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That sinking feeling -MV Rajeev Gowda & Salman Soz

Opposition’s argument that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s “record” allocation for MGNREGS merely reflects displaced migrant workers returning to villages and exercising their Right to social insurance. Demonetisation badly affected farmers’ incomes resulting in a loss of demand, lowering food prices. Consequently, inflation has hit lows below the RBI’s targeted band. Low inflation levels come at a human cost &md

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A fresh perspective on farm suicides -A Srinivas

her third. A caste-wise break-up shows that both the dominant agriculturists and the other backward caste Kurubas account for a large share of suicides, “preponderantly male”. The book Rightly points out that with higher public investment in irrigation and a better seed support and extension network for horticulture, this mess could have been averted. It also underscores the high stakes game that commodified agriculture has become in a

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Hundreds of women march to reclaim roads at night -Arvind Bishnoi

tral government employee, has also made a Facebook page 'Apni Sadkein'. Speaking to TOI over phone, Yadav said she made the page to bring women of the country on a single platform to discuss their Rights. "I decided to organise a march in Delhi as a way of women reclaiming the streets and people throughout the country supported me," Yadav said. "This led to people in other cities organizing marches. This is a completely apolitical gr

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Risks to growth: mid-year economic concerns

-The Hindu Given the recent policy changes, the CEA has done Right to flag mid-year concerns Five months after the Economic Survey 2016-17 was released, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian has presented the second volume of the annual economic review-cum-prognosticatory report. With the intervening period having provided a wealth of data points and policy developments, including the momentous roll-out of the Goods and Services Tax, there

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A gathering crisis: the need for groundwater regulation -Philippe Cullet

to the resource. This was first introduced in the mid-19th century when judges decided that the easiest way to regulate this ‘invisible’ substance was to give landowners what amounts to a Right to access groundwater found under their land, even if in the process they also used water found under their neighbours’ land. Over the following decades, this led to a framework whereby landowners see groundwater as their own and as a resource

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Allow cops to raid homes for beef, Maharashtra urges SC -Dhananjay Mahapatra

omes to carry out searches. The state had banned cow slaughter in 1976. In its appeal filed before the SC, the Devendra Fadnavis government said the HC erroneously held privacy to be a fundamental Right and struck down Section 5D permitting the police to enter homes, stop and search a person on suspicion of possessing beef. The SC will hear the appeal on Friday. The state said the May 6, 2016, judgment could not have held privacy to be a fundam

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Boots, not burkha: Mumbra girls take over football field -Marcus Mergulhao

an Deol told TOI at the Duler stadium in Mapusa, Goa, on Wednesday. Simran is among the younger players in the Parcham squad that is here to take part in the week-long Women's Football and Women's Rights Festival, organized by the German-based Discover Football. Simran has been lucky too—her family, she says, is "open minded" but not everyone in Mumbra thinks similarly. Ask Mulla Afreen. Part of Parcham since inception in 2012

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SC bench observes apathy for legal provisions under NFSA by state govts.

inalize their own rules and notify the same in consultation with their respective state legal departments, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 40 of the NFSA. A press release from the Right to Food Campaign dated 4 August, 2017 says that the next hearing of the above-mentioned case is on 9 August, 2017 when the SC bench will take up other pending issues related to MGNREGA, crop insurance etc. It may be noted that the public interest

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Food for action: on food security in India

ut, Article 256, which casts a responsibility on the States and the Union to ensure compliance with laws made by Parliament, also provides the remedy, as it can be invoked by the Centre to set things Right. Unfortunately, the NFSA, which is vital for social security through the Public Distribution System and child welfare schemes, has suffered due to a lack of political will. As a law with egalitarian goals, the NFSA should have set the floor for f

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A field of her own -Tarini Mohan

-The Indian Express Advancing Rights of women farmers can revolutionise the rural ecosystem The stereotypical image of an Indian farmer is a mustachioed man, clad in a white dhoti with farming tools in hand. The reality is the Indian agricultural landscape is fast being feminised. Already, women constitute close to 65 per cent of all agricultural workers. An even greater share, 74 per cent of the rural workforce, is female. Despite their hard

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