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Nobel imprint in Punjab: Cash incentive scheme to save power and water -Anju Agnihotri Chaba

an and managing director, PSPCL. Back in the fields, Rai and Singh haven’t heard of Banerjee or Duflo, but their verdict on the scheme the duo pioneered is clear. “In my six decades of farming, I haven’t seen a scheme that pays us for something good,” Rai said. Solution lies in breaking it down The solution to the big problem of global poverty lies in breaking it down to smaller and more precise questions about individ

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No data to justify, is Zero Budget Natural farming a flawed concept? -Lola Nayar

-Outlook Experts say Zero Budget Natural farming defies logic that it will involve no financial cost. Imbalance between yield and price could even lead to food shortage in future Au Naturel * Zero-budget natural farming relies on savings on chemical inputs like fertilisers and insecticides * As health consciousness grows, there’s a demand for natural/organic produce * ZBNF relies on c

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The government needs to midwife Indian agriculture to an organic revolution -Abhik Roy and Nikhil Kumar

-Down to Earth Instead of making it difficult for the organic farmers, government should devise methods to reduce the complexity of the certification process Organic farming is native to India. However, since 1966, with the inception of the Green Revolution in India, it has taken a backseat. The transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture shifted the objective of farming. The ne

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Stirring up the truth about Zero Budget Natural farming -R Ramakumar & Arjun SV

-The Hindu Zero Budget Natural farming has no scientific validation and its inclusion into agricultural policy appears unwise Most criticisms of modern agricultural practices are criticisms of post-Liebig developments in agricultural science. It was after the pioneering work of Justus von Liebig and Friedrich Wöhler in organic chemistry in the 19th century that chemical fertilizers began to be used in agriculture. In the 20th century, the

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Ashok Dalwai, CEO, Doubling Farmers' Income Committee, interviewed by Rajalakshmi Nirmal (The Hindu Business Line)

M. Already, 585 markets are onboard. Farmers are getting much better prices in these markets. And the policy framework has been re-jigged – we have got a new model marketing act, model contract farming and services act, then the government has also approved the setting up of 22,000 GrAMs (Gramin Agricultural Markets). Guidelines have been issued for it. And now the government has set up a committee of Chief Ministers to transform agriculture. On

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Researchers study behavioural aspect of farmer suicides -Rajeev Khanna

AR) in three states — Punjab, Telangana and Maharashtra. Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana is the anchor for Addressing Farmers’ Suicide issue through Capacity Building of farming Families. “Till now the issue of farmer suicide was being looked at only from economic and agricultural angles. We have looked at it from behavioural, psychological and cultural perspectives in addition to the earlier two,” said Sarabj

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Noted Gandhian economist Dr Sudarshan Iyengar interviewed by Rutam Vora (The Hindu Business Line)

tractor, fertilizers – all of which are cash-based. The agriculture refinance model is also flawed. A farmer borrows cash, spends to buy inputs, and faces the risk of crop loss due to rain-fed farming. In such a scenario, if a crop fails, he gets stuck in debt. Gandhi saw the subsistence and commercial agriculture models as viable. He suggested cultivation of cash crops such as cotton and castor. because they could be processed in the villag

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The link between jobs, farming and climate -Pulapre Balakrishnan

-The Hindu It is imperative to focus on agricultural production in devising a long-term solution to the problem of unemployment At a panel discussion hosted recently by the students of Delhi’s Ambedkar University, the topic was, ‘Are we heading for an economic crisis?’ Presumably, they had been prompted by the all-absorbing news of a slowing economy. It is indeed correct that such a slowing is taking place. Growth has slowed for the past few quarters — the past tw

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Alternative agriculture: Natural farming's time has come, seize the moment -PVS Suryakumar

even exploitation of sentiment, but the point is consumers, including in India, are increasingly looking for food and non-food agricultural products that are free of chemicals. There are versions of farming without chemicals: From Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture, Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and Miguel Altieri’s Agro-ecology, to the latest Subhash Palekar’s Zero Budget Natural More »

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