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NRC: A major storm is brewing -Sanjoy Hazarika

-The Telegraph Even pro-BJP groups recognize that the registRation exercise could end up condemning Indians to an appalling fate The National Register of Citizens process in Assam ploughs relentlessly on. At the end of this month a full list is to be published, ostensibly of all Indians identified in the state. That is when the scale of misery and jubilation may be gauged. Yet that’s not the end of this long, complex journey. A few da

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Demands for Grants, Finance Bill may escape scrutiny of Parliamentary panels -Shishir Sinha

ment-related standing committees (DRSC). This means Demands for Grants and the Finance Bill will not be vetted by DRSCs as of now. The Lok Sabha is scheduled to take up the Finance Bill for consideRation and passage during the week starting July 15. There will also be discussions and voting on Demands for Grants for 2019-20 of three ministries — Road Transport and Highways, Rural Development and Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Youth Affai

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Selling government data to the private sector: It's complicated

. It has claimed that data are a public commodity and, hence, people should benefit from large data sets. It has been proposed that data should be sold by the government to private entities like corpoRations and analytics firms. The former could directly use the data for profit by knowing more about customers. The analytics firms would churn out sophisticated analyses of issues pertaining to healthcare or education on the basis of such data. The data,

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Explained: What is Rajasthan's free medicine scheme -Hamza Khan

h; free medicine and free tests — and is considered one of Gehlot’s pet projects. * Since when has the scheme been in place? To implement the scheme, Rajasthan Medical Services CorpoRation Limited (RMSCL) was incorporated on May 4, 2011, as a Public Limited Company, and obtained its Certificate of Commencement of Business on June 13, 2011. RMSCL was established as a centralised procurement agency for procuring generic medicines, surg

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A Happy Class -Uma Vishnu

all Education Foundation, Gowri Ishwaran, CEO of the Global Education & Leadership Foundation, and Arun Kapur of Delhi’s Vasant Valley School, the education sub-group held a series of delibeRations on reforms, with SIQE topping their agenda. Like several good ideas, this one too would have stayed on paper if not for an army of inspired footsoldiers led by Naresh Pal Gangwar, a 1994-batch IAS officer who came in as Principal Secretary in c

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End confusion over 1966-71 refugees, CPI(M) tells NRC Coordinator

en 1966 and 1971 be barred from voting for 10 years before their citizenship is considered. A major stream of refugees entered India after the India-Pakistan war in 1965 and during the war for libeRation of East Pakistan that resulted in the birth of Bangladesh in 1971. “There is a confusion over the status of those who entered India from the ‘specified territory’ between January 1, 1966, and March 24, 1971. Many people belongi

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Death by digital exclusion? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand -Shiv Sahay Singh

-The Hindu Many in Jharkhand have been denied food under the public distribution system as their Ration cards have been cancelled in the mad rush for putting in place a digital system. While activists claim that some have died from starvation, the government denies this. Shiv Sahay Singh reports on the faulty PDS A few weeks before Kaleshwar Soren, 45, died, he sold the last of his belongings, a Palash tree, for one and a half kg of rice. His

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Finance Minister Ignores Fundamental Rights of Women Farmers to Inherit Land -Naresh Chandra Saxena Why asset redistribution is superior to income redistribution. Land and labour are two basic factors needed by rural people for income geneRation. While women have always played a key role in agricultural production, their importance both as workers and as farm managers has been growing in the last two decades as more men move to non-farm jobs – leading to an increased feminisation of agriculture. However, ownership of lan

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Budget push for zero budget farming but contradictions mar Andhra's natural agri foray -Leo Saldanha

ives to adopt chemical farming based on hybrid seeds. During the 1990s, similar strategies were employed to propagate genetically modified (GM) and proprietary cotton promoted by US agribusiness corpoRation Monsanto. In the subsequent years, methods employed in promoting the Green Revolution to gene revolution have come under severe criticism. This has led to: * Massive loss of local agrobiodiversity and associated traditional knowledge * Under

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