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Egg on the boil! Prices shoot up 40%

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Hit by tight supply in the many states, egg prices in the country have increased by up to 40 per cent. Poultry FedeRation of India President Ramesh Katri on Monday said, "the prices have jumped by up to 40 per cent to Rs 7-7.50 per piece in retail markets in most parts of the country, hit by tight supply." He added that the upward trend would continue in coming months as egg production is likely to be l

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Delhi,NCR towns need to fight air pollution together -Shivani Singh

-Hindustan Times While Delhi came under flak for running fewer buses than that it did three years ago and therefore failing to enforce blanket road Rationing, compliance of even basic anti-pollution measures was impossible in the NCR because of poor infrastructure. The Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) mandated by the Supreme Court to counter air pollution was meant to be an effort in regional coopeRation

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Onion tears and how to wipe them -Ashok Gulati & Siraj Hussain

ions at Rs 800/quintal and state agencies procured 8.76 lakh tonnes. But in the absence of ample storage capacity in the state, onions had to be quickly disposed of through the PDS and open market opeRations at almost one-fifth the cost. The whole opeRation caused a loss of Rs 785 crore to the MP government. However, the more unusual aspect of the onion situation was that only a few months later, in Augu

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Transgender rights: House panel proposed, govt rejects -Shalini Nair

had made strong observations on the need to decriminalise IPC Section 377 (which currently penalises sexual intercourse “against the order of nature”), the matter is still pending consideRation before the apex court in a separate case. The panel’s recommendation was meant to accord legal recognition and protection from Section 377 to, if not all sexual minorities, at least transgender persons whose welfare comes under the Social

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AMU must do away with separate colleges for male, female students, merge Shia, Sunni studies: Audit -Neelam Pandey

for this on April 25. No official reason was given for the audit, although some of these universities have been in the news for student protests and allegations of nepotism and autocratic administRations. The Allahabad University and Pondicherry University are among them. In the case of AMU, a university known for its orthodox Muslim culture and segregation of the sexes, it’s more about a need for wider reforms, the audit suggested. &l

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A Tale of Two Doctors and India's History of Hiding Its Diseases -Sohini C

ing him until further notice. The grounds mentioned on the letter, Dr Choudhury says over the phone, are “misinterpretation to the public as well as derogatory [remarks] to the hospital administRation as well as general health administRation” (sic). “Whatever I say is the truth, or else entirely a carnival,” Choudhury wrote in a long Facebook post titled ‘Hospital Journal&rs

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Own the crisis -Sowmiya Ashok

eside, has struggled to breathe this month. A thick layer of smog, initially deemed “severe” and then an “emergency”, enveloped the national capital region. The average concentRations of hazardous particulate matter were nearly seven times the safe standards last Thursday. Breathing has certainly become injurious to health in Delhi. Yet, those of us who live here and have vocalised our breathlessness, struggle to acknowledge

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Govt.'s solution to end stubble burning is too costly for farmers

sture content. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE, 2009), nearly 500 million tonne (MT) of crop residues are generated every year. Among the states, the crop residues geneRation is the highest in Uttar Pradesh (60 MT) followed by Punjab (51 MT) and Maharashtra (46 MT) in a year. It is worth noting that stubble burning adversely impacts soil fertility. According to some experts, stubble burning leads to yearly losses of

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GST rate cut: Union Cabinet gives nod, monitor will guard against profiteering -Aanchal Magazine

-The Indian Express The authority will have the power to cancel registRation of any entity or business if it fails to pass on the benefit of lower taxes under the GST regime to consumers. New Delhi: THE UNION Cabinet on Thursday approved the setting up of a National Anti-Profiteering Authority, a body with an overarching mandate to ensure that the reduction in tax rates under the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime gets passed on to consum

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