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Lancet does what Indian media won't -GS Mudur

e been eased, several are still in place. The journal has cited how, despite decades of instability, some development indicators suggest that Kashmir is doing well compared with the rest of India. life expectancy in Kashmir in 2016, for instance, was 68.3 years for men and 71.8 years for women, higher than the national averages. However, the journal said, protracted exposure to violence has led to a “formidable mental health crisis”.

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Economist Jean Dreze: Article 370 helped reducing poverty in Jammu and Kashmir -Vishwadeepak

l Herald Figures prove due to special status, J&K outscored Gujarat on selected indicators. As per Dreze it is an illusion that removing Article 370 will bring development in the Valley life expectancy at birth is higher in Jammu and Kashmir which is depicted as a terrorist-state by media as compared to Gujarat which is projected as a model state in India; percentage of the rural population living below the poverty line in Jammu and Kash

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Jean Dreze contests Amit Shah with Gujarat data -Pheroze L Vincent

e attributed this to “extensive land reforms in the 1950s” and asserted: “It is Article 370 that made these land reforms possible.” The economist cited 2015-2016 figures of life expectancy, under-five mortality rate, total fertility rate and the percentages of girls aged 15-19 with eight years of schooling, underweight children, adult women with low body mass index and fully immunised children. He also cited 2011-12 figur

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India to overtake China as most populous country in next 8 years: UN

nd (28%), Central and Southern Asia (25%), Latin America and the Caribbean (18%), Eastern and South Eastern Asia (3%), and Europe and Northern America (2%). People are growing older due to increasing life expectancy and falling fertility levels, and that the number of countries experiencing a reduction in population size is growing. Please click here to read more.

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NYAY is an important first step toward social justice -Vani S Kulkarni and Raghav Gaiha

would enjoy. These are designated as capabilities to live healthy and purposive lives. A cash transfer may not enable a disabled person to move freely, somebody suffering from cancer may have a short life expectancy, and a lonely widow may be unable to overcome ostracisation and depression. We use a unique all-India panel survey of income distributions for 2005 and 2012, reported in the India Human Development Survey, 2015, to address the central q

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The thing about air -Mala Kapur Shankardass

tiative — published last year in Lancet Planetary Health — over half the 12.4 lakh deaths in India attributed to air pollution in 2017 were of individuals under the age of 70. The average life expectancy in the country could be 1.7 years higher, if air pollution is contained at a level at which human health isn’t harmed. However, policy and civil society responses to air pollution have been limited and delayed. It was only in Janu

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Think differently about healthcare -Ravikumar Chockalingam

as dwarfed the growth of a comprehensive public health system, which is critical to overcome some of the systemic challenges in healthcare. A stark increase in population growth, along with rising life expectancy, provides the burden of chronic diseases. Tackling this requires an interdisciplinary approach. An individual-centric approach within healthcare centres does little to promote well-being in the community. Seat belt laws, regulations around

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'Air pollution cause of 1 in 8 deaths'

, one in eight deaths in India was attributable to air pollution in India in 2017, making it a leading risk factor for death. This is according to the first comprehensive estimates of reduction in life expectancy associated with air pollution in each State, published by the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative, a venture of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and the Institute for Healt

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Our real ranking: Highest statue in the world -- and other sad tales of rising India -Kanti Bajpai

ted by a monstrous metal emblem of rising India. As we think about the tallest statue in the world, we should also remember the other rankings we own. Here are some health snapshots. India’s life expectancy, in one estimate, is low enough to put us at 164th out of 224 nations – in our region only Pakistan ranks worse. In 2016, India had the highest incidence of tuberculosis and the largest number of cases of multi-drug resistant TB. Thr

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