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What happened to poverty during the first term of Modi? -Himanshu

cent indicators of falling consumption demand only confirm the distress in the economy in the last five years. Third, worsening agricultural incomes and stagnant wage growth was bound to give rise to Unemployment. The recent report of the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) has only confirmed what was known through other measures such as the Labour Bureau reports. The slowdown has certainly raised questions on the claims of economic growth and job

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Most regular jobs in India don't pay well: PLFS -Ishan Anand & Anjana Thampi

e headline numbers reveal. The data shows that the proportion of the workforce engaged in regular wage/salaried jobs increased by 5 percentage points between 2011-12 (when the last NSSO employment Unemployment survey was conducted) and 2017-18. But this increase was partly because of the denominator effect (the overall workforce declined by 4 percentage points between 2011-12 and 2017-18). As a share of the population, regular workers increased onl

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Is Jammu and Kashmir underdeveloped as stated by Amit Shah? -Vignesh Radhakrishnan & Sumant Sen

s have had lesser people served by one doctor. The best State was Delhi (2,203 people per government doctor) while the worst State was Bihar (28,391 persons served by one government doctor). Rural Unemployment rate Jammu and Kashmir was placed 21st for rural Unemployment rate in 2011-12. Out of every 1,000 people, 25 were unemployed in the rural areas of J&K. The best State was Gujarat (3 out of e

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Dial 'M' for Manufacturing -Santosh Mehrotra & J Parida

ey Organisation (NSSO). Further, during the same six-year period, the total workforce actually shrank from 474 million to 465 million, a first in India’s post-Independence history. While the Unemployment rate for all age groups increased from 2.2% (2011-12) to 6.1% (2017-18), youth Unemployment rate surged to a level never witnessed before in the Indian economy, increasing from 6.1% (2011-12) to 17

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Civil society activists condemn the statement by Rural Development Minister in Parliament on discontinuation of MGNREGA scheme

Party’s anti poor bias. Last year, the average increase in MGNREGA wages across the country is a measly 2.6%. At a time when large parts of the country are experiencing yet another drought, Unemployment is at a historical high and the poor are still recovering from 2016’s demonetisation which crippled the informal economy and led to job-losses for millions across the country, rural wages remain stagnant. The Supreme Court has repeat

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Make no mistake: Agriculture alone has the potential to reboot the economy -Devinder Sharma

o; At a time when Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz says that neo-liberalism is ‘dead and buried’, and the world as a result is increasingly grappling with the gigantic problems of rising Unemployment, gnawing inequality and climatic change reaching a tripping point, agriculture alone has the potential to reboot the economy. While the accumulation of wealth in the western countries is essentially built on greenhouse gas emissions, as au

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Jobless growth becomes more systemic -KP Kannan & G Raveendran

7-18), are a cause for concern as the scenario is still far from anything that would denote decent employment. The two biggest issues here are: the shrinking share of the labour force; and the rising Unemployment. The labour force participation rate (% of people working or seeking work in the above-15 years age category) in the earlier survey of 2012 was 55.5%. This has shrunk to 49.7% in 2018. There is an absolute decline in the number of workers

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CSOs are unhappy with the way the Economic Survey 2018-19 & the Union Budget 2019-20 dealt with MGNREGA

ration the limited funds, the central government does not release them regularly, which in turn delays the payment of wages. It also does not pay the full compensation amount entitled to workers, or Unemployment allowance in case of denial of work. Due to the government’s unwillingness to allocate adequate funds for NREGA, the notified NREGA wage rates are much lower than the state-wise statutory wage rates. This has made NREGA work unremunerat

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Debate on Budget: Opposition targets govt on NREGS allocation, Unemployment -Liz Mathew & Shalini Nair

-The Indian Express Opposition members said it has no roadmap and does not address the serious issues of agrarian crisis and Unemployment. TARGETING THE Union Budget in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Opposition members said it has no roadmap and does not address the serious issues of agrarian crisis and Unemployment. The ruling BJP members countered that the Budget has “everything to take the coun

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More of the dismal same -Prabhat Patnaik

get for 2019-20. Even so, one is surprised by the budget’s lack of engagement with the current problems of the economy, which are serious: A slowing down of activity, agrarian distress, massive Unemployment, and external payments worries exacerbated by Donald Trump’s belligerence. There has been a perceptible slowdown in revenue growth of late, partly because of the slowdown in activity, but mainly on account of poor GST collections. Th

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