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Can the spirit of California's gig economy bill spread to India? -Gayatri Nair

y to resonate deeply with tech corporates such as Uber and Lyft in the US which built their businesses on this distinction. The Bill does more than just alter nomenclature; it attacks the very fouNDAtion on which the gig economy is premised. While this is a huge step taken to guarantee decent working conditions for the American gig worker, its ramifications may not be global and it is unlikely that Indian workers might see a similar change in p

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Courts of injustice -Prashant Bhushan and Cheryl D'souza

conduct of these quasi-judicial bodies are questionable Over 1.9 million people have been excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam. The herculean executive exercise, maNDAted and closely monitored by the Supreme Court, has incurred a staggering expenditure of over Rs 1,200 crore and immeasurable cost in terms of human suffering and death. The buck now passes to the Foreigners Tribunals. The fate of close to two million

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For the demographic dividend -Amitabh Kundu

5-06 to 21 per cent in 2015-16. The country has this demographic advantage primarily due to an increase in the age at the first child birth. No increase being reported in contraceptive use is understaNDAbly due partly to the increase in the age of marriage, as younger couples are more likely to opt for these methods than older ones. The decline in TFR would lead to reduction in the dependency rate. A reduction in the share of children and an increa

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India is the top source of immigrants across the globe

2000. While India remained as the top source of international migrants, the number of migrants living in India saw a slight decline from 5.24 million in 2015 to an estimated 5.15 million in 2019 &NDAsh; both 0.4% of the total population of the country. Bangladesh was the leading country of origin for migrants in India, the report stated. From 10 countries In a statement, the UN DESA Population Division said that one-third of all internat

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The multitudes dispossessed by the 'Gujarat model' -Aseem Shrivastava & Aryaman Jain

al lobbies constantly pushed politicians to build the dam despite activists raising important questions about it. The politicians found it opportune to go along with the industrialists’ ageNDA. The Sardar Sarovar was promised as a new lease of life for farmers across Gujarat. Even the Supreme Court, in allowing the project to go ahead in a 2000 verdict, relied pivotally on the argument that there was no other way to provide water

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A self-inflicted economic slowdown -Puja Mehra

-The Hindu The government has failed to heed recommeNDAtions made by economists and bureaucrats on turnaround measures One of the visitors to pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his re-election this summer was a former Secretary to the Government of India holding a high-profile constitutional office. During the conversation, the Prime Minister asked: “Arthvyavastha ka kya karna chahiye? (What should be done about th

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History's curse on MGNREGA -Nikita Kwatra

ghts under the program. In areas where land is concentrated in the hands of relatively few large landowners such as districts central and eastern India, where the legacy of the colonial ‘zamiNDAri’ (landlord) system has persisted, rural wage growth was sluggish after MGNREGA’s launch. In contrast, districts in the southern and western parts of the country, where land is more equitably distributed, saw a sharp rise in rural wages a

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Spend to grow -C Rangarajan and DK Srivastava

stion is: What should be done to reverse the process? Is the downturn cyclical or structural? Any downturn that happens because of a weakening of demand is cyclical. On the other hand, if there are fuNDAmental weaknesses in the structure of the economy, these need to be removed to sustain high growth. Successful implementation of the structural reforms in 1991 pushed India’s potential growth rate to a high level. What we are witnessing in the In

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Not a single Uttar Pradesh farmer has got PM-Kisan 3rd tranche, Finance Ministry concerned -P Vaidyanathan Iyer and Harish Damodaran

accounts for one out of every four farmers in the country, has not yet paid the third instalment under PM-KISAN (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi) to a single farmer, according to the last update MoNDAy night on the scheme’s official website. The third instalment is due between August 1 and November 30, and a total of 94.88 lakh farmers across the country have been paid Rs 2,000 each so far. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Telangana are the top

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Rate cut alone can't arrest slump, boost rural demand: SBI report

ust take demand-boosting measures, especially in rural areas, by frontloading expenditure primarily through the national rural employment scheme, says a report. Economists at State Bank Research MoNDAy also warned that any attempt to trim government spending to maintain the fiscal numbers will be severely detrimental to growth. “The current slowdown cannot be tackled by monetary policy in isolation. The government must address demand weakn

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