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Maneka Gandhi Clashes With NITI Aayog on Replacing Food With Cash Transfers -Anoo Bhuyan

d Child Development this week, Union minister Maneka Gandhi said that the government is keen to overhaul the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) and withdraw the provisions of cooked food and Rations to children, and pregnant and lactating women, and replace it with cash transfers. She also said the government will shift the focus of the policy from administering food to administering nutrition. The move is at odds with recommendations by t

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What ails rural Rajasthan -Sudhir Kumar Suthar

-The Indian Express In zones of prosperity, agriculture faces crisis, jobs are few, social aspiRations don’t match economic realities After Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, farmers from Rajasthan came out on the streets demanding loan waiver and implementation of the Swaminathan Committee report. Protesting against government policies and demanding their share in the country’s development, which they argue have been denied to them,

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The Centre could provide relief from rising fuel prices by cutting taxes, but here's why it may not -Nitin Sethi and Mayank Jain

al. This crude oil is then refined. The refineries add the cost of refining and their profit margin to the cost of the oil, and sells it onwards to Oil Marketing Companies such as the Indian Oil CorpoRation. These firms, in turn, stack up their costs of selling fuel and their profit margin, and supply petrol and diesel to retail petrol pump owners. Retailer pump owners are allowed a fixed profit margin when selling to consumers. But taxes imposed by t

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The return of India's super rich -Rishabh Kumar The trajectory of wealth concentRation in the country, not just the levels of recently estimated inequality, is important A flurry of estimates regarding Indian inequality have captured public interest recently. Whether one believes the wealth inequality numbers presented by Credit Suisse or the distributional income accounts by Lucas Chancel and Thomas Piketty, evidence seems to state that India has high economic disparities. Bu

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Replacing take-home Rations with cash transfers in aanganwadis is a terrible idea

households to insist that the cash provided be used for nutritional needs. The THR system is a way to ensure that they at least get some essential nutrition. The decision to do away with take-home Rations (THR) in aanganwadis for infants under three and pregnant and lactating mothers, and to replace the scheme with cash transfers is not a good idea. The initial impetus for the scheme came from the severe malnutrition that several thousand infants a

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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana flounders: 30 lakh trained in skills, less than 3 lakh get job offers -Aanchal Magazine & Anil Sasi

skilled candidates vis-a-vis the availability of jobs under the PMKVY scheme, the official said. The government also plans to keep the implementation agency for PMKVY, National Skill Development CorpoRation (NSDC), away from implementation of the proposed district-level plan. “NSDC can help with capacity creation and serious technical assistance. It can be part of prepaRation of district-level plan

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Make own strategy to double farmers' income: Centre to states

g similar views, Agriculture Secretary S K Pattanayak said, "doubling farmers' income by 2022 should be the mantra and all of us should be working towards it. The seven key schemes have to be opeRationalised at field level." He urged states to take e-NAM project seriously and put in place infrastructure to facilitate farmers to trade online. "Once this is in place, farmers will get remunerative price and help in doubling income."

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Narmada dam: Public finance, public play -Sudeep Chakravarti

and their “faith” in the project, it’s really a matter of public finance. In 2012, when Modi was the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief minister of Gujarat, there was even some celebRation in the state over a high-level committee of the central finance ministry—a Congress-led one—recommending increased outlay in the 2012-17 Five-Year Plan to boost Gujarat’s Narmada-related canal-building in Kutch, Saurashtra and nor

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Haryana 'fake' encounter cry

not on the basis of Hussain's complaint but on a statement by Inspector Mastana of the Central Investigation Agency. The FIR purportedly says the inspector came across a white pick-up truck (registRation number not mentioned) in the middle of the road near an abandoned mine, and found an injured man (Munfaid) who was declared dead in hospital. Please click here to read more.

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Soli Sorabjee, Former Attorney General of India, interviewed by Anuradha Raman (The Hindu)

s the sine qua non of the offence of sedition. The police who slap such charges are ignorant of the law. Any criticism, they slap sedition. The authorities should have seen the action of the students Rationally. Usually, there is not (a clear) understanding of the law. In one case, Arun Jaitley was slapped with sedition, if you please. * What do you have to say to reasonable restrictions of free speech in the context of dissent? Does it require a r

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