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PM-KISAN challenge: Centre may end up spending only a fifth before elections -Jitendra

he financial year ends. Anyway, after that the Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct will kick in, tying up the government machinery. The lack of data is a major obstacle: According to agriculture census 2015-16, 86.2 per cent of landholdings were marginal (up to 1 hectare) or small (1-2 hectare). But they totalled only 47.3 per cent of India’s crop land (157.14 million hectares). Thus, the country’s 12.6 crore small and mar

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There is so much confusion about the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

i Kisan Samman Nidhi (PMKSN) programme during his budget speech on 1st February, 2019, it becomes essential to differentiate between 12.56 crore operational holding households (enumerated, as per the agriculture census) and 13.33 crore ownership holding households (estimated, as per the 70th round National Sample Survey report no. 571) pertaining to size upto 2 hectares. In his budget speech, the finance minister said that under the new programme

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Marginal & small holdings saw increased fragmentation & contracted size between 2010-11 and 2015-16, indicates latest agriculture census

Just a few days ahead of the Kisan Mukti March in Delhi NCR, the provisional results of the agriculture census 2015-16 became available in the public domain. The report, among other things, highlights the long-terms problems affecting Indian agriculture including fragmentation of land holdings (particularly the marginal and small ones) and shrinking average size of farm land. The provisional results of the latest More »

Goa sees sharpest dip in farm sizes, Sikkim follows -Kiran Pandey

-Down to Earth The latest provisional agriculture census shows that the average size of farmlands in Goa decreased by 30 per cent in five years India witnessed a jump in the number of operational farmlands between 2010-11 and 2015-16, but the same period also saw the average size of these land holdings and the area they cover take a dip, shows the provisional agriculture census released by the Minis

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The land challenge underlying India's farm crisis -Vishnu Padmanabhan

Indian government spends crores on farmer welfare, but these efforts will be inadequate unless they can tackle an increasingly daunting barrier: lack of land. The provisional figures from the latest agriculture census reveals how land—the most critical input for agriculture—is getting more fragmented. Since the first agriculture census over 45 years ago, the number of farms in India has more

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Helping the invisible hands of agriculture -Seema Bathla & Ravi Kiran

trivial given their large numbers. In order to sustain women’s interest in farming and also their uplift, there must be a vision backed by an appropriate policy and doable action plans. The agriculture census (2010-11) shows that out of an estimated 118.7 million cultivators, 30.3% were females. Similarly, out of an estimated 144.3 million agricultural labourers, 42.6% were females. In terms of ownership of operational holdings, the latest <

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Indian agriculture's problem of scale

band-aids at best; a deeper transformation is needed The past few days have neatly summed up the scale and nature of the challenges facing India’s agriculture sector. First, the provisional agriculture census 2015-16 showed that landholdings have continued their decades-long trend of fragmentation, leading to a further rise in the proportion of small and marginal farmers. Then, 30,000 farmers, who had started their march from Uttarakhand las

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Slide in farm size, but women land owners rise: Agri census -Vishwa Mohan

nd since the 1970s, has been slowing down in the past 20 years but there is a rise in the number of female land holders, a possible indicator of higher involvement in farm activities, the provisional agriculture census 2015-16, has revealed. The trend could mean the association of farming with “kisan bhai (farmer brothers)” might be less exclusively a male domain than popular belief has it. The trend may reflect migration of men to c

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Average size of farms falls to 1.08 ha in 2015-16

r, the average size of operational agricultural holdings in the country has declined to 1.08 hectares (ha) in 2015-16 as compared to 1.15 ha in 2010-11, according to the freshly- released provisional agriculture census data released on Monday. Expectedly, the number of operational holdings in the country has gone up by 5.33 per cent to 146 million during the same period from 138 million in 2010-11, revealed the 10th More »

Odisha is breaking the patriarchy, one deed at a time -Ashwaq Masoodi

dhury adds. Does land ownership mean women empowerment? There are different databases for gender-disaggregated land data, such as NFHS, India Human Development Survey (IHDS), population census, agriculture census and socio-economic caste census. These databases record different kinds of information on land rights, women’s land rights in particular. Yet each seems to tell a different story. “Different surveys ask different sets of

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