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What's Smart About Climate-smart Agriculture? -Marcus Taylor Over the past seven years, institutions (such as the World Bank and the food and Agriculture Organization) have increasingly turned to the rubric of 'climate-smart agriculture' to tout the objectives of increased productivity, greater resilience, and a reduction in emissions. Though climate-smart agriculture's objectives are laudable, the latest Policy Brief of More »

Jaitley may lend an ear to farm sector -TV Jayan

nst the previous year’s 4.9 per cent, the growth in farm and allied sector is pegged at 2.1 per cent in the current fiscal. This was despite a bountiful monsoon, which is expected to ensure the foodgrains output in 2017-18 would be similar to – if not more than – the record 275 million tonnes in 2016-17. The lower growth forecast was actually not because of the drop in farm production, but due to the falling prices of farm produce

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Aadhaar: When the Poor Get Left Out -Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri

r and the homeless — for reasons such as not being on the Aadhaar data base, not having a fixed address and failing the biometric identification test. Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri, Right to food activists, point out why Aadhaar initiative is not only ill-suited to prevent corruption but could also rob the needy of their basic state support. As the Aadhaar matter comes up in the Supreme Court, it is perhaps a good time to assess how far th

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Following the grain trail: on India's public distribution system -Jean Dreze

prime example of this problem. By mid-2016, the PDS in Jharkhand had greatly improved, partly due to a series of reforms inspired by Chhattisgarh’s experience and intensified under the National food Security Act (NFSA). Instead of completing these reforms, for instance by removing private dealers, the Jharkhand government made Aadhaar-based biometric authentication compulsory for PDS users. The consequences, documented in a recent study publishe

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Panel sets out an action plan to make agriculture profitable -Sayantan Bera

d central machinery,” it said. The report also suggested a national level policy and planning committee represented by ministers of agriculture, commerce, rural development, water resources, food and consumer affairs, and food processing, among others. Its proposed task would be to review the policy framework and progress in doubling farmer’s incomes, review trade policy, budgetary allocation

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Drought in parts of MP and Rajasthan, shift to gram keep wheat sowing low -Sanjeeb Mukherjee

-Business Standard In the country, wheat, the main rabi foodgrain, has been sown on 29.55 million hectares, almost 1.44 mn ha less than last year Drought in parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, and a shift in area towards more lucrative gram, has pulled down wheat and mustard acreage in the current rabi season. This, with low farm-gate prices for a second year, has aggravated distress in rural areas. Water levels in major reservoirs are

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Diesel price at all-time high as crude oil surges in international markets -Gireesh Chandra Prasad

16% in December against 8.82% in the previous month, according to figures released on Monday by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The surge in fuel price limited the benefit that falling wholesale food prices had on wholesale price index-based inflation, which eased to 3.58% in December from 3.93% in the previous month. Experts said that oil prices will cool off over the next few months once the current rally loses steam. “Crude oil price

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Ignore Rural Anger at Your Own Peril -V Rajagopal

oor votes. Our analysis was based on authentic data on children with low birth weight, height, anaemia and women exposed to anaemic condition. This means that these people were not getting nutritious food to the desired extent, which was reflected in the high hunger index. The implication of this is that development benefits did not reach the target group, mainly the poor and the downtrodden. It was either policy deficit, planning lacuna and/or imp

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Introducing ragi in the PDS is fraught with challenges -Mamata Pradhan and Devesh Roy

based on producer responses is that farmers have not switched from crops such as sugarcane and paddy in any significant way. On the side of consumption, since millet is a naturally nutrient-dense food, making it available through the PDS should enable the poor to have higher consumption leading to improved nutrition. Though the National food Security Act (NFSA) provided for disbursing millets through th

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Every year, farmers lose Rs 63,000 crore for not being able to sell their produce -Richard Mahapatra and Kiran Pandey

last three years Whenever agriculture makes headlines, ironically, they hide more stories of distress. For sixth consecutive year, horticulture (fruits and vegetables) production has outstripped food grain production. Apparently, it is encouraging news given that farmers earn more from vegetables and fruits than food grains. But around the same time, reports of farmers dumping their vegetable and fruit

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