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Freedom with defects -Ramachandra Guha

ime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politics, a closely researched study of the increasing criminalization of Indian politics in recent decades. Vaishnav presents vivid case studies of individual gooNDA-politicians, matching these with the massive data-set on criminal charges against candidates assembled by that remarkable watchdog, the Association for Democratic Reforms. He then interprets this qualitative and quantitative evidence through the lens

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Onion production might fall by 5.8% in 2016-17 crop year: Government -Sanjeeb Mukherjee & Agencies

-Business StaNDArd Horticulture production to exceed food grains output for fifth year in a row The Centre’s first advance estimates for horticulture production for 2016-17 crop year that will end in June showed onion output might fall 5.8 per cent during the year to 19.7 million tonnes, while potato and tomatoes could rise marginally. Onion production in 2016-17 could fall to 19.71 million tonnes as against 20.93 million tonnes last

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Clean Ganga project hurts livelihoods, divides communities -Deeptiman Tiwary

river banks and boost his earnings. The contrasting views are symptomatic of how the Rs. 20,000-crore project has divided communities, something that is likely to be reflected in voting patterns on SuNDAy. Ahmed supports the project but not at the cost of his livelihood. “I have seen much cleaner water and would love to have that back. But how is it being done. By killing the small leather businessmen,’’ he said. “I do not h

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Bumper foodgrain output expected in 2016-17 but production during rabi may be lower vis-a-vis 2013-14

After facing intense criticisms from various sections of the society following its policy of demonetisation during November-December, 2016, the NDA government has finally something solid to cheer about. Riding on the back of a normal monsoon, gross foodgrain production is likely to reach a record level of about 272.0 million tonnes in the crop year 2016-17. As per the second advance estimates of foodgrain production, which has been release

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Hit by note ban, Bundelkhand's sons come home to more misery -AM Jigeesh

quo;s Jamnagar for work. A sizeable number returned home after demonetisation: Satyender Kumar, a security guard at a Jamnagar factory, and Girendra Singh and his family, have come back. So has ManaveNDA Singh. Kumar now works as a technician in Urai. He has also joined the BSP and says he is working earnestly for the party’s victory. “Only Mayawati can ensure social and economic security for us. Ten per cent of people in our village

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Budget unmindful of income inequality -MA Oommen

1 per cent in India own 58 per cent of its wealth as against 40.3 per cent six years ago is an alarming trend no Prime Minister can afford to ignore. Budget 2017-18 is conspicuously silent on this fuNDAmental issue. Correcting the disproportionate bias in favour of indirect taxes to make the tax structure less regressive is also not on the ageNDA. Even the Keynesian remedy of re-distribution to enhance the

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Why Modi govt is handing out a raw deal to small and marginal farmers -Sayantan Bera

merged as a favourite for small growers across the country. 2016-17 marks the fifth straight year when production of fruits and vegetables is estimated to surpass that of foodgrains. This signals a fuNDAmental shift in India’s farm economy towards a growing share of horticulture crops, which now contribute nearly a fifth to the agriculture GDP. Small and marginal farmers took to horticulture expecting better returns. Vegetables can be grown i

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The devil is in the fine print -Yogendra Yadav

wrong one. The fine print of the Finance Bill showed that Mr. Jaitley’s proposals for bringing ‘transparency and accountability’ would achieve exactly the opposite. Ranging from reduNDAnt to sinister, these proposals would rob the system of whatever little transparency and accountability that it has today. Worse, they draw national attention away from a series of electoral funding reforms that the Election Commission and democratic r

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Horticulture output to exceed foodgrain yield -Sanjeeb Mukherjee

-Business StaNDArd Foodgrain production is projected to be more than 270 million tonnes India’s horticulture production, at around 287.32 million tonnes, will continue to outstrip that of foodgrain by a good margin in 2016-17 also, even as vegetables might see just a marginal decline.   Foodgrain production is projected to be more than 270 million tonnes.   Under horticulture, fruit production in 2016-17 is expected to be

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Record wheat, foodgrain output likely in 2016-17 -Sanjeeb Mukherjee

-Business StaNDArd Agri growth could top 5% this year on the back of record output Wheat production in the ongoing crop season is expected to be at an all-time high of 96.6 million tonnes (mt) on the back of good southwest monsoon, favourable weather and record acreage, the second advanced estimate for foodgrain production showed. The previous wheat production high was in 2013-14 at 95.85 mt; that was also a normal monsoon year. Wheat produ

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