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Insurers can't deny cover for mental illness, adventure sports enthusiasts -Rachel Chitra

day came out with new rules that will have widespread ramifications for health insurers and the general public. Insurers henceforth cannot decline coverage to those who have used opioids or anti-depreSSAnts. Nor can they exclude those with a history of clinical depression, personality disorders, sociopathy, psychopathy, or neurodegenerative disorders. They cannot exclude kids suffering from development disorders such as Down’s syndrome, cere

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Centre's stand and BJP word differ on countrywide NRC -Vijaita Singh

immigrants, The Hindu has learnt. On October 8 last year, a petition was filed by the Tripura People’s Front and others in the Supreme Court to update the NRC in Tripura as is being done in ASSAm, to detect and deport “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh. The petition asked the SC to direct the authorities to update the NRC by taking July 19, 1948 as the cut-off date. The SC had subsequently issued a notice to the Centre and St

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Why has drought hit the Maldharis of Kutch so hard this year? -Ramya Ravi & Abi T Vanak

t history) the Maldharis have not been able to recover from the economic shock. Some have begun selling their prized livestock. “I cannot tolerate the sight of my weakened cattle,” says HuSSAin Mutva of Mithadi village. “If someone else can take better care of them, then so be it, when it rains they will come back to me.” Why has drought hit the community so hard this time, when historically their culture is one of managing

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Update of NRC in ASSAm: As hearings on 'objections' begin, allegations of fabrication surface -Abhishek Saha

6 lakh have filed ‘claims’, while ‘objections’ have been received against a little over 2 lakh people among the 2.89 crore included in the final draft. Guwahati: Rakibul HaSSAn Khan (35) and his mother Hasina Khatun (65) went to a National Register of Citizens (NRC) hearing centre in Senga area of Barpeta district on Monday in response to a notice regarding an ‘objection’ against her inclusion in the final draft

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Why is northeast India drying up rapidly? -Aswathi Pacha

places which used to get as high as 3,000 mm of rain during the monsoon season have seen a drop of about 25-30%. A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, and ASSAm University set out to understand whether this decline is caused by anthropogenic activity or is it part of natural changes. The results published recently in JGR-Atmospheres show that the decreasing monsoon rainfall is associated with natural chan

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A policy drought

such as Himachal Pradesh and Kerala facing water scarcity, it is obvious that the current apathy cannot continue. It must be realised that while droughts bring upon a water crisis, floods do not neceSSArily mitigate it. The last four years have seen deficit monsoon and post-monsoon (October-December) rainfall. Erratic rainfall, in terms of spatial and temporal distribution, must be accepted as a norm. Please click here to read more.

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The government's anti-corruption scorecard -Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri

nment proposed amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act. The amendment Bill, which was later approved by Parliament, narrows down the definition of corruption, increases the burden of proof neceSSAry for punishing the corrupt, and makes things more arduous for whistle-blowers. The most grievous blow is the strengthening of the shield available to officials accused of corruption. Investigating agencies have been barred from even initiating an

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MGNREGA: Drought-hit India abandoned 18 lakh water works in just one year -Richard Mahapatra & Raju Sajwan

ash; close to a quarter of the total MGNREGA expense — on structures that are of no use. The same year, job cards of 1.61 million households were deleted. A job card is the base document neceSSAry for demanding and availing employment under MGNREGA. At an individual level, more than 6.5 million people lost job cards. The deletions could be for valid reasons, but their scale was unusual. Some 58.76 million households sought employment in 20

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Election Commission acts against online posts -Devesh K Pandey

blic morality and decency and six posts pertained to hate speeches/undue influence on voters. Two contents were found to be violating the Model Code of Conduct (MCC). On Twitter, eight political meSSAges being circulated during the silence period, 34 violating the MCC, five spreading misinformation related to the elections and two tweets involving hate speech/undue influence were detected and swiftly removed. Please click here to read more.

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Why do India's governments have no long-term plans to tackle poverty through education? -Anirudh Krishna

rsquo;t evident that the government has been investing in making the repairs that are essential. Journalist Rahul Pandita provides the following vignette in his book from central India: “VaneSSA, a French journalist who is with us, is keen to know whether there is a school nearby and if a teacher ever takes classes there...Dolu laughs. ‘Guruji [the teacher],’ he says, ‘he comes every year on 15 August, unfurls the national f

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