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Hit by note ban, Bundelkhand's sons come home to more misery -AM Jigeesh

polls, and swear by Mayawati’s BSP now Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh): The reverse migration triggered by demonetisation has possibly reversed the BJP’s political fortunes in this backward and Poverty-stricken region of Bundelkhand. Coupled with agrarian distress, demonetisation-induced reverse migration is pushing voters away from the BJP in the ongoing elections. While the SP-Congress alliance is the frontrunner for upper caste voters, who

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Budget unmindful of income inequality -MA Oommen

common goal for the Indian economy at that time. In order to achieve genuine social inclusion, India has to curb the inequalities created by unbridled capitalism. Where growth keeps increasing and Poverty is reduced, but at the same time inequalities continue to widen, true social inclusion will be almost impossible. There will be no equality of opportunity. The process is eminently exclusionary. There is overwhelming evidence of the growing ine

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No one loves the farmer -Ashok Gulati & Siraj Hussain

for democracy, which is supposed to be for the people, by the people. One of the key objectives of such a democratically elected government is to adopt policies that can quickly alleviate hunger and Poverty and create an environment where people can enjoy peace and prosperity. UP is primarily a rural and agri-dominated state. More than 77 per cent of its population resides in rural areas; about 60 per cent of its work force is engaged in agricultu

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Drumsticks beat back Poverty in arid zones -Hiren Kumar Bose

-The Hindu Business Line Superfood moringa is proving to be a boon for subsistence farmers Names like PKM 2, Bhagya KDM 1, Rohit 1, Siddhi Vinayaka.... may not ring a bell among urban readers, but those engaged in subsistence farming will recognise these as the high-yielding varieties of Moringa olifera (drumstick tree). This tree (called murungae in Tamil) has been around for ages, but ever since the world at large claimed moringa as a superfood, thanks to its nutritional qualities,

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What farmers want from policy-makers -Rajalakshmi Nirmal

and his holding capacity. Most small farmers have hardly 20 to 30 quintals to sell. Their cost of production is also high due to lack of adequate irrigation. If we want the farmers to come out of the Poverty trap, we have to increase their income by an attractive price as well as through crop-livestock and post harvest technology enterprises...” Another way to ensure remunerative prices to farmers is by encouraging contract farming, the advan

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Before Universal Basic Income, We Must First Get Social Spending Basics Right -Anjana Thampi and Ishan Anand

devotes a chapter to the provision of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), describing it as a “raging new idea,” a “radical new vision” and “the shortest path to eliminating Poverty”. While warning that the UBI “should not become the Trojan horse that usurps the fiscal space for a well-functioning state,” the survey says a de facto UBI can be instituted in the existing “fiscal space”. It argues t

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Human Development Index: 'Gap remains between SCs, STs and other social groups' -Manoj CG

e Human Development Indices of SCs and STs over the years, even if the gap in the indices (still) remains between them and other social groups”. He said the main reasons for this gap are “Poverty, and its vicious circle, illiteracy, dependence largely on wage labour, etc”. “Unemployment rate for Scheduled Castes in 2011 was 3.2 per cent. Today it has gone up to 5 per cent,” Singh said. “For STs, it was 2.6 per ce

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'Budget has little for demonetisation-hit social sectors' -Aesha Datta

The year starts with a backlog of around ?4,000-5,000 crore. This year it is much more,” Ghosh said. Even as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced plans to pull one crore households out of Poverty, and make 50,000 gram panchayats Poverty-free by 2019, experts remain unimpressed as no new allocation was made towards this end. The allocation for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, under which t

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How the Black Economy Grew in Post-Independence India -Arun Kumar

s responsible for not only impoverishing the common man but was also the reason he was unable to better his lot. Therefore it was decided that society as a whole had to overcome these basic problems (Poverty, education, health and so on) of the people and the state was given a large role in economic matters. The optimum utilisation of resources required, among other things, central planning, which required the licensing of capacity in industries. This

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Focusing on domestic growth -Krishnamurthy Subramanian

of inequality (based on income net of taxes and transfers) rose from 45.18 in 1990 to 51.36 in 2013. Thanks to the high growth achieved since liberalization, India has made great strides in reducing Poverty. While 80% of the rural population was poor in 1990, this percentage was less than 30% in 2011. Also, while about 40% of the urban population was poor in 1990, this percentage was less than 20% in 2011. Yet, these impressive figures look discourag

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