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In Delhi today: Over 5,000 survivors of sexual assault -Shalini Nair

As the vehicle halts for the night at a tribal settlement in the foothills of Devgadh Baria taluka in Dahod district, its passengers troop out to the unlit open ground. Most of them are survivors of Sexual Violence, and in case of minor survivors, their parents, all from rural Dalit and Adivasi communities. Around the soft glow of the hearth-flame, the local women host them for their last meal of the day: makai ki roti, dal, and onions. Tonight&rs

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65-day, 10,000-km yatra to end Sexual Violence -Pranay Prakash

rs. Apart from sexual abuse and assault survivors, allies and stakeholders will join in the march, which will culminate in New Delhi on February 22, 2019. The objective of the initiative is to end Sexual Violence against women and children, as well as raise awareness about the plight of the survivors throughout the country. Aims and objectives The march was announced by a group of people who had faced some form of sexual assault. While everyo

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Unsafe as houses: The family is a site of violence against women

destroyed, and be subjected to abuse in between — is not a revelation. Killing women, the UN report finds, is just “a continuum of gender-based discrimination and abuse”. The use of Sexual Violence against women as a weapon of war or to force her family or community into subjugation is well recorded. In fact, the idea that danger lurks in every corner for the woman outside her home has long been employed to keep her confined within t

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For assistance, police and lawyers are the least desired by female victims of Sexual Violence

Survey-4 (NFHS-4) pertaining to violence that women face. The latest available data of NFHS-4 indicates that only 14.4 percent of women in the age cohort 15-49 years, who experienced physical or Sexual Violence, have sought help, and 75.9 percent have neither sought help nor told anyone about the violence they experienced. Although 9.8 percent of victims at the national-level told someone about the physical or More »

'2 of 5 women don't report sexual assault' -Ambika Pandit

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: One in four of those reporting non-marital Sexual Violence are adolescents in the 15-19 age group, pointing to higher vulnerability of minors who are also less likely to report such instances to police as compared to adult women, a study on the lack of disclosure of such crimes has found. Overall, two in five female survivors do not inform anyone of Sexual Violence suf

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How to count lynchings -Mohsin Alam Bhat

rd the group identity of the victims. With nothing to go on, it also can be presumed that NCRB plans to record this category only in cases of murders, thus excluding a range of other crimes including Sexual Violence. Unless substantially supplemented and also disaggregated into its components at the collection stage, this mode of collecting data on “mob lynching” will not yield anything meaningful about the nature and impact of this violen

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On crime against women, bad questions, poor answers -Rukmini S

ssues including aid and development professionals, academics. and policymakers”. The questions centred on five key areas: Healthcare, economic resources and discrimination, customary practices, Sexual Violence and harassment, non-Sexual Violence and human trafficking. India, fourth most dangerous in 2011, was now the world’s most dangerous, it said. Initial responses to the poll were along pr

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New Save the Children report reveals insecurity of teenage girls from the outside world, but are our homes safe enough?

ist of 10 most dangerous countries for women, followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, Egypt, Congo, Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo. • In terms of Sexual Violence, which includes rape as a weapon of war; domestic rape; rape by a stranger; the lack of access to justice in rape cases; sexual harassment and coercion into sex as a form of corruption, India tops the list of 10 most dangerous countries fo

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When perception is reality -Sameera Khan

, these questions have important bearing. In particular, the poll ranked India as the least safe country for women — ahead of Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Somalia — with regard to Sexual Violence, persecution from cultural and religious traditions and human trafficking. The ruling government has been quick to dismiss this shameful ranking as “unscientific” based more on “subjective opinion” than any real

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