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Why the Core of ex-CEA's Argument on India's GDP 'Overestimation' Stands -Prabhat Patnaik

lly incapable of recognising the existence of a “surplus” in society. A simple example will make this clear. Suppose we have an agrarian economy in which 100 peasants produce 100 units of food; and suppose 50 of these are taken by an overlord through taxes, for consumption by his family and hangers-on. These 50 units will be readily recognised as constituting a “surplus” out of the total output of 100. But the concept of GDP wo

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Dr. Arun Shah, a Muzaffarpur-based paediatrician, interviewed by Banjot Kaur (Down to Earth)

n breaks into glucose. When the shortage further increases, even fats start burning. This process produces by products like ketones and amino acids which are neurotoxic. So, if a child sleeps without food, this whole physiological process gets completed by wee hours of the day and then the kid gets fever with convulsions and at times s/he loses consciousness. Q. How does MCPG interplays with malnourishment, which is not just a May-July problem and

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Muzzaffarpur: Anganwadi and Asha workers, who should have conducted awareness drive and monitored food intake of children, were on poll duty - Aanchal Bansal

ed to implement the guidelines drafted in 2015 to prevent a similar outbreak. “The guidelines require anganwadi and ASHA workers to conduct awareness drives in April and June and monitor the food intake of children. That did not happen this year because they were all on election duty,” Shah said. Shah was one of the main contributors to a report published in the Lancet Global Health journal in 2017, based on a study carried out by th

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Stoppage of pension payments in Jharkhand grossly violated the Supreme Court orders, allege Right to food Campaign

-Press release by Right to food Campaign, dated 20th June, 2019 Two more starvation deaths have occurred in Jharkhand recently: one in Jama (Dumka district) and one in Mahuadanr (Latehar district). In both cases, the victim was a pensioner but he did not receive any pension payment since January 2019. Had pensions been paid on time, Motka Manjhi and Ramachandra Munda would perhaps be alive today. Enquiries from the welfare office in Latehar di

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Tur dal price jumps 20% in past 2 months, hits Rs 100/kg in retail -Dilip Kumar Jha

ase stock held by Nafed Mumbai: With its price shot up sharply in the last few weeks, tur dal has started slipping out of consumers’ plate steadily. Data compiled by the Union Ministry of food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution showed the maximum tur dal prices across the country is at Rs 110 a kg on higher side and average or model price works out to Rs 90 a kg as on June 14, 2019. In south Indian markets also, tur dal is trading a

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India's budget math faces a tough challenge now -Nikita Kwatra

ic product (GDP). Is India's recent fiscal consolidation a myth? The adjusted fiscal deficit calculations take into account the issuance of special bonds such as oil bonds, fertilizer bonds and food Corporation of India (FCI) bonds till fiscal 2009 and National Small Savings Fund (NSSF) loans and government-serviced bonds issued by public sector entities in the more recent years. Please click here to read more.

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Eggs likely to be on menu for pre-primary students in Karnataka -Tanu Kulkarni

-The Hindu DPI to submit proposal to State govt. Karnataka: The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) wants to replicate the food menu of children in anganwadis, which includes eggs, in pre-primary classes from this academic year, and is planning to submit a proposal to the State government. The government this year started pre-primary sections in 276 Karnataka Public Schools where all children are of the same age bracket as those in angan

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On CMs' table today: Plan to revamp permit-raj food laws -Ravish Tiwari

the government with powers to impose stock limits and movement restrictions on agricultural commodities. New Delhi: Arguing that the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, was framed during the era of food scarcity, the NITI Aayog has proposed that the Act be scrapped because it is an “impediment in the free movement of commodities” given that the country is now self-sufficient in most. The move, part of a plan for structural reform in agri

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Insects are disappearing in India, and we don't even have data -Geetha Iyer

insect species are likely to become extinct globally in the coming years. Indian entomologists agree that India is already witnessing a slump in insect numbers. * Pollination, biological control, food provisioning, recycling organic matter, producing honey, silk, lac, medicines and food are just some of the reasons why we need insects. * Scientists rue the lack of adequate information and documentati

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