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jobless growth becomes more systemic -KP Kannan & G Raveendran

-The Hindu Earlier confined largely to the organised sector, it has now spread to other areas, as revealed by the latest survey results The findings of the latest employment survey, called the Periodic Labour Force Survey (2017-18), are a cause for concern as the scenario is still far from anything that would denote decent employment. The two biggest issues here are: the shrinking share of the labour force; and the rising unemployment. The labour force participation rate (% of people

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Squeeze on jobs -TK Rajalakshmi

cated youths. A recent report by Oxfam India, Mind The Gap: The State of Employment in India in 2019, reiterates what most economists and trade unions have been saying for some time now—that jobless growth has been a phenomenon ever since the government embraced neoliberalism and that the share of wages in production compared with profit has been going down. Moreover, the report points to how workforce participation rates of women have been g

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Veil on job data spurs poser: How deep is the crisis? -Basant Kumar Mohanty

5 described MGNREGA as a “testimony to the failure of previous governments”. The BJP in its election manifesto of 2014 had said: “The country has been dragged through 10 years of jobless growth by the Congress-led UPA Government. Under the broader economic revival, the BJP will accord high priority to job creation and opportunities for entrepreneurship.”   If anything has emerged as a weapon for Oppos

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Jitheesh PM & Jipson John (

price now, but farmers are finding it difficult to manage agriculture. And there is no other occupation for them. There is a job famine in our country. Agriculture is job-led growth while industry is jobless growth. Income of farmers is declining mainly because of the two factors I’d mentioned — monsoon and markets. The root cause of Indian agricultural crisis lies in economics. I am a technologist. Technology and public policy are both

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No Correct System of Collecting Job Data, Says PM After Report Showed 45-Year Unemployment High

formal sectors, he said in Lok Sabha, citing data from provident fund and National Pension System (NPS), Income Tax filings and sale of vehicles among others. His defence came amid allegations of jobless growth, which has been highlighted by a leaked NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) report, which pegged unemployment at a 45-year-high of 6.1 per cent in 2017-18, but has not been released since December. Two members of the National Statistics Co

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Only 3% Mudra loans can generate monthly income of more than 10,000 -Prasanna Mohanty

* An examination reveals that only 3% of Mudra loans can generate a return, or income, that satisfies the minimum wage requirement Confronted with widespread criticism of growing unemployment and jobless growth, the Narendra Modi-led central government has been showcasing the Mudra loan scheme to claim that millions of jobs are being created. No less than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself declared in his address to the nation last Independence

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The failed promise of employment -CP Chandrasekhar

e that began after demonetisation is persisting. The estimate based on the monthly sample for December 2018 put the figure of number employed at an even lower 397 million. The phenomenon of “jobless growth” is not India specific. But it perhaps matters more in this country, given its young population. According to the 2011 Census, 422 million out of India’s 1.25 billion people were in the age group 15-29. Moreover, around 13 milli

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Not enough jobs, private investments missing: What's wrong with the world's fastest growing economy? -Dinesh Unnikrishnan

erated with sufficient pace in smaller companies, as the CARE survey says. Because that's where the majority in the economy of 1.3 billion people are employed. The CARE figures confirm the fears of a jobless growth in the economy, which is a political setback for Narendra Modi who is set to seek the public's mandate in less than eight months from now. Please click here to read more.

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'Need for an employment policy to solve jobless growth'

at takes these trends into account, the State of Working India 2018, a new study released by Azim Premji University’s Centre for Sustainable Employment, recommends. Confirming the spectre of jobless growth, the study contends that this divergence between growth and jobs had increased over time. “If you look back at the 1970s and 80s, when GDP growth was around 3-4%, employment growth was about 2%,” lead author Amit Basole wrote in

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