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WHO seeks to curb menace of drug resistance -Sushmi Dey

-Down to Earth NEW DELHI: World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified antibiotics into different groups based on their theRapeutic efficacy and to curb the increasing risk of superbug infections. It has asked member-countries, including India, to adopt the classification in their health systems to cut the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotics are the most sold drugs segment in India with sales of over Rs 1,000 crore. The WHO class

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Farmers' Suicide Dictated Her Marriage, and Now Drives Her to Fight an Election -Kabir Agarwal

only symbolic. “I know I am not going to win. But I am not worried about that. I have lost a lot in life, what is one election?” she said, dressed in a printed pink kurta, with a dupatta dRaped around her head and blue slippers. “My fight is bigger than just an election. I want to bring the focus to the plight of the suicide victim families. Maybe I can give hope to others – that ‘If she can fight, we can too’.&rdqu

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Amnesty lens on abusive tweets against 100 women LS candidates -Priscilla Jebaraj

olling aimed at threatening and silencing them must be considered a human rights violation. “It’s so easy for men to dismiss it as just ‘trolling’, but we are talking about Rape threats, death threats, stalking…words which can lead to deep physical and emotional harm. These are threats of criminal activity, and they are aimed at silencing or pushing out women,” said Nazia Erum, media and advocacy manager at Amne

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Jagdeep S Chhokar, one of the founders and trustees of Association for Democratic Reforms, interviewed by Ajaz Ashraf (

R, in the ongoing elections, nearly 19 percent of candidates have pending criminal cases against them, while 13 percent of candidates have cases of a serious nature such as murder, attempt to murder, Rape or crimes against women. Meanwhile, 29 percent of the candidates have assets worth Rs 1 crore or more, an increase from 16 percent in the 2009 elections. Amid the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the independent journalist Ajaz Ashraf spoke to Jagdeep S

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Farm ponds that dot parched Marathwada may deplete groundwater in the long run -Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar

oss rural Maharashtra in the past five years, thanks to a raft of central and state subsidies. The ponds were conceived to catch and store rainwater, and are especially useful for fruits such as gRapes that require year-round irrigation, But as they have proliferated on a large scale, and are often filled from wells, experts have become concerned about their long-term effect on groundwater levels. “Farm ponds have some value for irriga

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213 with criminal cases, 401 crorepatis to contest first phase of Lok Sabha elections

ction-364), Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, etc. (IPC Section-366) etc, against themselves. 16 candidates have declared cases related to crime against women such as Rape (IPC Section-376),  assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty (IPC Section-354), husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty (IPC Section-498A), etc., against themselves. 12 candidates have

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'Government isn't able to provide even small jobs': Unemployment, anger in Jaipur's informal sector -Madhav Sharma

ven a job of hard labour, as a general election looms in a country witnessing record unemployment. It had been eight days since Shanti Devi, 30, and her husband Babulal Saini, 33, had found work. DRaped in a bright, red saree, Devi sat on the pavement. Nearby, Saini, dressed in a checked shirt and gray pants stained with paint, was in animated discussion with some of the 300 gathered labourers. Here at the Thadi market choukdi or square –

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In Delhi today: Over 5,000 survivors of sexual assault -Shalini Nair

is wrong. We are on this journey to change mindsets.”) Some spark a movement at the click of a keypad. Others trudge 10,000 km across the country for their stories to be heard. Of being gang Raped. Of being trafficked and auctioned off. Of generations of minor girls being forced into caste-based prostitution. Of being violated by upper-caste men and then violently threatened into silence. Of being branded witches and paraded naked. And after

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

s to rights—freedom from hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, etc. Socially, the MKSS has engaged with discrimination in its many forms for those socially oppressed, whether it is temple entry, Rape and ill treatment of poor and Dalit women, or access to drinking water and justice. The daily routine covers a range of such activities. The creation of campaigns and platforms has always been an important preoccupation of the MKSS. It has been a

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MSP was not 1.5 times the cost of production for most kharif crops during the last 6 agricultural years

squo; is considered. Table-3 indicates that the relative difference between MSP and 'A2+FL' cost of production was more than 100 percent for rabi crops like wheat (except 2015-16 and 2016-17 RMS) and Rapeseed & mustard (only in 2014-15 and 2015-16 RMS) between 2014-15 and 2019-20 RMS. Please check the yellow and green shaded cells/ figures of table-3.   Table 3: Relative difference between fixed MSP (including bonus) and 'A2+FL' Cost of Pr

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