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Death by digital exclusion? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand -Shiv Sahay Singh

e been denied food under the public distribution system as their ration cards have been cancelled in the mad rush for putting in place a digital system. While activists claim that some have died from Starvation, the government denies this. Shiv Sahay Singh reports on the faulty PDS A few weeks before Kaleshwar Soren, 45, died, he sold the last of his belongings, a Palash tree, for one and a half kg of rice. His ration card was cancelled in 2016 for

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Stoppage of pension payments in Jharkhand grossly violated the Supreme Court orders, allege Right to Food Campaign

-Press release by Right to Food Campaign, dated 20th June, 2019 Two more Starvation deaths have occurred in Jharkhand recently: one in Jama (Dumka district) and one in Mahuadanr (Latehar district). In both cases, the victim was a pensioner but he did not receive any pension payment since January 2019. Had pensions been paid on time, Motka Manjhi and Ramachandra Munda would perhaps be alive today. Enquiries from the welfare office in Latehar di

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Death by Starvation haunts village in Jharkhand's Dumka -Abhishek Angad

card was cancelled because it was not linked to an Aadhaar card, Kaleshwar had to depend on others for food. He sold off many of his belongings to avail rice, but eventually died — allegedly of Starvation — on November 11. According to his sister-in-law Santari Murmu, in his last days Kaleshwar had mortgaged his land, and his children have not been able to reclaim it till now. “We used to give him food, but we too had little th

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Number of dead yaks could be more than 500, herders tell Sikkim govt -Pramod Giri

15,000 ft in Mukuthang after families, which looked after them, came down to lower altitudes to save themselves from the cold, leaving the flocks behind. Siliguri: The number of yaks that died of Starvation in north Sikkim could be 500 or more, the authorities have said after talking to herders who graze the animals in Mukuthang Valley in the northeastern state near the border with China. Officials had said on Saturday that 300 yaks died at aro

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Trapped in snow, 300 yaks starve to death in Sikkim -Pramod Giri

g by selling yak milk and cheese came down to lower altitudes, leaving the flock behind. “Due to heavy snowfall, the yaks were stranded at one place in Mukuthang since December, which caused Starvation and led to the death of the yaks,” said a press statement issued by the Sikkim government. “The deaths have been reported at Mukuthang Valley near the Indo-Tibetan border,” Raj Kumar Yadav, district collector of North Sikkim d

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Jharkhand's invisible citizens: Netas don't have time for one of India's poorest districts -Anumeha Yadav The election season seems to have skipped adivasis in the state that has recorded 19 deaths from Starvation since 2017. On New Year’s Eve, Baghiya Birijiya lost her mother Budhni Birijiyan to hunger, cold, and extreme poverty in Latehar, one of India’s poorest districts. The family had so few means that they could not cremate the 80-year-old’s body for two days, until public pressure led the administration to

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Will India become a big importer of food? -Ashok Gulati

ation. In 1943, during the British rule in India, the Bengal famine is said to have taken 1.5-3 million lives. But since Independence in 1947, although widespread deaths have not been reported due to Starvation, India faced “ship to mouth” situations during two successive droughts in the mid-1960s. Massive imports of wheat (about 11 million tonnes/year) from the US under Public Law 480 saved the day for India. But it also taught the countr

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Probe into 3 national capital hunger deaths fudged details to cover up: Delhi govt -Sourav Roy Barman

isters were allegedly “fudged”, pages “pulled out” and pencil records “erased” and overwritten to falsely establish that three sisters aged 8, 4 and 2, who died of Starvation in east Delhi last year, fell under the safety net of the state-run Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is learnt to have written in file notings on the issue. The Indian Express has learnt that

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

r are reeling under ill-conceived and badly executed policies such as demonetisation and GST [goods and services tax]. Their social security nets are starved of funds, and they are literally dying of Starvation owing to the illegitimate push of Aadhaar. The concentration of power and fear of retribution and intolerance of dissent are so acute that there is silence. This is a government of the few (privileged), by them and for themselves. There is litt

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Fabrication and falsification -Rajendran Narayanan

of vulnerabilities to eke out a living. A lack of dignified employment, non-payment of adequate wages on time and insufficient food mean that the family of four is in a dicey situation and staring at Starvation. A curation of data In recent years, there have been at least 74 reported Starvation deaths, with 60 cases having occurred in the last two years across parts of India; a lot of them have been i

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