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Why We Need to Abandon Target-Driven Welfare -Manabi Majumdar Based on a militarised notion of ‘targeting’, such welfare policies deny citizens the Right to basic services. In an incisive analysis on anti-poverty and other social security programmes, Professor Amartya Sen astutely asks why the notion of targeting, which is essentially a military concept, is so routinely invoked in analytical discourses on basic welfare Rights for the pe

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Sunita Narain, environmentalist, interviewed by Bindu Shajan Perappadan (The Hindu)

. I feel defeated… we just don’t seem to understand the enormity of it. And we must have a strong voice internationally. Our fight on climate change is to argue for justice, equitable Rights over the atmosphere. To strengthen this fight, we must make sure that we can hold our head up in front of the whole world.   The Hindu, 15 November, 2017, please click here to access   Image Courtesy: The Hindu 

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Delhi's shiny happy sarkari schools -P Anima

s — high-tension wire passing nearby and severe space constraints — mean the school cannot expand. But it now has a new look and new equipment. Rehana’s class has new desks, and is bRightly lit and clean. “Ever since it became a pilot school, the impression about it has changed,” she says. Classes in creative writing, dance, theatre and fine arts have been introduced in the pilot schools. For this, the Delhi government

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Delhi air pollution: A (crop) burning issue, and the way out -Harish Damodaran

ntaining straw. Moreover, the time savings are huge. “Stubble burning causes moisture loss. So, the farmer has to give one irrigation and wait for seven or eight days until the field has the Right amount of moisture. After that, he has to undertake ploughing through two rounds of disc harrow, cultivator and planking operations. Only on this finely-prepared seedbed can wheat sowing take place. But with THS, you can harvest paddy and sow wheat

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Air Pollution Harmful, But It Isn't A Killer, Says Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan -Pallava Bagla & Aloke Tikku

-NDTV Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan said air pollution in Delhi had gone beyond an acceptable level and would have an adverse health impact but it wasn't Right to call it a health emergency. Panaji: Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan appears to question recent global studies that claim lakhs of people die in India due to pollution. Dr Harsh Vardhan told NDTV in an interview that "to attribute any death to a cause like pollution may b

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Egg glitch comes in Mid Day Meals -Santosh Narayan

t parts of the State, have flagged their reservations about cooking eggs in their kitchens. Confirming the development, Sanjay Tike, looking after MDM related activities of ISKCON in the State, outRightly rejected any scope of negotiation with the Government. “We are not doing that (serving egg in MDM) in any other state where we are present, nor in about 450 schools we are operating in Jharkhand and would not do that in other areas, if given

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Denial of MGNREGA entitlements continues in blatant violation of Supreme Court orders

ine administrative tasks which are being cited as the reason for withholding wages of workers of those states. This stands in stark contradiction to the observation of the Court that, “when the Rights of tens of thousands of people are affected by delayed payment of their legitimate dues, there is a clear constitutional breach committed by the State – be it the Government of India or a State Government.” Violation of orders on eff

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Rural incomes: Why farm prices are now more prone to falling than to rising -Harish Damodaran

upply imbalance. That conventional wisdom may have been turned on its head by demonetisation. The tendency now is for prices to be increasingly “sticky upward”. The accompanying table (Right) compares current benchmark mandi prices of major crops with their corresponding year-ago levels, just before demonetisation happened on November 8. In all these crops, rates have not just fallen; they are also significantly lower than the officiall

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Education needs radical reform -Dileep Ranjekar

ically different from what happens in the schools. She asked whether it is possible for the Azim Premji Foundation to engage with institutions (such as the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy) to develop the Right social and education perspective among these functionaries. Many feel that the critical reason why our current education system is failing to achieve its stated goals is that the functionaries who are required to administer our large education sy

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Jean Dreze, development economist, interviewed by Santwana Bhattacharya (The New Indian Express)

t, do you think immediate corrective measures should be taken? What do you suggest -- an immediate rollback of the order or an alternative mechanism where the targeted food subsidy/ration reaches the Right homes/recipients without pilferage? By way of immediate damage control, I would suggest switching the entire system to offline mode. There is an offline option in the system, which does not require connectivity or biometric authentication. The ne

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