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India: Unchecked Attacks on Religious Minorities

promoted Hindu supremacy and ultra-nationalism at the expense of fundamental rights for all Indians. Extremist Hindu groups, many claiming to be affiliated with the ruling BJP, committed numerous aSSAults against Muslims and other minority communities in response to rumors that minority group members sold, bought, or killed cows for beef. Instead of taking prompt legal action against the attackers, police frequently filed complaints against the vic

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Following the grain trail: on India's public distribution system -Jean Dreze

nistry in Delhi on October 24, in response to the uproar that followed Santoshi Kumari’s death. The cash route All this, however, is just a trailer. Preparations are on for a much bigger aSSAult on the PDS in Jharkhand: the transition to so-called “direct benefit transfer”. Under the DBT system, people have to collect their food subsidy in cash from the bank before using it to buy rice from the ration shop at ?32 per kg. Until

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Reetika Khera, Associate Professor of Economics at IIT-Delhi, interviewed by Surabhi (The Hindu Business Line)

rking on schemes for direct benefit transfer for food, and other welfare schemes. What has been the impact on people's lives? The Public Distribution System (PDS) has faced continuous, disguised, aSSAults in the NDA regime. First, the government imposed compulsory Aadhaar-based biometric authentication. A recent survey of 900 households in Jharkhand found that it excludes the most vulnerable (such as old widows who cannot go to the shop to authenti

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How India lost its historic agriculture recovery growth phase in just four years -Richard Mahapatra

14-15 and the growth was quite impressive as compared to 2.6 per cent per annum during the previous decade (1995-96 to 2004-05),” says the report. Politically, it is a not-so-comfortable a meSSAge for Modi. The best phase of agricultural growth coincided with the two tenures of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA I-II) government led by the Congress. Just before this, the low growth rate phase coincided with the NDA-I tenure when Atal Bihari

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'Open-ended' FIR filed in Aadhaar leak case

ssued on Sunday, Delhi Police said, "On 5.1.18, UIDAI lodged a complaint in the cyber cell that an input had been received through the newspaper Tribune regarding violation of the Grievance RedreSSAl System of UIDAI. Accordingly, the complaint given by UIDAI has been converted into an FIR which is "open ended"... The complaint given by UIDAI has only mentioned the name of the reporter who was purportedly given access. Investigation has

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By mostly jailing Dalits, Muslims & tribals, India is making the same mistakes as the US -Devesh Kapur

and low conviction rates in India are complicit in the failure to stem the violence against marginalised groups. It is virtually an axiom in development circles to say that the rule of law is neceSSAry for a country’s economic development and advancing accountability and justice. Proponents of the former emphasise the importance of rule of law for the sanctity of property rights and contract enforcement. Those emphasising the latter, go back

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Are electoral bonds an elaborate ruse to protect anonymous donations? -Suchindran B N & Param Pandya

t many donors fear or face. Significantly, the scheme, as per the Press Information Bureau (PIB) press release made public on Tuesday, would not be available to new political parties, since it is neceSSAry that a party should have obtained at least 1% votes polled in the last election contested. A Party for Bond Also, it stated that the bonds can only be encashed into designated and registered bank accounts of those political parties that qualif

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Nursery admissions: 10 days before deadline, parents worry about children's Aadhaar

ould suffice. Seema pointed out how parents were going through a tough time trying to get the new identity papers made. Tania Joshi, principal of Indian School, explained that an Aadhaar card was neceSSAry because updating of school details on the government website demanded it. "We cannot omit a single entry in the format. Because of this we need the child's Aadhaar details," she said. Please click here to read more.

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True victims of farm crisis -Kota Neelima

ported drought conditions and sought relief. Given the scale of the crisis, the role of the state in saving the lives of farmers and their families across the country cannot be understated. It is neceSSAry, therefore, to examine factors that deliberately minimise this important responsibility of the state, especially towards women farmers. The new Manual for Drought Management by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, used for the first t

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