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Modi govt: Don't quote report that showed higher GDP growth under UPA than NDA -Mahua Venkatesh

e”. The back-series GDP growth report was published on the website of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation website on 25 July. But it became controversial after it was repoRTEd by the media at the end of last week and triggered a war of words between the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress. On Monday, the report was removed from its original url or web address in the reports section of the ministry website and posted

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Snakebite victims too get compensation, reveals RTI -Vijay Pinjarkar

-The Times of India Nagpur (Maharashtra): With 505 snake bite cases repoRTEd by the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College & Hospital (IGGMCH) in the last 2.5 years, on an average 26 people suffer from injuries in a month. The number of cases may be even more if details from GMCH are received, says snake friend (sarpa mitra) Swapnil Bodhane, who had sought information under the RTI Act from both the government hospitals. While IGGMCH res

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Mullaperiyar Dam in Danger: Will Tamil Nadu's boon be Kerala's doom? -SG Vombatkere

engineering marvel of those times. With the dam’s catchment area entirely within present-day Kerala, it diverts some of the water eastwards into Tamil Nadu’s Vaigai river. This is suppoRTEd by an agreement of 1886 between the British Madras Presidency and the kingdom of Travancore that gave Madras Presidency rights over “all the waters” of Mullaperiyar reservoir to relieve drought in southern Madras Presidency. Today, even t

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What Surjit Bhalla got wrong about our study on spatial inequality in India -Vivek Dehejia

oodness of fit”) of our “beta convergence” regressions. To restate our claim: we argue that the “null hypothesis” of income convergence among major states is not suppoRTEd by the data. And, paradoxically, the low R-squared in these regressions for India works in our favour and against Bhalla. He needs to prove that convergence is occurring; we just need to show that it is not proven — so states are diverging, at

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Back series GDP data not official: Ministry of Statistics -TCA Sharad Raghavan

considered in the Advisory Committee on National Accounts Statistics and subsequently by the National Statistical Commission. The government on Sunday clarified that the back-series GDP data purpoRTEdly released by the government was just a draft using one of several possible calculation methods, and that the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) would announce the results when it settles on a final method. “It is cl

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Congress uses revised GDP data to defend UPA's economic record -Anuja

repeatedly pointed out that, when the base year was changed, the government should follow the healthy international practice and revise the numbers for the previous years,” Chidambaram told repoRTErs, adding that there was a “determined effort to run down” the UPA’s ten-year track record. “The back series data is now available. The numbers prove the dictum that truth cannot be suppressed forever and truth has a way of

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Kerala floods: The inundation of Kochi airport was a disaster waiting to happen -Mridula Chari A creek from the Periyar river was diveRTEd when the airport – shut till August 26 – was built. As heavy rain continues to lash Kerala, the government announced on Thursday that the flooded Cochin International Airport would remain closed until August 26. The international airports in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode districts will accommodate the traffic from Kochi, which is Kerala’s largest airport. The state

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No child left behind -Vinita Bali

ing (low weight for height), continues to be 21% in the 2017 index — it was 20% in 1992. There has been a reduction in stunting (height for age) – from 61.9% in 1992 to 38.4% in 2017, repoRTEd in the GHI 2017. Mortality among children less than 5 years old has declined to around 5% from 11% during the same period, according to both the GHI and the NFHS. However, 25% of India’s children less than 5 years old are still malnourished.

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Income of farm households 23% higher than non-farm homes: Nabard survey

al & Rural Development (Nabard), while the average annual income levels of non-agricultural households in 2015-16 stood at Rs 87,228, all households (agricultural as well as non-agricultural) repoRTEd an average annual income of Rs 96,708. This is 39 per cent more than Rs 77,112 per annum repoRTEd during the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) assessment in 2012-13, Nabard Chairman Harsh Kumar

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88 per cent rural households have savings account: Nabard survey

gether stood at 47.4 per cent, as per the Nabard All India Financial Inclusion Survey (NAFIS) released today. "While 88.1 per cent rural households and 55 per cent agricultural households repoRTEd having a bank account, average savings per annum per household was Rs 17,488," it said. About 26 per cent of agricultural households and 25 per cent of non-agricultural households were found to have been covered under insurance, it said. S

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