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From Plate to Plough: Unlock the land markets -Ashok Gulati & Ritika Juneja

The Committee is supposed to submit its report within two months. Its terms of reference (ToR) pertain largely to matters related to agri-markets. This includes reforming the Agricultural Produce and livestock Contract Farming and Services Act of 2018 and the Essential Commodities Act (ECA) as well as suggesting measures to reinvigorate the e-Nam scheme. The ToR does talk of quality seeds and farm machinery but the emphasis seems to be on getting t

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Delhi: Cremation to go green with dung blocks -Paras Singh

is used. The move, if successful, will not only help in solving the waste problem but also save lakhs of trees, which are being annually used at Delhi’s cremation grounds. As per the 19th livestock Census of India, each cattle produces 10-15kg of dung every day. With no proper disposal procedure, most of it ends up in the Yamuna through drains. South Delhi alone has five planned dairy colonies — three authorised colonies in Goyla (11

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'Our livelihood depends on this land': A solar park in Gujarat is hurting a pastoral community -Karthikeyan Hemalatha

rest, as per the map, is government land. The villagers were livid at these labels. “What do they mean that the land is unused and that it belongs to the government?” asked Raku Ben, a livestock rearer. “We use it for grazing livestock, and our livelihood depends on this land. It doesn’t belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone.” The solar park project launched in Decembe

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A missed opportunity for game-changing reforms in agriculture -Sukhpal Singh

omic Survey had a full chapter on agriculture and food management issues. It had a separate section on small ruminants for the first time, and also showed that only one of the ongoing schemes for the livestock sector attends to their concerns. The Budget provides for creating a fund for upgrading of traditional industries of bamboo, honey and khadi by proposing to set up Common Facility Centres (CFCs) in 100 new clusters for 50,000 artisans under S

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How a social justice tool became a means to grab land in India's forests -Shekar Dattatri

anctuaries are the only safe refuges for a host of critically endangered species that cannot survive in the face of relentless hunting by local people, commercial exploitation of forest products, and livestock grazing. In a concession to this ecological reality, the FRA provides for the declaration of Critical Wildlife Habitats: safe havens where animals can live free of conflict with humans. Sadly, however, not one sq km has been declared as a Critic

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A new mandi tax -Harish Damodaran

tion in the computation of income from profits and gains of business. However, this provision was explicitly stated as not applicable to payments made to producers for purchase of farm, horticulture, livestock, fish and forest produce. The second was the introduction of a new section 269ST, prohibiting any person from receiving Rs 2 lakh or more in cash in a single day. This section, read with the previously noted amendment, made it clear that noth

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Finance Minister Ignores Fundamental Rights of Women Farmers to Inherit Land -Naresh Chandra Saxena

e hands in our patriarchal society. Bina Agarwal has estimated that in India, not more than 2 to 5% cultivated land is in favour of women. Lack of entitlement to land (and other assets such as house, livestock, and tractors) is a severe impediment to efficiency in agriculture – in the absence of a title, women cannot get credit or be entitled to irrigation and other inputs, especially technology. In addition to improved production, the clinch

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Kerala to Follow Collective Farming Instead of Corporate Farming, Says State Agriculture Minister

the contract farming aims for corporate feudalism,” he said. The BJP-led Centre had unveiled the Model Contract Farming Act last year which is titled as “Model Agriculture Produce and livestock Contract Farming and Services (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2018”. As per the act, corporates would get access to all the services in the agriculture value chain including pre-production, production and post-production. While, the f

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Why has drought hit the Maldharis of Kutch so hard this year? -Ramya Ravi & Abi T Vanak

t, are part of the Banni’s meteorological life-cycle; then the rains come and the grassland, which supports nilgai, chinkara, foxes, spiny tailed lizard, the desert cat and the Maldhari’s livestock, resurges. The herders have long adapted to this perpetual state of flux — theirs is a culture built around scarcity. They have developed uniquely tolerant breeds of livestock such as the kankre

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Cyclone Fani: Initial estimate pegs crop damage at Rs. 150 crore -Priscilla Jebaraj

those losses. Low insurance penetration could also exacerbate farmers’ losses, especially in the poultry sector. “Because of the advance warning, it was possible to evacuate larger livestock, but it was impossible to move poultry. A large number of birds, mostly broilers, were killed,” said Saurabh Garg, Principal Secretary, Odisha’s Department of Agriculture. According to the latest situation report, poultry casualties

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