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Why an industrial policy is crucial -Santosh Mehrotra

roductivity levels in industry (and manufacturing) are much higher than in either agriculture or services. Manufacturing is an engine of economic growth because it offers economies of scale, embodies Technological Progress and generates forward and backward linkages that create positive spillover effects in the economy. In the U.S. and Europe, after the 2008 crisis, the erstwhile proponents of neo-liberal policies started strategic government effor

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New curbs on free expression have surfaced with new technologies –UN

-The United Nations While Technological Progress and innovative business models have expanded opportunities for freedom expression, they have also allowed for new threats to emerge in the form of Internet censorship, filtering, blocking, and surveillance, warns the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Freedom of expression is essential to dignity, dialogue, democracy and sustainable development,"

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Mumbai monolith epitomises need for post-2015 agenda to tackle inequality-Kevin Watkins

ld hunger is hardly falling at all. Rising income inequality is globalisation's theme tune. As Oxfam highlighted in a report last week (pdf), what is happening in India is part of a wider pattern. Technological Progress, market-oriented reforms, and excessively generous tax regimes are driving a wedge between rich and poor, magnified by the opportunities created through trade and finance – and by a parallel failure to finance decent public se

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Rich Economy, Poor Management -Pranab Bardhan

usion and competition. To economists, however, it’s unclear how much of the rise in inequality within a country is due to foreign competition and how much to the inexorable forces of ongoing Technological Progress which contribute to considerable churning in the labour markets in any case: Computers, robots and ATMs would have displaced secretaries, welders and bank-tellers, respectively, even in a trade-restricted regime. Such technology, by

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Recovering Budhni Mejhan from the silted landscape of modern India-Chitra Padmanabhan

nning Commission, quoted in ‘Dams, Displacement, Policy and Law in India', 1999.) Further, these “sites of development invited the citizens to see themselves reflected in the mirror of Technological Progress and development.” That was us — Surjit, Budhni, and I as a representative of my generation which through the compass of G.K. had memorised the nation as a geography of developmental shrines. A historical juncture had

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Web should remain without regulation: Vint Cerf

he combined power of the internet and mobile, wireless and broadband services is producing an information and application cornucopia. How often do you hear "there's an app for that"? The Technological Progress of the internet has also set social change in motion. As with other enabling inventions before it, from the telegraph to television, some will worry about the effects of broader access to information -- the printing press and the ri

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Asia's increasing rich-poor divide undermining growth, stability - ADB report

, rural-urban and interprovincial differences account for the bulk of inequality. Skill premiums have risen in many countries and better educated workers are enjoying much higher income growth. Technological Progress favours capital over labour, with the share of labour income in gross domestic product declining and that of capital increasing in many countries. The abundance of labour relative to capital in the region is also a contributing f

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A big step forward-CP Chandrasekhar

lsory licensing can be invoked when the patent holder does not work the patent or does so in a manner that is inimical to the public interest, leading to “unreasonable prices”, inadequate Technological Progress, or inability to deal with public health or other emergencies. However, the TRIPSAgreement did require that the patentee should be notified about possible violations and the prospect of issue of a CL and that negotiations should be

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'Rapid growth leaving millions behind in Asia'

h is leaving millions behind, causing a widening gap between the rich and the poor that threatens to undermine the region’s stability,” it said. Blaming inequalities in Asia to Technological Progress, globalisation and market-oriented reforms during 1990-2010, the report cautioned these forces should not be shunned or obstructed, as these would affect both productivity and growth.   Rather, “policy makers sh

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Silent Report by Prabhat Patnaik

nd). And this sees the food crisis as a result of reaching the limits of producible output on the available land with the available technology. It follows that the only solution to the crisis lies in Technological Progress that can raise land productivity (the “evergreen revolution”), or in lifestyle changes that are analogous to Technological Progress though far more difficult to bring about. W

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