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Onion tears and how to wipe them -Ashok Gulati & Siraj HuSSAin

-The Indian Express Onion farmers have suffered even in a bumper crop year. Needed: Scientific storage facilities, a judicious trade policy. Onions are, once again, in the news. Last week, retail prices touched Rs 50/kg in several markets, and wholesale prices touched Rs 30/kg in major onion markets like Lasalgaon in Maharashtra. This is not the first time that onion prices have spiked. Almost every alternate year, this roller-coaster of boom and bust in onion prices happens (see Graph).

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Transgender rights: House panel proposed, govt rejects -Shalini Nair

cial Justice Ministry. In April 2016, DMK MP Tiruchi Siva’s Bill on transgender rights had become the first private member’s Bill to be passed by the House in 45 years. It was after the paSSAge of his Bill in the Rajya Sabha that the government said that it would table its own version of the Bill, which it did in the Lower House in August 2016. Unlike the private member Bill, the ministry’s Bill had several omissions, including reser

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Alien paddy is causing stubble burning, but don't blame Punjab for Delhi smog this time -KS Pannu

blems of excessive use of water for irrigation in the peak summer months, leading to the lowering of the groundwater table, as also the problem of burning its straw after harvesting, resulting in coloSSAl air pollution during the winter months. About 20 million tons of paddy straw is produced in Punjab, of which about 15 million tons is managed by way of field burning by the farmers. This is because the window for the sowing of next wheat crop is t

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Delhi air pollution: What kind of a challenge is stubble-burning? The crisis decoded -Shilpanjali Deshpande Sarma

a promising off-field option. However, analysis of the technical performance and cost-benefit economics of the on-field options, as well as techno-commercial viability of the off-field options is neceSSAry. Examining how supply-chains can be organised to cater to these options is as crucial as identifying sustainable business models. The role and participation of the farmer is as central to addressing the problem. This will not be possible without add

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Chilling silence on pesticide poisoning -Reena Gupta

ocal shop selling agricultural equipment and clearly there is a conflict of interest there. The two main agencies involved are The Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) and FSSAI. The CIBRC registers pesticides for crops while the FSSAI sets the maximum residue limits of pesticides for the crops it has been registered for. The state agriculture universities and departments then

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Why We Need to Abandon Target-Driven Welfare -Manabi Majumdar

ion issued in the recent past made Aadhaar compulsory for midday meals in government schools. Although the notification has been claimed to have been retracted since then, it is highly unclear what meSSAge will be teased out of such powerful signal in the everyday working of a school and whether some children without Aadhaar enrolment will indeed be denied the school meal, by either mistake or  intention, in  some pockets of the country. The

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Sunita Narain, environmentalist, interviewed by Bindu Shajan Perappadan (The Hindu)

llip; they can play with our lives. Everyone is complacent and people are suffering in every State. People in Haryana and Punjab are suffering as much as people in Delhi. What we have today is an aSSAult. What we are not understanding is that this will not go away till we push back on a national scale. Not these wimpy actions... get a few buses, we will enforce a bit of a ban here and there... it will not work. Odd and even is an emergency action.

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Drought and now pest attacks: Double danger stalks Odisha's rice fields, its farming mainstay -Priya Ranjan Sahu

cts directing them to take up pest control measures. “Wide publicity on pest management measures to be done in local radio and print media,” he said. “Farmers may seek advice from KiSSAn Call Centre and seek specialist advice from experts of the directorate of agriculture.” Lack of preparedness But these measures have come a little late. After a poor monsoon, the state government was prepared for drought. Officials fro

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Fast-food chicken bias finger

-The Telegraph New Delhi: An NGO claimed on Monday that several fast-food multinationals had set timelines abroad to eliminate from their food chain chicken exposed to unneceSSAry antibiotics but remain silent about their plans in India. The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said it had found that some global giants had eliminated or would eliminate chicken exposed to medically important antibiotics in other countries. The CSE said i

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Hunger and the nation: Examining food politics and policy in India -Swati Saxena

iots. The lack of food has been the result of various factors like climate change, failed economic policies, volatile food prices and resource scarcity, however, the lack has always manifested as coloSSAl discontent with the government. Strategies and policies by the governments have thereby been driven by desire to control hunger and starvation and maintain steady food supply and prices. Better distribution systems, subsidised pricing, strategies

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