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Hit by note ban, Bundelkhand's sons come home to more misery -AM Jigeesh

-The Hindu Business Line They rue voting for BJP in the 2014 LS polls, and swear by Mayawati’s BSP now Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh): The reverse migRation triggered by demonetisation has possibly reversed the BJP’s political fortunes in this backward and poverty-stricken region of Bundelkhand. Coupled with agrarian distress, demonetisation-induced reverse migRation is pushing voters away fr

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Budget unmindful of income inequality -MA Oommen

a contract between the state and its citizens, may have to use the budgetary process to ensure not only prosperity for all, but justice or fairness to the most disadvantaged among them as well. A Rational budgetary process assumes efficient and purposive management of expenditure (which necessarily should involve considerable zero-base budgeting rather than incremental budgeting) along with an equally efficient manner of financing it (which ideall

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Budget and agri-commodity trading: Searching for a spot in the future -Pravesh Sharma & Raghav Raghunathan

-The Indian Express IntegRation of spot and derivatives markets for farm produce via e-NAM can be a potential game-changer There isn’t much from the recent Union Budget as far as new ideas for agriculture goes, yet it sends out a couple of signals suggesting the Narendra Modi government’s intent to integrate farmers better with the markets. One such signal is the proposal to come out with a ‘model law’ on contract fa

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Why Modi govt is handing out a raw deal to small and marginal farmers -Sayantan Bera

ich now contribute nearly a fifth to the agriculture GDP. Small and marginal farmers took to horticulture expecting better returns. Vegetables can be grown in small plots of land and being short-duRation crops, they ensure a quicker cash flow. However, farmers have been battered by repeated price shocks and lack of any support system, which are available for traditional crops such as rice and wheat. The past few months were terrible. Wholesal

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How tech is undoing NREGA in Jharkhand

e are technical glitches, it can take months. It is impossible for workers to demand accountability for these delays as payments are beyond the control of the gram panchayat or even the local administRation once FTOs have been signed. In West Singhbhum district, a gram panchayat-level functionary unwilling to be named said, "Internet connectivity is erratic, so routine tasks like issuing muster rolls take a long time. Processing payments too c

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The devil is in the fine print -Yogendra Yadav

in order to enjoy exemption from payment of income tax. He insisted that this scheme will bring about “greater transparency and accountability in political funding, while preventing future geneRation of black money”. Now, the second and the fourth components of this scheme are redundant, as these are no different from what the existing law provides for. It does not require a new law to say that political parties are “entitled&rdq

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Regulator sets up scientific panel on food fortification and nutrition -Sounak Mitra

datory for government-supported schemes such as mid-day meal at schools, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and Public Distribution System (PDS). FSSAI will carry out the exercise in collaboRation with the Union ministry of women and child development. “The panel will identify critical nutritional gaps in the Indian diet in general as well as in specific target groups based on diet surveys and credible scientific evidence, define st

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Nutrition and public health: Here's why eating wisely is a must -Vivian Fernandes

components were provided for 218 food items. In the third edition, 1941, the importance of amla as a rice source of vitamin C was highlighted. Those currently in their 50s, who suffered a daily ministRation of cod-liver oil (for vitamin D) at the hands of their mercilessly caring mothers would note that this edition proposed fish liver oil as a substitute (if that is any consolation). Please click here to read more.

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In a village in Uttar Pradesh, food is always on the minds of its residents -Supriya Sharma Botched-up beneficiary lists have denied the needy the government Rations to which they are legally entitled. Even though few in eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Baksha village have ever seen the internet, every man, woman and child there knows the word online. Online for them means standing in a queue outside a computer shop with a bundle of documents that the shopkeeper consults as he types away into the computer. At the end of the e

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Farming goes to seed -Jayshree Sengupta

us of people leaving agriculture to work in urban areas as the income of households is not enough to sustain all family members on small pieces of land averaging 1.15 hectares. To some extent, out-migRation has to be encouraged to enable agricultural rural households get higher incomes. Migrants send money home and it helps in health and education of the family. Higher rural income is vital for propping up demand for manufactures. In recent years,

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