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Govt can make Aadhaar must for opening bank accounts: SC -Dhananjay Mahapatra

optional only related to obtaining benefits under social welfare schemes. Even among such schemes, the court had allowed the Centre to insist on Aadhaar for programmes such as MGNREGA, gas subsidies, PDS rations and Jan Dhan Yojna. "Minus the benefits under social welfare schemes, we think the government can insist on Aadhaar as identification document. If someone wants to open a bank account or get a mobile phone connection, it can insist on

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PIL on Aadhaar for PDS foodgrains: HC seeks Centre's reply

-PTI NEW DELHI: The government's decision to make Aadhaar mandatory for subsidised foodgrains through public distribution system (PDS) today came under the scanner of the Delhi High Court. A bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal issued notice to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and sought their response before the next date of hearing on April 24. The bench also sought the stand of

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Making a meal

ll children between the age of four and 12 who attend government schools and its challenges are different from DBT schemes like delivering subsidised LPG to people below the poverty line, or even the PDS. There are times when hygiene plays the devil, at other times food adulteration. At times, it is difficult to deliver nutritious food to remote areas. Even if the food ingredients make it to these areas, kitchens to cook them in are not available with

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There Is A Place For Aadhaar, But The Mid Day Meal Is Not It -Rukmini S

r the supplies used for the meal were poorly stored and got mixed with an insecticide. What the scheme does not suffer from is beneficiary fraud, of the sort that even the Public Distribution Scheme (PDS) suffers to an extent. Forcing students to enrol for Aadhaar, then, is simply that - a means to force enrolment into a system that was statedly voluntary, and whose non-compulsory nature has been reiterated by the Supreme Court. It is disingenuous in

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Need internet to buy PDS rations? Go climb a tree -Geetha Sunil Pillai

-The Times of India UDAIPUR: Buying rations in Kotra, a backward settlement around 125km from Udaipur, now requires a vital skill: tree-climbing. At many centres here, it is a common sight to see men and women perched on tree branches, waiting for hours for their turn to get their fingerprints and biometrics verified by the PoS (point of sale) machines. That done, they climb down and walk back miles to the ration shops where they get in another queue to collect the provisions they have b

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Bumps in Gujarat's PDS highway -Vimukt Dave

in place for Aadhaar-linked payment through state but shopkeepers and consumers yet to cheer Ahmedabad: When young housewife Sarojben Rabari comes to buy rice from the Public Distribution System (PDS) shop in Ramnagar, on the northern fringes here, the shopkeeper asks her to pay by using her Aadhaar card. The woman refuses – she has neither an Aadhaar card or a bank account. She wishes to pay in cash; after all, it’s a paltry Rs 20.

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Regulator sets up scientific panel on food fortification and nutrition -Sounak Mitra

a draft plan to make supply of fortified food mandatory for government-supported schemes such as mid-day meal at schools, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and Public Distribution System (PDS). FSSAI will carry out the exercise in collaboration with the Union ministry of women and child development. “The panel will identify critical nutritional gaps in the Indian diet in general as well as in specific target groups based on diet s

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Before Universal Basic Income, We Must First Get Social Spending Basics Right -Anjana Thampi and Ishan Anand

d the UBI and needs to be reasserted. The UBI is just a mode of transferring money from the government to its citizens. Various modes of transfer already exist; some of them are in-kind transfers (PDS, mid-day meals), some are subsidies and others are in the form of cash transfers (pensions, LPG). The Survey makes a case for UBI by citing the misallocations and leakages in the existing schemes. We believe that the question of poverty and deprivatio

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Government makes Aadhaar mandatory for availing PDS foodgrains

-PTI NEW DELHI: After cooking gas LPG, the government on Thursday made Aadhaar mandatory for availing subsidised foodgrains from the ration shops with a view to better the target of Rs 1.4 lakh crore subsidy under the food security law. The government has given time to those not having the biometric-based unique identification number to apply for Aadhaar by June 30. The government issued a notification to this effect but did stop short of saying that subsidised foodgrains will not be

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Rewiring the WTO -Biswajit Dhar

the poor should be provided subsidised food. This issue arose after questions were raised as to whether public stockholding of food, which is at the heart of India’s Public Distribution System (PDS), meets the WTO disciplines on agricultural subsidies. After India countered the viewpoints of the countries questioning its PDS, an understanding was reached where even if India breached agricultural subsi

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