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Jharkhand government not happy with direct transfer of food subsidy -Sanjoy Dey

ntre this week. Ranchi: The BJP ruled Jharkhand government has decided to ask the Centre to withdraw its pilot project for direct transfer of food subsidy into account of beneficiaries in place of Ration as it was causing immense trouble to the poor and was violating the National Food Security law, said state food minister Saryu Roy. Ranchi’s Nagri block was selected for country’s first large scale pilot, covering over 52,000 benefic

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The Invisible Majority -Vedeika Shekhar

o their concerns. A recent UN report says India is on the “brink of an urban revolution”, as its population in towns and cities are expected to reach 600 million by 2031. Fuelled by migRation, megacities of India (Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata) will be among the largest urban concentRations in the world. Interestingly, the 2011 Census reveals that women form almost 80 per cent of internal mig More »

Activists Unhappy With SC Judgment on Centre 'Curbing' MGNREGA Budget

it did not agree with this assessment, as “the Central Government is statutorily empowered to scrutinize and assess the funds to be released to the State Governments and Union Territory AdministRations for the purposes of the Act”. The Centre also argued that it often releases funds over and above the labour budget when states need it. The court said that since no state has said they are not receiving enough funds or are facing an arbitrar

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Delay in MGNREGA wages, compensation unacceptable: SC

night" of the date on which the work was done, failing which the worker is entitled to the compensation. "The burden of compliance is on the state governments and Union Territory administRations as well as the Centre. One entity cannot pass on the burden to another and vice versa," it added. "We direct the Centre through the Rural development ministry, in consultation with the state governments and Union Territory administ More »

Delay in payment of MGNREGA wages not accepted: Supreme Court

l Development to sort out the problem. A bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and N V Ramana said the burden of compliance of provisions of the Act was on the state governments, Union Territory administRations and the Centre and "one entity cannot pass on the burden to another or vice versa". "In view of the above, we direct the Central Government through the Ministry of Rural Development, in consultation with the state governments and

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Civil society activists are disappointed with the recent Supreme Court judgement on MGNREGA in Swaraj Abhiyan PIL

f the ongoing PIL, the Centre was forced to rescind guidelines that enabled the use of the MIS to constrict demand for work. The Act has no provision of either the states or the central government to Ration the projected demand for work prepared by each state. The Central Government had argued that as some states are unable to fully utilise their labour budget, there is a need to Rationalizing the funds

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Close to a quarter of households in 13 states have faced corruption in 2018, shows a recent study

recent report by CMS. There has been, however, an increase in the proportion of households who paid bribes between 2005 and 2018 for the following reasons: * PDS: Deletion/ Addition of name in Ration card * Health/ Hospital Services: Getting prescribed medicine from dispensary/ store * Health/ Hospital Services: For getting OPD cards * School Education: School Admission/ books/ uniforms * School Education: Avoid retention due to low a

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In Assam, a government-appointed panel suggests farmland be reserved for 'indigenous people' -Arunabh Saikia

undesirable person”, the report added. But who is indigenous? In Assam, the definition of who qualifies as indigenous is contentious, courtesy its diverse population and many waves of migRation. Besides, many parts of what is now Assam were previously part of other provinces with significantly different cultural allegiances. According to the 1951 Census report, an indigenous person is defined as anyone “belonging to the state of

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A start-up project that aims to resolve solid waste issues, provide alternate livelihood to wastepickers -Parthasarathi Biswas

s a liquid slurry, which, the entrepreneur says, can be used as a fertiliser. Sahasrabuddhe said the increasing waste problem has bothered him since his college days, at the IIT-Bombay. “GeneRation of biogas is not new but we wanted to improve the setups and give it a compact and easy-to-operate look,” he said. While experimenting with canteen waste at a mechanical engineering company in Chinchwad, Sahasrabuddhe zeroed in on the present

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Balancing conflicting claims -C Rangarajan & DK Srivastava

called ‘population criterion’ if the 2011 population replaces the use of 1971 figures. State populations change not only because of their differential population growth but also due to migRation. Using 1971 population data implies consciously using information that would be 50 years out of date by 2020-21, the first year of the FFC’s recommendation period. Population data used by the successive Finance Commissions in different criter

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