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19.8 tonnes mid-day meal rice seized from ISKCON premises

-The Hindu After repacking, the stock was supposed to be transpoRTEd to Kakinada, say vigilance officials VISAKHAPATNAM: Acting on reliable information about the alleged diversion of rice provided by the government for mid-day meal scheme, a team of officials from the vigilance and enforcement, and civil supplies departments conducted a surprise check on the ISKCON premises at Sagar Nagar in the city on Monday night and seized 396 bags of rice

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Reviving traditional harvesting systems can unlock 6,000 crore litres of water -Mohit M Rao

-The Hindu Bengaluru: In the arid Budnahatti village just beyond Challakere, the four borewells dug to provide villagers with drinking water have staRTEd drying up because of consecutive droughts. “There is barely one inch of water yield from here, not enough for everyone in the village. We have requisitioned authorities to drill three more borewells, but we may have to go more than 1,000 feet deep to get some water,” says Eswarapp

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Are Mohalla Clinics Making the Aam Aadmi Healthy in Delhi? -Taniya Sah, Neha Bailwal and Rituparna Kaushik

and opposition. Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics created quite a stir when the first one was opened in Peeragarhi in 2015. During the Aam Aadmi Party’s first year in office, the clinics were staRTEd to take diagnostics and treatment of simple ailments to people’s doorstep and reduce the footfall in tertiary care hospitals. Mohalla Clinics have been promulgated as an unprecedented step towards mitigating the stark divide in healthcare deliv

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Dr. Arun Shah, a Muzaffarpur-based paediatrician, interviewed by Banjot Kaur (Down to Earth)

them are grouped under AES as they have a classical triad of sudden onset of fever, convulsions and loss of consciousness. They may be cases of all of these and that’s why they are neither repoRTEd in huge numbers, nor are they fatal. However, every AES case is not acute hypoglycaemia, which is causing deaths in Muzaffarpur. The cases in Gorakhpur are again not of hypoglycaemia. Q. Why is AES caused due to hypoglycaemia so fatal? Most

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Spare Dying Kids from Insensitive Reporting - Saurabh Sharma The tragedy unfolding in Muzaffarpur has been turned into a sensationalised TV serial. Dear parachute repoRTErs from Delhi, Mumbai and elsewhere, please stop the drama of Lights, Camera, Action. You are a repoRTEr not an actor. The nation is shocked and pained by the death of scores of children in Muzaffarpur in Bihar and instead of presenting the facts or investigating the causes,

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Five years later, Harsh Vardhan makes same promise -GS Mudur

gy laboratories would be established in different districts of Bihar in consultation with the state, and that the Centre would support 10-bed paediatric ICUs in adjoining districts. A message purpoRTEdly posted by Harsh Vardhan on Facebook on June 24, 2014, when Muzaffarpur was in the grip of a similar encephalitis outbreak, had announced the same decisions. He was then also the Union health minister in the newly elected Narendra Modi government.

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Most AES Victims in Bihar Are Dalits, EBCs and Muslims -Mohd. Imran Khan

more thing in common—all of them are fathers of children who have died due to AES in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur in the last fortnight. Chedi Manjhi’s eight-year-old son Aditya Kumar repoRTEdly died due to AES in the state-run Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) in Muzaffarpur. “My son died after suffering from Chamki bukhar [local name for AES] in the first week of June. We are poor, fighting to earn our daily bread, b

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Tur dal price jumps 20% in past 2 months, hits Rs 100/kg in retail -Dilip Kumar Jha

-Business Standard Unlikely to rise further as the government allowed imports, release stock held by Nafed Mumbai: With its price shot up sharply in the last few weeks, tur dal has staRTEd slipping out of consumers’ plate steadily. Data compiled by the Union Ministry of Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution showed the maximum tur dal prices across the country is at Rs 110 a kg on higher side and average or model price works o

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Averting deaths in Muzaffarpur -T Jacob John

oglycaemia. The disease pathway We found that the disease broke out during the months when litchi was harvested, i.e. April, May and June. Muzaffarpur is full of litchi orchards. The illness staRTEd suddenly — children were found vomiting, displayed abnormal movements, were semi-conscious, and were convulsing between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. The disease progressed fast — children went into coma and died within a few days. When sick children

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