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How the data sets stack up -C Rangarajan & S Mahendra Dev

inequality in rural areas declined while it increased in urban areas in the post-reform period, particularly in the high growth period (Gaurav Datt, Martin Ravallion and Rinku Murugai, “Growth, Urbanization and Poverty Reduction in India”, 2016). One view is that inequality in consumption may be an under-estimate as National Sample Survey (NSS) data may not be capturing the consumption of the rich adequately. The difference between the

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Lack of watershed management, monsoon-based farming hit agriculture sector in Uttarakhand -Nihi Sharma

o; he told Hindustan Times. “In Himachal Pradesh, the practice is prevalent due to which farmers make the optimum use of their fields.” While the state agriculture department blames Urbanization, rapid development and migration for the poor condition in the agriculture sector in the state, the overall crop area in both the states is also declining. The figures Union ministry, states a drop of 17,000 hectare in the total cropped ar

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It's time to give priority to women's work participation

women generally work out of compulsion and are engaged in poor quality jobs, largely in the agrarian sector. As household incomes rise when the male members find jobs in industry or services (due to Urbanization or rural-urban gradation), women may opt to drop out from the labour market (or labour force) as higher household incomes allow women to stay at home, which is often a preferred household choice. Evidence, however, suggests that higher ho

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Circular migration is holding back India's Urbanization -Dipti Jain

e was the announcement of the smart cities project, which involves overhauling of urban infrastructure in 100 Indian cities. In April, Niti Aayog chairman Arvind Panagariya predicted India’s Urbanization rate to increase to over 60% in the next 30 years, assuming a 7-9% rate of economic growth. These policies and statements underline the importance of Urbanization in the Indian growth story in t

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Inclusive rural transformation is essential to eliminate poverty: report -Kritika Singh and Prerna Kapoor

the report says. It calls on governments in the Asia-Pacific region to develop targeted policies and invest in promoting inclusive development of rural areas. Changes in food consumption patterns, Urbanization and climate change are the major factors affecting rural transformation—which contribute to overall economic development. The study identifies initiatives taken by India towards poverty eradication and rural upliftment and applauds t

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Rajasthan's Phalodi sizzles at 51°C, highest ever temperature in country -Ashish Mehta

1, places in northern India, especially in Rajasthan, are witnessing a rising temperature trend every year. The main reason is the excessive use of energy and emission of carbon dioxide. Factors like Urbanization and industrialization too have added to the global warming phenomenon. I think similar trend would be maintained in Rajasthan in coming days." Phalodi was followed by Churu where a maximum temperature of 50.2 degrees Celsius was recor

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India’s High Growth Rate Isn’t Translating to Job Creation -Saumitra Chaudhuri

away from the farm reasserted itself. In China the administration used the hukou or registration system to slow the pace of rural migration by denying migrants access to social benefits. Nevertheless Urbanization climbed from less than 20% in 1978, the start of China’s economic reforms, to over 55% today. The pace of Urbanization in India was slower: From 23% in 1981 to 32% presently. In part it wa

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Extreme rainfall not because of global factors: study -Trushna Udgirkar A study reveals that such rainfall is influenced more by changes in conditions like local temperature and Urbanization Hyderabad: The blame for extreme rainfall in India, a recurrent phenomenon in some cities, cannot be laid squarely on global warming and the El-Nino effect, perhaps. A study by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) reveals that such rainfall is influenced more by changes in conditions like local temperature and

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To turn garbage into gold -Sandeep Pai & Savannah Carr-Wilson

rash to serve as fuel. Back in India, we are far from this state. India is suffering from a crisis in MSW management that is worsening by the day. The amount of waste is rapidly increasing due to Urbanization, population growth and unplanned development. Most Indian municipalities are cash-starved and are not able to handle the massive and increasing load of urban waste they receive. The result is that most municipal waste ends up in landfills &md

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Urbanisation in India slow, messy, hidden: World Bank -Subodh Varma

-The Times of India India and her neighbors are going through a tortuous process of Urbanization - slow, messy and partly hidden. This is seen in severe problems of livability and congestion, making cities unattractive for rural migrants. As a result, whatever benefits urban agglomerations could have offered in terms of economic advance are getting diluted. This is the dire analysis of a 200-page World Bank report on More »

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