. Tickets will be available from the eight bus stations where the buses will halt. The BEVs will return from Nilackal to the capital by MoNDAy with the end of the pilgrimage season in Sabarimala. The number of seats will be increased from the present 32 to 35 and refurbished for making long-distance travel comfortable for passengers. Though the BEV can attain a speed of 120 km per hour, the

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Meat shops will be 150 metres away from religious places in Delhi: SDMC

-The Indian Express The proposal, passed during the standing committee meeting, also increased licence fee for meat shops from Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000. It also made it maNDAtory to procure a no-objection certificate from the area councillor for licence. New Delhi: The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Friday approved the meat policy, which states that there should be at least 150 metres between meat shops and a religious place. The pro

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Diets have to change, intake of nuts, fruits and veggies has to be increased: EAT-Lancet commission -Anuradha Mascarenhas

es, like India, eat only half the recommended amount. All countries are eating more starchy vegetables (potatoes and cassava) than recommended, with intakes ranging between 1.5 times above the recommeNDAtion in South Asia and by 7.5 times in Sub-Saharan Africa. To be published online on Thursday, Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets for Sustainable Food Systems also links nutritional targets with environmental sustai

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For almost 15 million migrant children, education remains a luxury -Navya PK Sushil was attending 10th staNDArd at the school in his village, when his parents decided to move to a city. They had found seasonal work in a brick kiln there. Sushil’s only option was to move to the kiln site and work alongside his parents. He had given up hopes of completing high school education, when he realised that other child labourers at the kiln were going to a ‘classroom’ located within the site.

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One Egg per Student Proves 'Too Expensive' for Jharkhand Government -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

activists and nutritionists alike. Eggs have been established to be an excellent source of protein and all essential nutrients, except vitamin C, for young children. Yet, an “egg map” &NDAsh; which illustrates how many eggs are distributed per week in mid-day meals served in schools and anganwadis across the country &NDAsh; last year established a clear absence of the commodity from the menu

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The pulse of Indian agriculture -Devesh Chaturvedi

he pulses sector have helped overcome multiple challenges. Effective implementation of an integrated module can solve most farm problems Agricultural transformation is high on everybody’s ageNDA today. Various stakeholders, including experts, policy-makers and political executives, have expressed their views on how to move forward with agricultural policies so that our farmers can prosper. However, performance of policies and strategies that

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ASER 2018: In Math, education survey finds a growing gender divide -Sukrita Baruah

R Centre, said it is possible that the gender gap in Mathematics is reinforced by existing perceptions on mathematical ability of girls. While the Annual Status of Education Report (Rural), 2018 &NDAsh; or ASER &NDAsh; shows that the percentage of girls out of school is shrinking, it reports a gender divide in basic Math learning levels across age categories, which steadily increases as the children gro

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