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Why has drought hit the Maldharis of Kutch so hard this year? -Ramya Ravi & Abi T Vanak

t, are part of the Banni’s meteorological life-cycle; then the rains come and the grassland, which supports nilgai, chinkara, foxes, spiny tailed lizard, the desert cat and the Maldhari’s livestock, resurges. The herders have long adapted to this perpetual state of flux — theirs is a culture built around scarcity. They have developed uniquely tolerant breeds of livestock such as the kankre

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Cyclone Fani: Initial estimate pegs crop damage at Rs. 150 crore -Priscilla Jebaraj

those losses. Low insurance penetration could also exacerbate farmers’ losses, especially in the poultry sector. “Because of the advance warning, it was possible to evacuate larger livestock, but it was impossible to move poultry. A large number of birds, mostly broilers, were killed,” said Saurabh Garg, Principal Secretary, Odisha’s Department of Agriculture. According to the latest situation report, poultry casualties

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From Plate to Plough: Cow and cane -Ashok Gulati

-The Indian Express Farm distress, particularly the stray cattle menace and the crisis in livestock sector, and mounting sugarcane arrears could dampen the BJP’s performance in UP. If one wants to know the quality of our evolving democracy, one must watch the ongoing election campaign in India. It is great fun too. And nothing is more interesting than tracking it in Uttar Pradesh (UP), where the real political battle is being fought. As

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In drought-hit Marathwada, villagers depend on tankers for water, farmers cut down fruit trees -Meena Menon Ahead of polls, despite the dire situation, there is neither work under employment guarantee scheme nor any cattle camps, fodder depots for livestock. The irony is unmistakable. In the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, which is in the grip of arguably the worst drought since 1972, what stands out is hectic road construction. En route from Jalna to Ambad, a massive machine lays out a spanking new concrete road. Meanwhile, across the

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In Marathwada the queues are for collecting water during this election season -Meena Menon

tempo heats up, the Marathwada districts of Maharashtra are suffering severe drought. * The situation is made worse with the employment guarantee not working and fodder not available for the farm livestock. * Piped water facilities supplied by the government in some villages are not in use because of no water. The irony is unmistakable. In the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, which is in the grip of arguably the worst drought since 1972, wh

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No achhe din for the farmer -Ashok Gulati & Ranjana Roy

is a massive drop of 46 per cent. The CSO clearly states that the GVA for this sector has been compiled using the Second Advanced Estimates of Production of Crops for 2018-19. However, in case of the livestock sector, the estimates are taken from production targets for milk, eggs, meat and wool. Generally, targets are most optimistic than what turns out to be the reality. It is normally agreed that the year-on-year growth rates of agriculture fluct

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Interim Budget 2019: 'Gokul Mission funds have not been suitably utilised at all' -Jitendra

The scheme is just 'lip service' for the Modi government says official even as Piyush Goyal allocates Rs 750 crore to it Usually, the Union government’s Budget is allocated for all types of livestock and animal husbandry development purposes. On February 1, 2019, interim Minister of Finance Piyush Goyal eulogised cattle in his speech and allocated Rs 750 crore for them under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM).   RGM is aimed at conser

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India stares at water scarcity -Gopalkrishna Gandhi

ings. Which government would like to tell farmers that suffering lies at their threshold? Who would like to tell them that water will be scarcer than before, that aquifers will plummet, crops wither, livestock go thirsty? Which government would, just weeks before the elections, tell us that with reservoirs drying up taps will sputter to a stop and that we may well be looking at water-rationing? The truth is, none of them will say that. This is where,

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India's Cow Crisis Part 3: Brutal to kill India's ancient Uber economy -Sunita Narain

-Down to Earth Sunita Narain on cow-vigilantism, cattle trade and the collapse of the livestock economy of India I would not advocate vegetarianism. When I reasoned this out in this column a few years ago, I received the usual insults. Environmentalists are expected to be vegetarian, or better vegan! But what many didn’t register was my emphasis: “I am saying this as an Indian environmentalist; not global or western environmentalis

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India's Cow Crisis Part 4: The stigma of Mewat -Jitendra

an angry Nooruddin, who has to commute 35 kilometres to reach the market from his village, Rehan Tappar in Haryana’s Nuh district. Stringent legislations in states after states have left the livestock economy in a lurch; they have criminalised the livelihood of cattle traders and cattle keepers. This Mewat area has been one of the worst-hit. Fifteen of the 20 incidents of killing over cow vigilantism in the last two years were related to m

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