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The shape of the jobs crisis -Santosh Mehrotra

-The Hindu India has no industrial policy or employment strategy to ride the wave of its demographic dividend Job creation has slowed since 2011-12, the year of the last published National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) labour force survey. I used Labour Bureau annual survey (2015-16) data and Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) data (post-2016), which has a sample size larger than the NSSO labour force surveys, to reach this co

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STREANH in numbers -James Wilson

y Council, Bibek Debroy, declared recently that a new national sample survey will be conducted by the government to show there is substantial job creation, thereby countering the latest report by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). Debroy’s comment comes close on the heels of a countrywide debate on data meddling by the Narendra Modi government, set off by the resignations at the National Statistical Commission (NSC) — NSC chief P

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No Correct System of Collecting Job Data, Says PM After Report Showed 45-Year Unemployment High

dent fund and National Pension System (NPS), Income Tax filings and sale of vehicles among others. His defence came amid allegations of jobless growth, which has been highlighted by a leaked NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) report, which pegged unemployment at a 45-year-high of 6.1 per cent in 2017-18, but has not been released since December. Two members of the National Statistics Commission had resigned over it, alleging that the government h

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Dharavi Small Units on the Brink of Disaster -Amey Tirodkar

s of Dharavi Businessmen Welfare Association, there are 1,000 small units in the area – be it plastic recycling, leather, garments, aluminium factories and bakeries. The leaked report of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) data has recorded a spike in unemployment in 2017-18. The Union government, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has denied the findings of NSSO data. But the reality on ground is entirely different than what the N

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An appeasement Budget -Puja Mehra

For example, the debilitating impact of demonetisation on the informal sector that employs nearly 90% of the workforce had long been suspected on the basis of anecdotal evidence. The findings of the National Sample Survey Office’s surveys — leaked last week after they were approved by the National Statistical Commission — show that unemployment rose to a 45-year high in the demonetisation year. The note ban, these findings suggest,

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Modi Govt Will Prepare New NSSO Report to Show 'Increase in Jobs', Says PM's Economic Advisor

The leaked report recorded unemployment rate of 6.1 percent in 2017-18, giving the opposition Congress ammunition to attack and pushing the NDA government in defensive mode. New Delhi: A day the National Sample Survey Office’s Periodic Labour Force Survey recorded the unemployment rate in India at a 45-year-high, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisor, Bibek Debroy said that they will prepare a fresh jobs report. “The survey will

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New MP, Chhattisgarh CMs' loan waivers to not benefit 3.5 million farmers -Jitendra

ed from the up-to-Rs2-lakh waiver. So did Baghel. But, 58 per cent of Madhya Pradesh farmers and 60 per cent of Chhattisgarh farmers take loan from institutional sources or banks, says the 2012-13 National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report. It means that 3.42 million agriculture households would benefit from this scheme. But, there are 5.9 million agriculture household out of total 8.46 million rural households in MP. A large number of these ag

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The demand for a special Parliament session on the agrarian crisis makes sense

n and repeated demands for farm loan waivers are not a sustainable policy path for a country like India. A spike in food prices can force people to cut down on other essential expenditure. The latest National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) data shows that food consumption accounts for more than 40% of total consumption of households in India. Given the scarcity of fiscal resources, diversion of funds for loan waivers eats into other important spending, e

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No respite from poverty for Muslims -Irfan Ahmad & Santosh Mehrotra

-The Hindu Government intervention is required to improve educational and economic indicators The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) labour force survey reports that the economic condition of Muslims does not show any signs of improvement despite India being the fastest-growing large economy. An analysis of the data on economic and educational indicators for various religious groups reveals that Muslims are facing a vicious circle of poverty

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BJP members stall parliamentary panel report on reliability of employment data -Sobhana K Nair

ncome” asks the government on how it can address the critical issue of unemployment if it does not have “real time” and “holistic” data. It points out that the latest National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) survey on employment was carried on in 2011. The Labour Bureau started carrying out quarterly employment survey only since April 2016. And that too covers non-farm eight major sectors and it does not reflect the work f

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