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Which one is a better indicator for depicting the problem of joblessness -- Proportion Unemployed or Unemployment Rate?

ortion of rural women (all ages) employed in that sector declined from 18.6 percent to 12.8 percent (viz. by 5.8 percentage points) between those years, which according to Rawal and Bansal, indicates agrarian crisis. The proportion of rural men (all ages) employed in construction -- a sector, which is known to have absorbed labour intensively between 2004-05 and 2011-12 -- has increased from 7.1 percent in 2011-12 to 7.5 percent in 2017-18 (viz. by ju

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Post-poll survey: Farmers' issues were not centre stage -Amrit Prakash Pandey & Manjesh Rana

-The Hindu PM-KISAN and a nationalistic campaign seem to have worked for the BJP In November last year, thousands of farmers marched to Parliament to highlight the agrarian crisis and demand higher crop prices, full loan waivers and drought relief. There were quite a few such protests in 2018, and considering their scale, many believed that it was likely that the discontentment of farmers, who also make up an important voting bloc given that h

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Is 'Right to Work' More Important Than 'Minimum Income Guarantee'? -Dunu Roy

eing suggested to tackle the growing rate of unemployment, but are they in tandem with the needs of the workers? Two issues were concealed under the din of elections. The first is the depth of the agrarian crisis with rising costs, falling prices and diminishing livelihoods. The second is the declining rate of employment in urban India, even within the informal sector, and the tumult among the youth who have no future. While most electioneering

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NDA trounces agrarian crisis to win rural areas -Jitendra

ly in these very areas The incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has beaten all odds to win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Prominent among these odds was the agrarian crisis that rural India is currently in the throes of. Since 2014, the country has suffered two major droughts and 850-odd incidents of crop losses due to freak weather events. Finally, in 2017 and 2018, when there were bumper harvests, the pr

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With growing debt and farmer suicides, agrarian crisis in India on the rise

-The New Indian Express As polling season concludes across the country, The Sunday Standard puts an ear to the ground and listens in to the expectations that India has from its next government NEW DELHI: Agrarian irony cries out in Punjab, the food bowl of the country, with farmers’ indebtedness only growing in recent years.    The agrarian irony is marked by overproduction in the face of inadequate price, with lopsided institutional credit, leaving farmers at the merc

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Sunaina Rawat and the dilemma of Bharat -Richard Mahapatra

;s rural economic crisis and the aspirations of the rural masses. Remember, in 2024 she will be a first-time voter. And there will be millions like her. She is a walking statement on India’s agrarian crisis and our criminal failure in averting this crisis. To sum up her conversation with NDTV: she wants to be a doctor, but her economic condition is not so encouraging. Her family has lost whatever little income they used to earn from farming a

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How a rural distress helpline in Telangana is preventing farmer suicides -Priyanka Richi

verge of suicide and handle distress calls from farmers who are depressed and need a ray of hope in their lives. Why are the farmers distressed? Telangana is one of the states worst hit by the agrarian crisis. Thousands of farmers have killed themselves  since the inception of Telangana and the state stands second when it comes to farmer suicides in the country. So what exactly is worrying the farmers in the state? Harsha, one of the fo

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Jitheesh PM & Jipson John (

tern Uttar Pradesh, farmers were so happy. The man who used to harvest one tonne per hectare got four times more, and could sell three times more than the normal. * Today we are in the midst of an agrarian crisis. More than three lakh farmers have committed suicide in the past two decades. According to socio-economic surveys, the income of farmers is declining. There are other issues like rural migration, displacement, etc. What is the cause of the

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Vishwanath Kulkarni (The Hindu Business Line)

has lagged behind in the last several years, not the present government alone. In fact, my report was submitted to the Manmohan Singh government. If they had adopted most of the recommendations, this agrarian crisis would not have been there. We start from minimum support price, procurement policy and the public distribution policy. For MSP, we had recommended C2+50 per cent, which farmers are demanding. My idea was, instead of fixing the price eve

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Uttar Pradesh's farmers split over cane, cattle and crashing prices -Priscilla Jebaraj

-The Hindu agrarian crisis has not dimmed Prime Minister Modi’s appeal The sugarcane farmers gathered around a tree-shaded charpoy at Bhainswala village, a few kilometres from Shamli town in western Uttar Pradesh, share a common litany of woes — late payments, high input costs, the stray cattle menace — for which most blame the policies of the BJP government. But when the discussion veers around to the Lok Sabha election,

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