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SC bench observes apathy for legal provisions under NFSA by state govts.

July, 2017, please click here to access Section 29 of NFSA Section 29 of the NFSA requires setting up of Vigilance Committees for ensuring transparency and proper functioning of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) and accountability of the functionaries in such a system. The SC bench said that the fact that Vigilance Committees have not been set up in spite of the passage of four years after the enactment of the NFSA is yet another

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Food for action: on food security in India

sure compliance with laws made by Parliament, also provides the remedy, as it can be invoked by the Centre to set things right. Unfortunately, the NFSA, which is vital for social security through the Public Distribution System and child welfare schemes, has suffered due to a lack of political will. As a law with egalitarian goals, the NFSA should have set the floor for food security through the principle of universal access, though not every citize

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Punjab's water stress foregrounds tough policy trade-offs -Sanjiv Shankaran

of Punjab. It is the most water stressed Indian state. Punjab also happens to be India’s most important state in providing food security. It is a massive contributor to the cereal-dependent Public Distribution System. One way of looking at it is India’s food security is heavily dependent on a state which is perhaps the worst placed in terms of water stress. Punjab’s impressive agricultural production is partly an outcome of it

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Govt mulls LPG-like subsidy transfer for PDS foodgrain -Dipak K Dash

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Food ministry is working on a pilot to emulate the direct cooking gas subsidy transfer scheme model for Public Distribution System (PDS) of subsidised foodgrains. The beneficiaries will get the subsidy amount in advance in their bank accounts and they will have to buy the foodgrains from any ration shop, which has got the electronic point of sale (e-PoS) devices. The food ministry recently sent three trainee IAS

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National policy for women to ensure food, shelter, health for poor families -Neetu Chandra Sharma

Women, 2017 approved by the group of ministers on Tuesday would ensure food, shelter, health and free education for women and children of poor families. “The nutritious and safe food through Public Distribution System (PDS) for households especially the unreached women and children with high nutritional vulnerabilities as envisaged in National Food Security Act, 2013 will be made available,” the policy draft states. “Management

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GST: PDS shops down shutters in Shimla -Bhanu P Lohumi

of ration cardholders have been deprived of subsidised ration due to the closure of fair price shops ever since the rollout of the GST. In Shimla, shutters on more than 50 per cent shops under the Public Distribution System (PDS) are down with a notice that the sale had been closed due to the GST. Consumers are taking rounds of the PDS shops, but no ration is available and depot holders complain that the State Civil Supply Corporation is not sup

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No fingerprints, no ration for lepers -Parveen Arora

-The Tribune Online Public Distribution System does not recognise beneficiary Karnal: The online Public Distribution System has become a hurdle for 65 leprosy-affected families in Indra Chakravarti Gram on the outskirts of Karnal as they are unable to get ration through this system. Most of them have lost their fingers due to the disease while the fingers of others have no prints. The affected fa

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Aadhaar and multiple identity disorder -Rajendran Narayanan

so much money has been siphoned off in their names. On paper though, they are model NREGA workers because they’ve purportedly done close to 100 days of work in a year.   Identity in the Public Distribution System: Xavier has also been struggling to get rations under the PDS because he doesn’t have his “original” ration card and the dealer refuses to acknowledge the photocopy. Xavier’s wife, Indo Devi, was shouted

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Loan waiver alone not the panacea for Maharashtra farmers' woes: Experts -Rahul Wadke

rocess. Therefore, farmers can no longer sow water intensive crops in areas where there is no water. He felt that alternative local crops such as millets needs to be pushed extensively through the Public Distribution System. Cropping pattern Dandekar suggested that procurement of local crops must be undertaken by the State government and the money must reach the hands of the farmers otherwise the cropping pattern won’t change. &ldquo

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Govt not to hike issue price of foodgrains under NFSA for 1 more year: Paswan

rnment has shown its commitment towards the well-being of depressed class, he said. The government supplies 5 kg of subsidised foodgrains to each person per month via 5 lakh ration shops, known as Public Distribution System (PDS). Rice is supplied at Rs. 3/kg, wheat at Rs. 2/kg and coarse grains at Rs. 1/kg. Please click here to read more.

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