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Don't blame the litchi -T Jacob John

tritional status, age and diurnal rhythm. This inevitably leads us to conclude that the outbreak disease is encephalopathy. The early morning onset and frequent finding of low blood glucose level (hypoglycaemia) point to a biochemical disease related to glucose metabolism. Several hours after food intake (early morning) is when the body tends to develop hypoglycaemia. Please click here to read more.

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Dr. Arun Shah, a Muzaffarpur-based paediatrician, interviewed by Banjot Kaur (Down to Earth)

ut the authors never blamed litchi for AES. The causal factor is malnutrition and not litchi. The luscious fruit is only a triggering factor for malnourished children as the toxin MCPG can lead to hypoglycaemia (fall in sugar levels). So, if a healthy child eats litchi, s/he will not suffer from AES. The governments, both central and state, must accept that malnutrition is the cause. They should not try to run away from their responsibility to deal

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Averting deaths in Muzaffarpur -T Jacob John

opathy is a biochemical disease, unless proved otherwise. The primary pathology is not in the brain. Specific treatment is scanty for viral encephalitis, but encephalopathy is eminently treatable. hypoglycaemia (when the level of glucose in the blood falls below normal) is usually due to an overdose of insulin in children with diabetes. It is easily corrected with oral sugar or intravenous glucose. The easily available 5% glucose solution suffices.

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Litchi causing encephalitis deaths in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district: study -Kundan Pandey

ctious pathogens, pesticides, toxic metals and other non-infectious causes, including presence of hypoglycin A or methylenecyclopropylglycine (MCPG), naturally-occurring fruit-based toxins that cause hypoglycaemia and metabolic derangement. For their research, they considered 390 patients who came for the treatment in two hospitals in Muzaffarpur between May 26 and July 17, 2014. Out of whom, 122 (31 per cent) died. The researchers found that the a

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Litchi behind mystery deaths in Bihar: US-India study -Durgesh Nandan Jha

us, has been plaguing Muzaffarpur for nearly two decades. Some similar cases have been reported from Malda in West Bengal. According to researchers, skipping an evening meal results in night-time hypoglycaemia, or low-blood sugar, particularly in children with limited reserve of glycogen -glucose stored in liver and muscles. This triggers oxidation of fatty acids for energy production and generation of glucose. However, naturally-occurring toxins

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