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How people gave a thumbs up to Modi's politics of performance -Asit Ranjan Mishra * Voters posed trust in Modi’s leadership for his welfare schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana * The Modi govt took a few policy missteps but came back strongly with focus on Social Sector Schemes Parkash, 30, a tractor driver from Banswara, one of the poorest regions of southern Rajasthan, is happy that his family has received cooking gas and electricity connections during the five-year tenure of the Narendra Modi government.

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Budget 2018 talks big on rural economy and agriculture. But where is the money? -Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava

– for the next financial year largely follow the trends of the last few years. In several cases, in fact, the rise in budgetary allocation was less than that for 2017-’18. Moreover, some Social Sector Schemes have been allocated less money than was the impression given by the finance minister in his speech in Parliament. The allocation for agriculture, for example, has been raised by 12.8%, the same as the last time. The allocation for

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More money for social schemes in 2019 run-up

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Several Social Sector Schemes, such as MGNREGA, housing, irrigation, education and connectivity, are expected to see a significant increase over the next two financial years as the government ramps up spending in key areas ahead of the 2019 elections. According to the medium-term expenditure framework statement tabled in Parliament by finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday, the Centre's total spending is set t

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UN honours Mamata Banerjee with highest public service award for girl child project Kanyashree -Indrajit Kundu

ucation. The project was launched in 2011 soon after Mamata Banerjee came to power and has helped more than 40 lakh female students in the state. 'Kanyashree' was ranked the best among 552 such Social Sector Schemes from across 62 countries that were nominated for the coveted award. The award was presented at the World Public Service Forum by UN Assistant Secretary General at a ceremony in Hague in Netherlands. After receiving the award, West

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National Food Security Act, mid-day meal, other welfare schemes suffer as states fail to lift grain quota -Sandip Das

-The Financial Express New Delhi: The states have not been lifting the entire volume of foodgrains allocated by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) for the various Social Sector Schemes including National Food Security Act (NFSA), mid-day meal and other welfare schemes for the past many years due to inadequate storage facilities. According to official data, in FY16, only 84% of wheat and 94% of rice allocated to states for distribution for var

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Retaining MGNREGA's core -Brinda Karat

s referring to it as a “mad race” to create workdays. A most unique feature of the MGNREGA is its universal character. It is not a “targeted” programme as many of the other Social Sector Schemes are. The rationale is that only those who cannot find better alternatives of employment will opt to work in MGNREGA. It is not a charitable enterprise. It is extremely hard work under very difficult work conditions. The work which is

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At The Margins -Lola Nayar

shtra, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. As most states appear inclined towards reducing the deficits in their budgets instead of increasing their overall budgetary expenditure, many of the Social Sector Schemes have seen reduced allocation. State budget data for 2015-16 (BE) indicate a shift away from education, health, drinking water, public works and social welfare in many of the states, with a shift in favour of infrastructure expenditur

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Freedom in peril -R Ramakumar

had been eliminated across 30 States/Union Territories. Yet, it is claimed that Aadhaar-based deduplication offers the only effective way to eliminate “bogus” ration cards. Aadhaar in Social Sector Schemes Jaitley’s positioning of the Bill as pro-poor and welfare-oriented is nothing but a clever ploy to mask the real intentions behind it. The real intention behind the Aadhaar project is not to improve welfare or reduce poverty

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The downside of govt's social sector push -Nitin Sethi

-Business Standard While allocations to several Social Sector Schemes have been increased, concerns about the direction of the funds being ploughed remain The health and education sectors have trudged along the last two years awaiting direction that would be set through new policies the National Democratic Alliance government promised. In the absence of these guiding documents, most observers have been left to read the intermittent policy deci

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Unicef South Asia chief says funding pattern for India operations is changing -Jyotsna Singh

quo; said Hulshof. Talking about devolution of taxes to states from 32% to 42% since financial year 2015-16, she said state governments have become the site for both planning and implementation of Social Sector Schemes. “We have to now engage states more than the central government, especially in social sectors like health and education. Almost two-thirds of our staff is working at the state level at present,” said Hulshof. Unicef ha

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