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Sangh arm slams Niti -JP Yadav

bour face and called for revamping the think tank. The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh's scathing criticism of the think tank - that has replaced the Congress-era Planning Commission - coincided with celebRations by the BJP and the government to mark the "pro-poor" Modi regime's three years in office. "Niti Aayog is committed to a powerful corporate lobby functioning in the country and not to the weaker sections of the society.... Niti Aa

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Publishers fear red tape, censorship, Govt gets a warning -Ritika Chopra

ISBN is not mandatory to publish a book, it has become an indispensable sales tool as bookstores, wholesalers and distributors keep track of books by these codes. Currently, there are over 150 registRation agencies appointed by the UK-based ISBN International Agency for providing ISBNs to publishers in over 200 countries. In India, the Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency (RRMRNA), under the HRD Ministry, has been entrusted with this task. According

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Tears of joy: How onion farming is helping Madhya Pradesh's Korku Adivasis tide over drought -Rohit Jain

pura forest in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district. An unrelenting drought since 2014 has parched the Korku farmland, driving a population of over 40,000 spread across 100-odd villages to despeRation. In Khari village, for example, more than half the farmers have been forced to migrate in search of livelihood. Vishram Kajale, 33, has found work in a pulse-processing unit in Dhule, a town across the state border in Maharashtra. His three brot

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India fails to protect property rights of indigenous and rural women, says report

o manage their customary lands and forests. Safeguarding their rights will cement the rights of their communities to collectively own the lands and forests they have protected and depended on for geneRations.” Only four countries—Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela—were shown to have adequate legal protections concerning the rights of women to constitutional equal protection, property ownership/management and inheritance.

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Maharashtra govt reviews measures for prevention of malnutrition death in tribal areas

nging down infant mortality rate. "There will be noticeable results achieved, if there is successful implementation of the schemes by coordinating with different departments and district administRation. Create a roadmap to provide treatment and nutrition to the malnourished children through the Rural Development Committee," CS told the officials. Please click here to read more.

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India's pulse dilemma -Uttam Gupta

nce, the price of lentil (masur) was raised from Rs 34,000 per tonne to Rs 39,500 per tonne) and also promised the farmers an entire produce at MSP via National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing FedeRation of India Ltd and other State agencies. It also decided to build a buffer stock of two million tonnes. These measures were intended to incentivise farmers to take up the sowing of pulses on a large scale so that domestic production increases to brid

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Job creation in high-growth India should be a top priority -Harsh Mander

atively described by labour anthropologist Jan Breman as ‘hunters and gatherers of work’. In order to stay alive, they will go to any corner of the country, to do any work, with any remuneRation, on any terms. An estimated 12.24 million people seek work for 2-6 months annually. Of these, 77% are resident in rural areas and more than two-thirds of them migrate in desperate search of any kind of work to urban areas. Some estimates show that

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Rajasthan bats for super-grain quinoa -TV Jayan

han will encourage over 50,000 farmers to take up cultivation of super foodgrain quinoa this year, said State Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Lal Saini. Rajasthan State Seeds CorpoRation, which engaged some farmers to grow quinoa seeds on an experimental basis, has managed to raise over 20,000 quintals of seed for this year. “We plan to distribute the seeds to 50,000 or more farmers for growing,” Minister Saini told

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Cropping Monsanto's patent rights -Vivian Fernandes

PPVFR) Act, which was enacted in 2001 to encourage farmers to conserve traditional varieties. These have inherent strengths. They are hardy, having been acclimatised to local conditions over many geneRations. Diversity is essential for food security. With these objectives, the law gave conservers of traditional varieties a share of the gain, should these be commercially exploited, through the National Gene Fund to be set up and managed by the PPFVR

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Between 2013-14 & 2016-17, rabi foodgrain output likely to drop by 1 million tonne

e and Farmers Welfare would reveal that the foodgrain production during the rabi season is likely to fall by almost 1 million tonne between 2013-14 and 2016-17. Please see chart-1. Amidst the celebRation of a bumper harvest in the ongoing crop year, it needs to be explained why the rabi foodgrain output nosedived between 2013-14 and 2016-17.   The third advance estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare indicates that th

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