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Non-linking of aadhaar with ration card is denying people their Right to Food

, Uttar Pradesh (39.5 percent), and Gujarat (39.3 percent). Please click here in order to know more about the nutritional status of children across states.    According to the Right to Food Campaign (India), a large number of Supreme Court orders have been violated by the Jharkhand state government in Santoshi’s hunger related death, which is as follows (please check the image below):     &n

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Hungry India: Are we angry enough? -Patralekha Chatterjee

b portal, the girl died crying for bhaat (rice). Her family didn’t have any. Her family’s ration card was reportedly cancelled because it was not linked to their Aadhaar number, say local Right to Food Campaign activists. With the Durga Puja holidays on, there had been no school, therefore no mid-day meals and no sustenance at home. Santoshi barely had had anything to eat for almost a week. The local authorities say the girl died due to ma

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No Aadhaar, no food rations: 11 stories that show the Jharkhand child death was no aberration -Stuti Pachisia

ingerprint authentication. In Jharkhand, the government’s website showed at least 10% of families were unable to buy their food rations, as Jean Drèze, an economist who is part of the Right to Food campaign, pointed out. “That may not seem like a very large number, but in absolute terms, it translates into something like 2.5 million people in Jharkhand being deprived of their food rations,” he said. Independent resear

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Denied food because she did not have Aadhaar-linked ration card, Jharkhand girl dies of starvation -Aarefa Johari

-old girl in Jharkhand’s Simdega district has died of starvation last fortnight, months after her family’s ration card was cancelled because it was not linked to their Aadhaar number, say Right to Food Campaign activists. With no school mid-day meals available during her Durga Puja holidays, Santoshi Kumari had gone with barely any food for nearly eight days before she died, they said. Santoshi Kumari, who came from an impoverished fami

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A Brief Case for the Indian Jhola -Ashwini Deshpande

cher, is well-known for his active role in the formulation and/or support of several of contemporary India’s social security schemes — the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), Right to Food or the National Food Security Act, Right to Information and so on. (Incidentally, in the book he disparages the media spotlight on him as the “architect” of NREGA, and suggests that if one has to assign that role to a single indi

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Is the Government Planning to Dismantle the ICDS Programme? -Rashme Sehgal

Till 2006, ICDS was reaching only one-third of the country but given the alarming statistics of malnourishment, the Supreme Court had ordered that it be universalised. Sejal Dand, working on the Right to Food Campaign (RTFC) in Gujarat says, “The Supreme Court directive was very clear. Kids under three were to be given a panjiri while those between three to six years of age were to be given a hot cooked meal preferably using local foods to

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Cash transfers may replace rations for women and infants -Shalini Nair

d with several criticising it for not being an actual substitute for take-home rations, which is a mix of cereals, fats, sugar and pulses, with added micronutrients. Dipa Sinha, who is part of the Right to Food Campaign, said that providing supplementary nutrition is the best way to address issues of availability gap. “Data from the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau shows that there is a protein-calorie gap in children as they are not cons

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Privacy: Many-splendoured right which needs to be at forefront of civil liberties -Madhavi Goradia Divan

Raghavendranath Nadkarni (1983) 1 SCC 124). The overwhelming gamut of rights that have been asserted under Article 21 and endorsed by the Supreme Court cover the right to a clean environment, the Right to Food, the right to shelter, the right to sleep, even the right to a toilet. And yet, in the challenge to Aadhaar, the State strongly resisted reading into Article 21, the right to privacy -- the very right which ought to be at the forefront of al

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Why govt-subsidised Amma, Indira canteens are lifesavers -Reetika Khera

ound 7-8%. Two, cutting costs is another way of reducing deficit. But where? Social spending in India remains too low in the international perspective. What the Supreme Court had said early on in the Right to Food case – ‘cut the flab elsewhere’ – still holds true. The message from the states, across party lines, is clear: Community kitchens which provide subsidised ready-made meals fulfil a useful social and economic role.

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SC bench observes apathy for legal provisions under NFSA by state govts.

inalize their own rules and notify the same in consultation with their respective state legal departments, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 40 of the NFSA. A press release from the Right to Food Campaign dated 4 August, 2017 says that the next hearing of the above-mentioned case is on 9 August, 2017 when the SC bench will take up other pending issues related to MGNREGA, crop insurance etc. It may be noted that the public interest

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