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The very idea of the NRC is wrong -Prabhat Patnaik

ts of Assam who do not make it to the NRC? And there are 40 lakh of them. Deporting 40 lakh people would be an act of unparallelled barbarism reminiscent of the Nazis. Besides, where will they be depoRTEd to? If there is no proof of their being Indian citizens, there is also no proof that they are Bangladeshi citizens. How can Bangladesh be expected to accept a sudden influx of 40 lakh persons, when no obligation to accept them exists since there is n

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Kashmiri press went offline but still repoRTEd on Article 370 -- despite all the odds -Ipsita Chakravarty Local repoRTErs say the administration has shown systematic bias against them. To the rest of the world, Kashmiri newspapers have remained frozen in time. On their websites, Jammu and Kashmir is still a state, with its own constitution and special protections under Articles 370 and 35A. Kashmiri parties are still vowing to fight for special status and its leaders have just been put under house arrest. The websites had last been

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Lessons after the great deluge -Anjith Augustine, Shyama Kuriakose, Rajesh George & Monolita Chatterjee

tate are wetlands and forests, which has resulted in a shortage of buildable land parcels. This in turn is creating huge pressure on these ecologically fragile areas for conversion to government-suppoRTEd infrastructure projects as well as private profit-making enterprises. Not surprisingly, all landslide and flood-affected areas in the State are in Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZ-1), as categorised by the Madhav Gadgil report. The Post Disaster

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Shamnad Basheer, My Friend And One of the Country's Brightest Legal Minds -Mahtab Alam

his expertise in the field of intellectual property rights (IPR), Shamnad was found dead in his car near Bababundangiri in Chikkamagaluru of Karnataka. As news of his death spread and tributes staRTEd pouring in all over my social media timeline, there remained no doubt that his sudden demise was a great loss to the legal fraternity and academia across the globe. Shamnad was a relentless crusader, working day in and out to ensure diversity and rep

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Incisive interventions that blunt the RTI's edge -Suhrith Parthasarathy

r threat. New amendments have been passed without subjecting the draft law to scrutiny by a parliamentary committee. A feature common to every law enacted by Parliament in its present session, this poRTEnds the reduction of governance to a form of democracy by crude acclamation. The changes made include an alteration to the term in office of the information commissioners (ICs) and to the manner of determination of their salaries. In place of the exist

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Business leaders seek Rs 1 trillion govt stimulus to revive economy

e industry. "It is not that there was a lack of liquidity in the banks, but lending was not taking place. There is stress on the economy as far as NBFC sector was concerned," he told repoRTErs after the meeting. He added that the NBFC issue is impacting sectors like auto, home loan, and MSME. "I am told that there will be action soon. So, we will wait for that," he said. The government told the business leaders that the pu

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Climate on the farm

emissions enough to avoid dangerous warming beyond 2 degrees Celsius. It points out that the global food system is responsible for 21 to 37 per cent of the world’s GHG emissions. About a quaRTEr of the Earth’s ice-free land area is subjected to what the report describes as “human-induced degradation”. Rapid agricultural expansion has led to destruction of forests, wetlands and grasslands and other ecosystems. Soil erosion f

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Legal Scholar, IP Rights Expert Shamnad Basheer Passes Away

vartis had approached the Supreme Court after having been turned down a patent for the cancer medicine Gleevec which is sold by generic drug makers in India at a very low price, Legally India had repoRTEd then. Novartis was attempting to sell it at a distinct twentyfold markup. Please click here to read more.

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