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Diabetic due to poverty -Maitri Porecha

A, says that it is hard to establish the correlation between subsidised rice and diabetes, as there is little data to suggest that the monthly consumption of 10 kg per capita has increased. Under the food security Act, the entitlement is 5 kg. “However, there can be no denying the need to supplement rice with coarse grains,” she says. The issue is not the incidence of diabetes per se, but the difficulties posed in terms of diagnosis and tr

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A tie-up that can go a long way in crop cultivation -R Avadhani

i B mandal when several consumers, who have invested in her farm, participated in a harvesting ceremony. She welcomed the visitors with sweets that she had made, lit a lamp and offered prayers and food to Kallem, the place where crop would be harvested, and began the harvesting process along with the consumers. An iron pole was placed in the middle of Kallem that was decorated with the branches of jowar crop. Two pairs of bullocks were tied to t

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An innovative method for boosting nutrition -Samuel Scott Distributing biofortified staple foods via government schemes such as Midday Meal can help in the battle against hidden hunger Iron deficiency and anemia are well-recognized and persistent problems in India, exacting a toll that goes much beyond measurable health problems. Most Indian government initiatives targeting anemia so far have had limited success in achieving large-scale impact. Solving these problems require an innov

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In A UP District, Death From Hunger, As Governance, Social Security Collapse -Avantika Mehta

h a priest and several men were preparing a bhoj, a ceremonial meal, to commemorate the death by starvation of her two youngest sons. Some local politicians and the village head (pradhan) had donated food after her sons’ deaths. Both men had had "a fever, and their whole body would shake”, Somwa recalled, squinting as the harsh sun hit her weathered face. The family had not eaten in days, and her sons had had lesions inside the mou

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Lip service to labour rights -Indira Hirway

n Gujarat, they work in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs in a wide range of activities such as in agriculture, brick kilns and construction work, salt pans and domestic work, petty services and trades (food and street vending) as well as in textiles and garments, embroidery and diamond cutting and polishing, small engineering and electronics and also small and big factories. Scant data These workers are from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

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'Our Diwali is gone': Delhi's contract workers struggle to make ends meet after steep pay cuts -Vijayta Lalwani

lmost half. “My husband and I took a loan of Rs 50,000 because this money is too little for us to survive,” she said. “With just Rs 6,000, I cannot pay for water, electricity and food. It all costs about Rs 10,000.” Ramji Yadav, 35, a security guard at another school, also received just Rs 6,000 this month instead of the usual Rs 13,000. “Our Diwali is gone,” Yadav said. “The rent of my house alone is Rs

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Time women farmers got a better deal -Purvi Mehta

The second myth, around the nature of the women’s work in agriculture, is also broken. Research studies have consistently shown that women are, in fact, involved in the entire value chain of food production as well as in allied income-generating activities like cattle and livestock management. Indeed, while there may be considerable variation in the participation and scope of work, based on States, crop patterns, location, and age, the fac

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Bumper Harvest, Yet 20 Crore Indians Go Hungry -Subodh Varma

fferent Modi government promises to eliminate hunger not before 2030. Celebrations were barely over in New Delhi on the news that the 2017-18 agricultural year had yielded a record harvest of both foodgrains (284.83 million tonnes) and fruits and vegetables (307 million tonnes) when another bit of news trickled in last week, largely ignored by the government. This was that India stood at rank 103 in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) which covers 132 co

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Costlier food, fuel push Sep wholesale inflation to 2-month high of 5.13%

-PTI Inflation in 'fuel and power' basket in September was 16.65 per cent Inflation based on wholesale prices rose to a two-month high of 5.13 per cent in September, mainly due to hardening of food prices and rise in cost of petrol and diesel. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation stood at 4.53 per cent in August and 3.14 per cent in September last year. According to the government data released Monday, More »

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