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Neither Private Schools nor Technology Will Solve India's Learning Crisis -Rakesh Kumar Rajak and Martin Haus

erent depending on the type of school: in government schools, the figure is as low as 12%, in private schools it is 62%. Many commentators jump to conclusions and decry the state of public education (Rightly so), but they make a fundamental analytical mistake. This builds to a misleading narrative, fueling a privatisation trend that is counterproductive to solving the learning crisis. To avoid jargon, let us draw up an analogy: imagine a report on

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Rythu Bandhu scheme: Is RBS a panacea to loan waivers? -Kushankur Dey

anny will continue. Therefore, there should be some alternative mechanism to cover tenant farmers. Further, RBS has some shortcomings that need to be addressed. First, identification of the ‘Right’ beneficiary could be a daunting task to roll out the scheme, as 90-110 million smallholder farmers in India have joint land records or they are yet to digitise their land records on a centralised land revenue management information system. So

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One Egg per Student Proves 'Too Expensive' for Jharkhand Government -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

under the mid-day meal scheme from three to two. This step has apparently been taken in view of the rising price of eggs. Instead of increasing allocation, Jharkhand cut egg supply According to Right to Food campaigners in the state, the Jharkhand government earlier allotted Rs 4 per egg. With the increase in the price of eggs, it has revised its allotment to Rs 6 per egg. But instead of increasing the total budget to include with the inflation

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Egg back on Raipur mid-day menu after regime change, not in Bhopal -Dipankar Ghose & Milind Ghatwai

the Panchayat and Rural Development Department but no decision was taken… The previous BJP government did not even suggest an alternative to eggs,” said official sources. Bhopal-based Right-to-Food campaigner Sachin Jain said the large tribal population in the state “will welcome eggs on the anganwadi menu”. “They were denied the protein-rich item under pressure from one section of the community. The egg is not only a

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The coast is unclear: on the 2018 CRZ notification -Kanchi Kohli & Manju Menon

a vast, empty space that economic actors can take over. Industrialists and real estate developers share this view because coastal lands are for the most part outside the regime of individual property Rights. Land grabbing by private and government actors has been the norm. These actors forget that this space is the common property of coastal villages, towns and cities, and public beaches. Over 3,000 fishing hamlets reside along India’s coast, pa

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Indian women and the aspiration for equality: a Niti Aayog report -Manashi Sengupta

the country. Kerala and Himachal Pradesh have got the overall highest score of 69 out of 100. Kerala, which for several months is at the crossroads of a violent gender-and-faith tussle regarding the Right of women to enter the Sabarimala temple, has scored better than most on gender equality too. Uttar Pradesh scored the lowest overall: 42. On gender equality, the cumulative score of states and Union Territories was the lowest among the 13 SDGs

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Right to Food Campaign criticizes Jharkhand Government's move to reduce the number of eggs in School Midday Meals

-Press release by Right to Food Campaign dated 16th January, 2019 It is shocking to learn that Jharkhand Government has decided to reduce the number of weekly eggs in school midday meals from three to two. Earlier, the government allotted Rs 4 per egg. With increase in price of eggs, it has revised the allotment to Rs 6 per egg. But instead of increasing the total budget commensurately with the inflation in cost of eggs, the government has decide

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Farm Loan Waivers and Corporate Defaulters are Two Sides of the Same Coin -Seshadri Kumar Why is Rs 1.84 lakh crore a "fRightening challenge" for banks, but Rs 10.17 lakh crores not? The great farm loan waiver debate is back. The Congress kicked it off this time with the announcement of waivers in the newly-elected governments of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. This was followed up by similar announcements from BJP-ruled Gujarat and Assam. Rahul Gandhi even went onto to demand a nation-wide far

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Universal Basic Income can be funded by reducing subsidies to the rich -Pranab Bardhan

ot have the BPL card, while about one-third of the non-poor had it. In any case I look upon UBIS not as an administratively easier anti-poverty programme; to me it is more a part of a citizen’s Right to minimum economic security, a Right which many countries recognise, but so far India does not, even though it should easily fall under the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the “ More »

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