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Noted Gandhian economist Dr Sudarshan Iyengar interviewed by Rutam Vora (The Hindu Business Line)

dia were rain-fed. The mistake we did was that in a rainfed agrarian economy, we introduced hybrid varieties, which grew in water-rich conditions. Another disaster was the Public Distribution System (PDS), which imposed wheat and rice consumption on traditionally millet-consuming people. If millet had been included in the PDS, it would have provided sustenance to the local ecosystems, but they transported f

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'Population Explosion': The myth that refuses to go -Sarojini Nadimpally

rebates and free healthcare for parents, subsidies and loans for plots and houses. The Bill identifies penalties for contravening the norm, including reduced access to the public distribution system (PDS), higher interest rates on loans, lower interest on savings and disqualification from being an elected representative. The Bill also suggests that government employees should give an undertaking that they will not have more than two children. In fa

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Explained: Why One Nation, One Ration Card scheme could be a boon for poor migrants -Mehr Gill

of the applicant. It is used by households to get essential food grains at subsidised prices from designated ratio shops (also called fair price shops) under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). Over the years, different types of ration cards were issued depending on the level of deprivation. Later, in 2013, when the National Food Security Bill (NFSA) was passed, different ration cards were compressed to just two — priority and Antyod

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Population explosion is a bogey the government should ignore

member representing the BJP, Rakesh Sinha, has moved a private member’s Bill that talks of enforcing a two-child policy through measures such as denial of financial benefits and sharply cutting PDS benefits for people who have more than two children. But, the fact is the total fertility rate (TFR) in the country is already down to 2.2, marginally above the 2.1 replacement rate, and both states and communities that have had historically high fert

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Food Subsidy in Cash or Kind: The Wrong Debate -Anirudh Krishna and Tushar Agrawal

-Economic and Political Weekly The need for the public distribution system varies widely across states and districts. In some districts, the poor draw more than 80% of their grain from thePDS, but in other districts this share is less than 10%. A wide diversity of relationships with the PDS exist, suggesting a need for alternative modes of provisioning. A variable geometry of food provisioning might em

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Poor agri, dietary practices have intensified climate change: IPCC -Tarun Gopalakrishnan

-Down to Earth The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land shines a spotlight on food consumption, modern agricultural practices and desertification where serious action has long been deferred Humanity's agricultural tunnel vision has undermined climate equilibrium on a planetary scale, according to the latest report on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released on August 8, 2019. While forestry has long been a focus of carbon sink creation, the repo

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Delhi doctors reject Centre's plea to return to work

treated for very high fever. The emergency departments and ICUs at many hospitals were being managed with the help of faculty members, pool officers, other medical and surgical departments, while OPDS, radio-diagnosis and laboratory services were functioning on a “restricted basis”. Routine surgeries were cancelled and only emergency cases were catered to at several facilities. Please click here to read more.

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From Plate to Plough: A win-win deal -Ashok Gulati

ash; a legacy of UPA-2. Does the FM really think that 67 per cent of the population covered under the NFSA cannot afford basic food? There is more than 90 per cent subsidy on rice and wheat under the PDS — the economic cost of rice hovers around Rs 35 per kg and that of wheat is about Rs 25 per kg, while rice is being sold via the PDS at Rs 3 per kg and wheat at Rs 2 per kg. Please click here to re

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PDS contributes to food security, research finds

-The Times of India Salem: Salem Periyar University and University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, have jointly conducted a research on the public distribution system (PDS) in selected rural areas of Salem district since 2017. At the end of two-year research, the team has found that the PDS has great support among its users in rural areas and contributed positively to food security Vice-chancel

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Death by digital exclusion? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand -Shiv Sahay Singh

ave been cancelled in the mad rush for putting in place a digital system. While activists claim that some have died from starvation, the government denies this. Shiv Sahay Singh reports on the faulty PDS A few weeks before Kaleshwar Soren, 45, died, he sold the last of his belongings, a Palash tree, for one and a half kg of rice. His ration card was cancelled in 2016 for reasons that are still not clear. As a result, the tribal had not received any

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