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Declining Female Labour Force Participation

roblem of labour demand constraints or the lack of suitable job opportunities is acute for women in rural India, with a fall in the availability of farm jobs and the lack of economic opportunities in Non-farm employment. Mechanisation of farm and non-farm activities has also reduced opportunities for work. Please click here to read more.

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Jitheesh PM & Jipson John (

tion are the major challenges of Indian agriculture. But China tackled those challenges and modernised agriculture with the twin strategy of increasing small-farm productivity and income and creating Non-farm employment in rural areas. What lessons can we learn from China? In China, there is no question of landless labour. Some of them get farming occupations and others get non-farming occupations. They try to address the problem not in terms of th

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Missing: The woman farmer -Sakshi Rai

rights structurally escape women. This is a fundamental issue in understanding why women’s work as farmers is largely invisible. However, the large-scale migration of men towards pursuing other Non-farm employment opportunities due to the worsening agrarian crisis has pushed more women into this sector. Work is not homogenous and neither are women or their work. Perceiving work through economic lens, the policy framework falls short in addressin

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Cracking the rural consumption puzzle -Aarati Krishnan

-The Hindu Business Line The surge in Non-farm employment has led to a rural consumption splurge, making listed companies bullish Is rural India languishing in abject misery, or is it on a cheerful spending spree? Today you can get diametrically opposing views on this, depending on where you get your information. If you are an avid follower of news, then you would be firmly in the pessimist camp, having read all about plummeting crop prices, w

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Construction sector jobs have let down peasants -Roshan Kishore

been declining since the 2000s. The bulk of the non-farm jobs have been generated in construction. Between 2000-01 and 2010-11, the CAGR in construction sector employment was 9.1% against 2.7% in Non-farm employment excluding construction. This asymmetry seems to have gone up between 2010-11 and 2015-16. Please click here to read more.

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'Of Hits and Misses: Analysis of Union Budget 2018-19' -CBGA

ructure creation and working with the States to provide more resources for improving the quality of education in the country” and emphasises “generating productive and gainful on-farm and Non-farm employment for the farmers and landless families” (Budget Speech, Union Budget, 2018-19). It is in this context that the report, 'Of Hits and Misses: Analysis of Union Budget 2018-19', presents a comprehensive analysis of the budgetary p

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Union Budget 2018: Govt ensures payment of full MSP even if farmers sell below price

enefit transfer in India is the biggest such exercise in the world," he said. The finance minister said, the focus is on low-cost farming, higher MSP. "Emphasis is on generating farm and Non-farm employment for farmers," Jaitley said. The Budget further said that the credit for agricultural activities is up from Rs 10 lakh crore to Rs 11 lakh crore. In his Budget speech Jaitley said, "Agri-Market Development Fund with a co

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Farmer-politics is a self-defeating exercise in today's India - Roshan Kishore

case that we have near political unanimity regarding what needs to be done to address the problems of the agrarian economy? It is difficult to disagree with some things such as the need to create Non-farm employment on a large scale and the need for putting more money in agricultural R&D. Unanimity on these first principles, however, should not mean there is no conflict of interest in the agrarian economy. Indian farmers are a heterogeneous

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Has demonetisation harmed Non-farm employment generation in the medium term? -Roshan Kishore Despite the construction sector being in the doldrums, personal housing was holding its own—till demonetisation Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to create 10 million jobs in five years while campaigning in the 2014 general election. After completing more than three years in office, has the government been able to deliver? We do not know for sure. Findings of a large-sample survey on employment, conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), will only be a

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What the Data Tells Us About 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' -Anamitra Roychowdhury

to slip into poverty in the face of vanishing livelihoods. On the other hand, surest way to provide relief to agricultural labourers (for inclusive growth) in drought years is to generate adequate Non-farm employment in the rural sector by pumping in money to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme. As Figure 1 above suggests, the government actually reduced allocation to MGNREGA (as percent of GDP) during 2014 and 2015 compar

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