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Govt mulls LPG-like subsidy transfer for PDS foodgrain -Dipak K Dash

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Food ministry is working on a pilot to emulate the direct cooking gas subsidy transfer scheme model for public distribution system (PDS) of subsidised foodgrains. The beneficiaries will get the subsidy amount in advance in their bank accounts and they will have to buy the foodgrains from any ration shop, which has got the electronic point of sale (e-PoS) devices. The food ministry recently sent three trainee IAS

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National policy for women to ensure food, shelter, health for poor families -Neetu Chandra Sharma

group of ministers on Tuesday would ensure food, shelter, health and free education for women and children of poor families. “The nutritious and safe food through public distribution system (PDS) for households especially the unreached women and children with high nutritional vulnerabilities as envisaged in National Food Security Act, 2013 will be made available,” the policy draft states. “Management of institutions of food/gra

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GST: PDS shops down shutters in Shimla -Bhanu P Lohumi

een deprived of subsidised ration due to the closure of fair price shops ever since the rollout of the GST. In Shimla, shutters on more than 50 per cent shops under the public distribution system (PDS) are down with a notice that the sale had been closed due to the GST. Consumers are taking rounds of the PDS shops, but no ration is available and depot holders complain that the State Civil Supply Corpo

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Aadhaar and multiple identity disorder -Rajendran Narayanan

NREGA workers because they’ve purportedly done close to 100 days of work in a year.   Identity in the Public Distribution System: Xavier has also been struggling to get rations under the PDS because he doesn’t have his “original” ration card and the dealer refuses to acknowledge the photocopy. Xavier’s wife, Indo Devi, was shouted at by the ration dealer for not producing the original, and they have stopped getting

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In Bastar villages where few have Aadhaar, PDS officials fear they will have to say no -Dipankar Ghose

not reach the people. And then, there were connectivity issues while uploading Aadhaar data.” Local activists point out that if people are forced to drop out of the safety net offered by PDS, it could have an impact on health indicators. “One of the reasons the PDS system in Chhattisgarh was lauded was that this was a poor state, and these schemes counteracted starvation deaths and malnut

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Niti Aayog vindicates UPA's claims on poverty alleviation -Pranav Mukul

grains to nearly 75 per cent of the population in rural areas and 50 per cent of the population in urban areas at affordable prices under the Targeted Public Distribution System,” it said. The PDS programme provides 5 kg wheat or rice per person per month at subsidised rates. Going forward, the report has said that efforts are required to make access to basic services universal, with drinking water and sanitation being priority areas apart f

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Accessing the Right to Food in Delhi -Nandini Nayak & Shikha Nehra

is article is based. Shikha Nehra ( is a graduate student at Ambedkar University Delhi and a research assistant on the same project. The renewed Public Distribution System (PDS) under the “rights-based” National Food Security Act, 2013 has increased access to foodgrains in Delhi. However, the Aadhaar-enabled PDS has created new barriers and glitches undermining the pro

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The real beneficiary -Reetika Khera

governments resorting to such desperate measures to defend Aadhaar? Primarily because during UPA 2, they over-sold the benefits of Aadhaar. For instance, Aadhaar cannot reduce quantity fraud. When a PDS dealer undersells, whether I am forced to put my thumbprint in a paper register or a POS machine makes no difference to quantity fraud. Aadhaar cannot enhance inclusion. Possession of Aadhaar alone cannot guarantee benefits (say, pensions or schola

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From plate to plough: An unfulfilled farm manifesto -Ashok Gulati & Siraj Hussain

f almost 2 million tonnes. Given the short shelf life of pulses, the challenge is to continuously rotate this stock to stabilise prices. Since most states are reluctant to distribute pulses under the PDS, procuring agencies will have to sell in the open market or give to large organisations like the army. So far, just 1.2 lakh tonnes have been sold from the buffer stock; even the quantity procured/imported in 2015-16 is yet to be disposed of. That is

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