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Swaraj is the kisan's birthright and he should have it -Harish Damodaran

-The Indian Express agrarian crisis is an opportunity, for the government that assumes office after elections, to enact a law giving farmers the right to sell any quantity of their produce to anybody, anywhere and at any time. The German obsession with sound currency has been conditioned by the collective memory of the Great Hyperinflation of 1922-23, just as American intolerance to double-digit unemployment and stock market crashes is tracea

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Tackling the agrarian crisis, differently -V Kumaraswamy

-The Hindu Business Line The focus must shift away from sops, to raising farmers’ income by promoting better seeds and rejuvenating soil health agrarian crisis is staring on our face and, as usual, a flood of familiar suggestions have resurfaced. The political responses have been on expected lines. Fixing MSPs (minimum support prices) at 50 per cent over costs is as disastrous as it can get. There is no inherent incentive in cutting d

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How bankruptcy code can help fix India's agrarian crisis -Aishwarya Satija

-The Economic Times The IBC’s ‘fresh start’ process provides a systematic manner of waiving debts overseen by a judicial body. Historically, farm loan waivers have been used as a quick-fix solution to agrarian distress in India. Commonly used by political parties before elections, they have a long history at both central & state levels. However, the efficiency of waivers in actually resolving the debt burden of farmers is questionable. Waivers may work as a tempo

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Slowing Economy, Rising Joblessness -Subodh Varma New GDP numbers show the deep agrarian crisis and an economy in doldrums, while unemployment continues to grow. Advance estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the current year 2018-19, and estimates for the third quarter (Sept-Dec 2018) show unmistakeable signs of a slowing economy, despite the flawed method of calculating these estimates. The country’s economy will grow by 7% in the current year which will end this

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Missing: The woman farmer -Sakshi Rai

issue in understanding why women’s work as farmers is largely invisible. However, the large-scale migration of men towards pursuing other non-farm employment opportunities due to the worsening agrarian crisis has pushed more women into this sector. Work is not homogenous and neither are women or their work. Perceiving work through economic lens, the policy framework falls short in addressing the invisible and open unemployment of women along wi

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Is Small Still Beautiful? Revisiting the Farm-Size Productivity Debate -Sarthak Gaurav and Srijit Mishra

rns of cost of cultivation and net returns from cultivation brings out the issue of high external input intensive agriculture and low absolute net returns of smallholders: two important dimensions of agrarian crisis. As the Indian economy experiences a stunted structural transformation in which the dependence on agriculture for employment remains high and size of farm holdings decline continually, the existence of aninverse relationship between farm-s

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Budget allocation for agrarian welfare is utter betrayal to farmers: Kisan Sabha -Pratyaksh Srivastava

which has been spearheading the farmers’ protest in the national capital for the past two years, stated that the Budget does not provide any solution to some of the most pressing issues of the agrarian crisis and the much larger rural distress in the country. Yadav said that the fund allocation in the Union Budget is a desperate measure to buy farmers’ votes before the elections. Please click here to read more.

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Income transfer can ease farm distress -A Narayanamoorthy & P Alli

and Tamil Nadu). However, even after such massive loan waiver, there is no evidence to show that the livelihoods of farmers have improved. Farm loan waiver cannot permanently cure the deep-rooted agrarian crisis. Those supporting loan waivers must understand that a large chunk of farmers still borrow from, among others, moneylenders and traders. As per the report of the All India Debt and Investment Survey (2013), the share of non-institutional de

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Jean Dreze, the Belgian-Indian economist, interviewed by Ujjawal Krishnam (National Herald)

the Act itself will be amended soon and the Commission will be reduced to a government poodle. So what is happening now is a two-sided attack, on the right to information as well as on the Act. * agrarian crisis is deepening in India. How can India deal with this? How can farmers’ suicides be stopped? I don’t think that farmers’ suicides are a good indicator of agrarian distress. According to official statistics, farmers&rsquo

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

he need for a whistle-blowers Act, the background of the RTI campaign, four years of the Narendra Modi government, the changing political body language of the country, attacks on dissent, the ongoing agrarian crisis, activities and campaigns of the MKSS, policy alternatives to foster more inclusiveness, the importance of participatory democracy, the role of civil society, and the women’s reservation Bill. Excerpts: * According to some reports

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