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Homelessness highlights the inequality behind GDP growth numbers -Debarati Bhattacharya

a considered essential for health and social development. These criteria included security of tenure, protection against inclement weather, personal security as well as access to sanitary facilities, Potable Water, education, work and health services. Homelessness has fatal consequences. Unnatural deaths peak during summer, winter, and the rainy season. Homeless women run the risk of being assaulted and/or abducted. Several instances have been repo

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Surat's underground garbage system shows way to Delhi and other big cities -Dipak K Dash

vehicle has RFID tag and GPS for real-time tracking and to prevent leakage. The city is also unique in that it treats 57 million litres of sewage every day and turns it into 40 million litres of Potable Water, which is supplied to the nearby Pandesara industrial estate, which has several dyeing and printing mills. “Narendra Modi as chief minister had visited Singapore in 2007 where he saw such a plant and pushed the idea of having it in Guj

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India faces worst water crisis: NITI Aayog -Jacob Koshy

-The Hindu Demand for Potable Water will outstrip supply by 2030, says study The NITI Aayog on Thursday released the results of a study warning that India is facing its ‘worst’ water crisis in history and that demand for Potable Water will outstrip supply by 2030 if steps are not taken. Nearly 600 million Indians faced high to extreme water stress and about 2,00,000 people died every

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To save water, Maha govt wants 50% sugarcane crop on drip irrigation in 2 years -Surendra P Gangan

ighted that Maharashtra’s sugarcane cultivation, which is less than 4% of the total cropped area, consumes 70% of water needed for irrigation Following criticism over sugarcane crop guzzling Potable Water, particularly in drought-prone Marathwada, the state government is set to introduce a policy for shifting 50% of sugarcane farming on drip irrigation in the next two years. Statistics revealed that sugarcane fields cover 10 lakh hectares

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Should we privatise water? -Himanshu Thakkar, Arun Lakhani & Mihir Shah

small sub-sector, say, water distribution, keeping the rest of the issues still in the public sector. Water is not merely a commodity, and the urban water sector is not just about supplying fresh Potable Water to people in urban dwellings. The urban water sector also involves multiple layers, including sourcing of water, deciding which is the best among available options, getting Potable Water through p

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In this Bundelkhand Village, a Cry for Food, not Development -Neha Dixit

he Samajwadi Party government to ensure basic amenities in the most backward villages of the state. This includes infrastructure development such as link roads, rural electrification, availability of Potable Water, sanitary toilets and a total of 33 infrastructure and beneficiary oriented programmes. Traces of these promises or their implementation are hard to find here. In these last five years, twelve farmers have committed suicide–but that

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308 districts in India facing shortage of Potable Water

-PTI Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have reported the most number of districts, 50 and 46 respectively, affected due to water shortage New Delhi: Over 300 districts in 13 states of the country, including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, are facing shortage of drinking water, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Monday. “ reported by the states, 308 districts are affected in respect of shortage of drinking water supply in 13 States (Uttar Pradesh, Odis

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In Bundelkhand, cattle deaths, hunger signal looming famine -Sayantan Bera

t Parmarth. “(Since 2009), Rs.7,200 crore was spent on a central package, but it was used to construct market yards and dams without village-level planning. Today, the tanker lobby supplying Potable Water is getting stronger and in 65 out of 75 blocks,groundwater is over-exploited,” he added. Dhan Kuar, 35, has silently accepted her loss. A cow and a calf, the only assets she ever owned, died two weeks ago. Her husband died of ill-he

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No water, no weddings in parched Bundelkhand -Omar Rashid

48-year-old Kumhar woman’s face was apparent as she approached the hill in the blazing sun. But the hill hosts more than a goddess — the well at its foot is the only natural supply of Potable Water for the village of Kapsa. The catch — it is two km from the village, a long distance to walk for a glass of drinking water, especially in scorching temperatures. For Bhuri, that can mean a journey to the hill multiple times a day. &

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'40 Percent People in India May Not Have Water to Drink by 2030' -Namrata

ve drinking water by 2030, if the water crisis in country is not met seriously, a study has warned. With the country facing a grave water crisis and lack of water conservation, the availability of Potable Water and ground water has decreased over the years which would result in severe situation in the country after a decade, said an activist for water conservation on the eve of World Water Day (March 22) observed to create awareness about water rel

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