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Suggestion to punish parents -Basant Kumar Mohanty

. A draft report placed before a meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (Cabe) on Monday said the Right to Education Act needed to be looked into afresh. "The provisions of the RTE Act 2009 need to be re-looked as there is no penal provision for parents who do not send their children to school," the report, on the extension of the act to pre-school and secondary education, said. The

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Social security still a raw deal for many -Garimella Subramaniam

as ill health, unemployment, occupational injuries, disability, and old age. More than half the population in rural areas are not covered by universal health programmes, as compared to less than a quaRTEr in urban locations. The goal of comprehensive coverage evidently remains a mere slogan in several parts of the world. Yet, there is growing political support for the idea that public investment in social security is critical to eradicate poverty,

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'Launch a special drive to dispose the pending Online RTI applications', CIC to Election Commission -Rakesh Dubbudu

pplications filed with public authorities of the central government. The ECI is still listed as one of the public authorities on the portal. The ongoing tussle between the ECI & DoPT As repoRTEd by Factly earlier, there is an ongoing tussle between the DoPT & the ECI regarding the use of ‘RTI Online’ for filing online applications with the ECI. Documents reveal that the ECI was earlier prepared to accept the online RTI applic

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Ignore Rural Anger at Your Own Peril -V Rajagopal

being faced by the electorate. The lessons to be learnt are many from the results, which reflected the mood of the people across the two states. The much acclaimed development plank in Gujarat has staRTEd crumbling, exemplified by the decline in the number of votes, notwithstanding the vote shares. What caused the voters to opt either for the opposition party or to prefer NOTA that embarrassed the incumbent BJP government? An analysis of the hunger

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Mumbai couple guards an 80-hectare wetland, protects it from destruction -Badri Chatterjee

and Resources Institute (TERI) had recommended this wetland patch as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for better protection and identified four mangrove species,” said Shruti. “We then staRTEd taking rounds of the site and kept vigil from our home, and whenever any illegal activity was observed, we took videos and approached the police immediately,” said Sunil, adding that they filed three first information reports (FIRs) of the five

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Every year, farmers lose Rs 63,000 crore for not being able to sell their produce -Richard Mahapatra and Kiran Pandey

one decade to exploit the price rise. But the trend has been around for nearly 15 years. States such as Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, which witness frequent droughts, repoRTEd the first significant switchover. Those who observe farmers from close quaRTErs say that the shift is a coping mechanism in the face of frequent monsoon failure and prevailing agrarian crisis. “Si

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NREGS job spike because of housing scheme: Government -Subodh Ghildiyal

velopment, Amarjeet Sinha, said 54 lakh houses were in different stages of construction under PM Awas Yojana where each house was being supplied with 90 days of labour from the job scheme. Also, a quaRTEr of the expenditure under the PM's rural road scheme came from MGNREGA, he added. Despite the spike, according to the ministry, the demand for work is projected to touch 225 crore 'persondays' in 2017-18, as against 235.75 crore 'persondays' in 201

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Job scheme swells farm yields -Basant Kumar Mohanty

finding by the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, appears to contradict charges that the scheme has lagged in asset creation and been largely a failure. According to the survey, farmers repoRTEd an 11 per cent rise in rice and wheat production and 16 per cent for bajra, maize and pulses after ponds or wells were dug in their fields or in their neighbourhood under the scheme. Oilseed yields rose by 25 per cent and vegetable output by 28 pe

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Government Denies Marital Rape Occurs, National Survey Shows 5.4% of Married Women Are Victims -Anoo Bhuyan

arital rape, under this category. But while the data on marital rape in India exists, marital rape as a crime, “does not exist”. “The form of sexual violence most commonly repoRTEd by women was that their husband used physical force to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to,” says the survey. In fact, the existence of marital rape is being contested in the Delhi high, where petitions seeking its criminalisat

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Hindus or Muslims, rich or poor: Who has the highest fertility rate?

of Hindu households is 2.1 declining from 2.8 in the last survey in 2004-05, a level at which a population is said to be able to replace itself from generation to generation without migration, as repoRTEd by The Times of India. The fertility rate of Muslim households also fell from 3.4 to 2.6. National Family Health Survey (NFHS) of 2015-16 revealed the data in the latest religion-wise data. The community with the lowest fertility rate is Jains,

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