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Tackling farm distress is high priority

has witnessed two major droughts, and severe crop losses due to unseasonal rains. The farmer has been left without any investible surplus for the next crop. Reliable estimates put the farmers’ Suicide Rate at around 45 a day, a heavy toll indeed. The droughts could have been managed had there been more investment in improving the irrigation system. Despite all talk of farmers support, the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, designed to prov

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Jean Dreze, the Belgian-Indian economist, interviewed by Ujjawal Krishnam (National Herald)

with this? How can farmers’ suicides be stopped? I don’t think that farmers’ suicides are a good indicator of agrarian distress. According to official statistics, farmers’ Suicide Rates have declined significantly in the recent past, at least until 2016, the latest year for which statistics are in the public domain. Today, they are no higher than in the population as a whole, and much lower than for high risk groups like ma

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Why the farmer suicide debate is counter-productive to understanding India's agrarian crisis? -Roshan Kishore

hlights that farmer suicides are a bigger problem in states with greater access to formal credit such as Maharashtra than the ones like Bihar, where money lenders hold more sway. She also argues that Suicide Rates among housewives are almost twice the number among farmers. While the facts used in the article are correct on a stand-alone basis, using them to discount the crisis in Indian agriculture is not. Here’ why. Let us take the farmer su

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Neither freebies nor loan waivers will reduce farmer suicides -Neeraj Kaushal

straight on suicides in India. First, suicide mortality rate is lower among farmers than non-farmers, not higher. In 2011, the latest year for which these data are computed, non-farmers had twice the Suicide Rate compared with farmers. Two, the non-farmer Suicide Rate has been rising since 1995. The farmer Suicide Rate has been generally falling or stagnant in re

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Four of 10 women who commit suicide in world are from India, most are under 40: Study -Anuradha Mascarenhas

Pune: Almost four in every ten women who commit suicide across the world are from India; 71.2 per cent of suicide deaths among women in India were in the 15-39 age group; between 1990 and 2016, the Suicide Rate among women in India reduced by almost 27 per cent. These are among the findings of a paper, “Gender differentials and state variations in suicide deaths in India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 1990-2016,” published Wednes

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Women Suicide Rate alarm -GS Mudur

-The Telegraph Young adults too take lives in high numbers New Delhi: India accounts for more than a third of global suicide deaths among women, according to a study released on Wednesday. The study has also corroborated earlier findings that suicide is the top cause of death among Indians aged between 15 and 39 years. "Young adults are taking their own lives in alarmingly high numbers, constituting a public health crisis," lead researcher Rakhi Dandona, at the Public Hea

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Budget 2018: Kiska Saath, Kiska Vikas? -N Paul Divakar

e multiple forms of discrimination and exclusion in institutions, sometimes even physical and sexual violence resulting in increased drop out rates among the communities and and/or prevalence of high Suicide Rate. In the budget, Rs 3,000 crore for SCs and about Rs 1,586 crore for STs are allocated especially towards Post Matric Scholarship. Such an amount falls severely short of addressing the mandated needs of students. Regarding gender, budget

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Poor analysis, wrong conclusions in recent research paper, claims a group of scientists -MT Saju

ted States) titled "Climate change and agricultural suicides in India" which claimed that 'temperature during India's main agricultural growing season has a strong positive effect on annual Suicide Rates, a group of scientists has issued a joint-press release questioning the authenticity of facts mentioned in the paper. In a joint-statement, T Jayaraman, professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Madhura Swaminathan, professor,

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Middle Earth Moguls -Pragya Singh

ng a service that makes up the totality of the Indian agriculture bazaar. The profits at each layer too would expand or contract depending on the season, but never enough for governments to topple or Suicide Rates to climb. In a simplified graph, here’s how the supply chain works. To cut costs, most potato growers sell their produce to local traders. At this stage, there’s the cold storage, where either the farmer or the first trader re

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Is India faced with a 3.1 lakh crore farm-loan waiver? And will it help?

e bulk of this figure. The waivers were primarily meant to discourage suicides by farmers, apparently caused by widespread indebtedness. However, our analysis shows this had little or no impact on Suicide Rates, probably because 32.5 per cent on average, or 79.38 million, small and marginal farmers across India (with farm holdings of less than 1 to 2 hectares in size) rely on informal sources of credit. Please click here to read more.

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