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Introducing ragi in the PDS is fraught with challenges -Mamata Pradhan and Devesh Roy

eferences shift to climate resistant crops, goals associated with the policy won’t materialise After a gap of three years, the Karnataka government has reintroduced ragi/finger millet in its Public Distribution System (PDS). To feed the PDS system, the government has announced a procurement price much higher than the market price and introduced bonuses. With interventions on the sides of both production as well as consumption, the objectives

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Reetika Khera, Associate Professor of Economics at IIT-Delhi, interviewed by Surabhi (The Hindu Business Line)

cerpts: * In the last four years, the NDA government has been working on schemes for direct benefit transfer for food, and other welfare schemes. What has been the impact on people's lives? The Public Distribution System (PDS) has faced continuous, disguised, assaults in the NDA regime. First, the government imposed compulsory Aadhaar-based biometric authentication. A recent survey of 900 households in Jharkhand found that it excludes the most v

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Aadhaar and Food Security in Jharkhand: Pain without Gain? -Jean Dreze, Nazar Khalid, Reetika Khera and Anmol Somanchi

-Economic and Political Weekly Aadhaar-based biometric authentication is now compulsory for most users of the Public Distribution System in Jharkhand. Based on a recent household survey, this paper examines various issues related to this measure, including exclusion problems, transaction costs, and its impact on corruption. The findings raise serious questions about the appropriateness of this technology for rural Jharkhand. Please click here

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Civil society activists allege another hunger death in Jharkhand due to failure of aadhaar-based biometric authentication

sacted twice the monthly entitlement of grain and kerosene quantities but distributed for only a month. Denial of ration to Etwariya’s family is yet another example of the disruptions in the Public Distribution System (PDS) caused due to its mandatory integration with Aadhaar. Dealers have started tampering with digital records in order to hide accumulated stocks. One way they do this is to separate authentication and distribution – get

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How PDS can be made effective through better governance -Anjani Kumar and Seema Bathla

hat PDS can play a pivotal role in bringing convergence and making India’s two important missions—food and nutrition security—successful in a short time. New Delhi: India’s Public Distribution System (PDS) is the largest food security programme in the world, which covers nearly 60% of the population and costs Rs 1.45 trillion—close to 1.4% of the national income. PDS has often been criticised for its structure, incessa

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For Hundreds of Leprosy Patients in Andhra, Aadhaar a Stumbling Block in Availing Monthly Rations -Sukanya Shantha

ict of Andhra Pradesh at the beginning of the month to collect her rations. She waits for at least ten days every month, just to ensure that everyone in the village has already availed their share of Public Distribution System (PDS) rice so she can escape the anxiety and humiliation. Anxiety of whether her “anesthetic fingers” would be detected on the biometric system in the rationing offices and the humiliation of exposing her mangled lim

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Jharkhand hunger death: A girl died crying for food. Her family is now accused of shaming India -Harsh Mander

eted Class 5, to graze the cattle of landlords and bring a little money home. This is not unusual in their Dalit habitation. Critically dependent on the subsidised rations they receive through the Public Distribution System to keep hunger at bay, catastrophe struck the family when the state administration made it mandatory for all ration cards to be linked to biometric identification through Aadhaar. Koili Devi’s was only one of around 11 lak

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Immunise your children or you won't get food rations: Uttar Pradesh district threatens poor families -Priyanka Vora

“I know we can’t really stop any family’s ration, but the threat is helping,” said Rakesh Kumar, district supply officer of Bahraich who responsible for the functioning of the Public Distribution System in the district. Kumar said that the district magistrate’s office asked his department in October in implement these measures. According to Kumar, ASHA workers like Jaiswal are supposed to report the names of families r

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Niti Aayog is in denial about hunger in India - but the problem is worse than the statistics show -Sylvia Karpagam & Veena Shatrugna

ed and, importantly, the nature of distribution between groups. Would the two experts believe that the urban rich and urban poor have the same access to food? Do those who depend predominantly on the Public Distribution System have the same control on access as those who are able to procure it from markets? Is there no gender, caste, religion, regional, and urban/rural variation in access? The Global Health Index report states that 60% of the world

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Rural workers of Jharkhand demand their rights

prompted by a series of recent starvation deaths in Jharkhand. The starvation deaths epitomise the hardships that millions of people endure when it comes to securing their rights under NREGA and the Public Distribution System. Many NREGA workers at the dharna spoke about the problems they are facing. More than 10 years after the Act came into force, they still have to fight at every step to get work, to be paid on time, and for higher wages. For i

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